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Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe

I love Summer and Autumn! It is when I get to really let my creative juices flow and I can store up food for the winter. One of my favorite items to add to my food storage every year are my jams. I make a lot of different types of jam. One of the favorites is Raspberry Rhubarb Jam.

Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe | Food Storage Series

Yep, you heard that right, RASPBERRY rhubarb jam. Oh I make a divine Strawberry Rhubarb Jam as well. And even a delicious Blueberry Rhubarb Jam. But today I’m going to share with you my Raspberry Rhubarb Jam recipe. Why? Well, because I went raspberry picking and ended up with a lot. That’s why. Ha! When I harvest strawberries, and blueberries I will be sharing my other berry Rhubarb Jam recipe as well.

Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe


Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe | Food Storage Series

Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe | Food Storage Series

A low sugar sweet and tart jam that will tickle your taste buds.



  1. To begin you need fresh raspberries, and rhubarb.
  2. Raspberries do not need to be crushed, as they will mix well during the cooking process
  3. The rhubarb should be cut into very small pieces. Smaller than regular chunks you would put into a pie.
  4. Prepare your jars and lids according to canning directions and have them ready to go.
  5. Begin heating the water for the water bath in your canner.
  6. In a large sauce pan combine Raspberries, rhubarb, butter, lemon juice, and sure jell pectin.
  7. Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe | Food Storage Series
  8. Stir constantly
  9. Heat until it comes to a rolling boil.
  10. Add sugar
  11. Return to a boil and boil for 1 minute, stirring constantly
  12. Remove from heat
  13. Skim off any excess foam
  14. pour into prepared jars leaving ⅛” from rim
  15. Wipe edges of jars
  16. Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe | Food Storage Series
  17. Apply lids to an exact fit
  18. Process jars of jam in a water bath according to your elevation needs.
  19. Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe | Food Storage Series
  20. Remove Jars and place upright on a towl to cool completely.
  21. After Jars are completely cool check lids to ensure they have sealed by pressing the middle of the lid with finger. If the lid springs back the jar has not sealed. It will need to be refridgerated and is not shelf stable.

Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe | Food Storage Series

Raspberry Rhubarb Jam making Hints

The processing time in a water bath is based on your altitude above sea level. Altitudes 1,000-3,000 feet you need to add 5 minutes. 3,001- 6,000 feet you need to add 10 minutes. 6,001- 8,000 feet needs to add 15 minutes. 8,001-10,000 feet need to add 20 minutes to your processing time.

You will notice most jam recipes call for twice as much sugar as my recipe does. Honestly, the reason why I began making my own jam is because I couldn’t stand how sweet store bought jam was. Plus I wanted natural jam, not jam stuffed with preservatives. So I have played with the recipe over the years until I have come up with the perfect level of sweetness. It’s not too tart, yet not too sweet. It allows the flavors of the raspberry and Rhubarb to really sing.

Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe | Food Storage Series

Adding the butter is completely optional. But it will definitely help decrease the amount of foam your jam will produce. You don’t want foam at all in your jam. It messes with the texture and canning process.

Do not double this recipe. If you are processing a lot of jam, you will need to make each batch individually. Ok, so I’m super lazy and I have sometimes doubled this recipe. But let me tell you why you shouldn’t. It only turns out about 50% of the time when you double the batch. Half of my jars turn out with the perfect consistency and the others turn out a little runny. So if you don’t mind runny jam, then go ahead. Otherwise, I’d recommend making each batch individually.

Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe | Food Storage Series

If you have hard water, a cool trick is adding some white vinegar to the water in your water bath. Other wise you will end up with a thick white film on all your jars when you remove them. It’s not harmful. You just have to wash the film off afterwards. But really who wants to do that? Just add a little vinegar to the water bath and poof! No more white film to wash off!

Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe | Food Storage Series

You have a choice which pectin to use in the jam. The Regular Sure Jell Pectin or the No Sugar Needed Sure Jell Pectin. If you happen to use regular Sure Jell with your jam and it turns out more runny than you prefer, then next time you will want to use the no sugar needed Sure Jell pectin. I have used regular Sure Jell and it turns out to a fairly good texture about 90% of the time. But I think next time I will try the no sugar needed pectin and see if I have a better percentage.

Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe | Food Storage Series

One of the most important things you can do when making jam is make sure you have all the ingredients premeasured into bowls and ready to add, before you even begin! It is crucial that you add the ingredients at the right time and not over boil the jam. And crucial that you stir constantly. So when you have the sugar premeasured in a bowl; when the time comes you can simply add it in with one hand while you continue stirring with the other hand.

Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe | Food Storage Series

So there you have it! Our famous Raspberry Rhubarb jam recipe! It is super popular among our family, friends and neighbors. Basically anyone that has tasted it has given rave reviews over it. I hope you enjoy it as well!

If you need another option for processing your Rhubarb, be sure to try our Strawberry Rhubarb Dump Cake! If you wanted you could even make it with Raspberries instead of Strawberries!

Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe | Food Storage Series

Do you have any jam making tips?

What is the first thing you will spread with our Raspberry Rhubarb Jam?


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belinda beairsto

Monday 2nd of May 2022

Going to try this. Exact recipe as my strawberry rhubarb jam. I don't understand though, how your rhubarb didn't break down. Looks whole in the pics. Mine completely breaks down.

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Diane Jeffords

Thursday 13th of February 2020

I am so happy that I found your recipe. I have made it probably about 8 times already and my family keeps going through the jars as fast as I can make it! So thank you for sharing this fabulous recipe!!

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