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Homemade Hi Mountain Jerky, How To Make Beef Jerky at Home.

Growing up in Wyoming with a Dad and brothers that went hunting every autumn, one of my favorite memories was all the jerky we’d get every year. I love jerky! But the problem is that store purchased jerky is always so expensive and full of who knows what those ingredients are! I want a natural, healthy jerky that is made of natural ingredients, and more cost effective. So, why not make your own?

I talked to my brother and asked him how to make jerky. As his jerky is the best I’ve ever had I knew he would be the jerky king to talk to! He gave me his recipe (which I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks) but also told me if I wanted an easier seasoning mix with a great taste and cost efficient, I can also use Hi Mountain jerky seasonings. Seeing as he is the expert in the field of jerky making and has been making the best tasting jerky for over 20 years, I figure I should listen to him. So begins our journey to make homemade jerky! Let me show you how to make homemade jerky from an average roast and Hi Mountain jerky seasonings!

What is Hi Mountain Jerky?

Hi Mountain is a small company based in Riverton, Wyoming that specializes in hunting, and preserving the meat in all manner of ways. They produce

  • knives
  • cutting boards
  • camp meals
  • meat seasonings for breakfast sausages
  • seasonings for summer sausages
  • homemade jerky
  • and much more.

Being in the heart of hunting territory, they really know their stuff. They also produce recipes and tips to help make you with all your meat creation needs.

Homemade Hi Mountain Jerky, How To Make Beef Jerky at Home

Hi Mountain Jerky uses only the best ingredients to make the best products for you; gourmet seasonings with Western Flair! Hi Mountain Jerky is the nation’s leading manufacturer of make-it-yourself jerky kits. They only use only the finest ingredients to insure the best possible products.

Jerky has become the healthy, protein packed energy snack of choice. The best jerky is homemade because…

-it is a great tasting, satisfying snack,
-it is made with low fat cuts of meat,
-it is a nutrient dense, high-protein food,
-it stays fresh for a long time,
-it has superior flavor and texture!

The Hi Mountain Jerky seasoning packs come in a vast variety of flavors from the hot and spicy to the mild and kid friendly!

Hi Mountain Jerky seasonings

Plus each seasoning kit includes directions, the seasoning mix, the brine for making jerky, and a seasoning shaker to make the process easier.

Homemade Hi Mountain Jerky, How To Make Beef Jerky at Home

And each kit includes enough ingredients to season up to 15 lbs of meat! Now that’s a lot of Jerky from one pack! And best of all each kit only costs $7.59! That’s a much better price than most jerky seasoning packages that only season 1-2 pounds of meat and cost $5-8 each!

How to make Hi Mountain Jerky from home using a beef roast.

In order to make easy jerky at home, you simply need a roast. Look for a lean cut roast, and really it doesn’t need to be the expensive ones! Then you bring it home and start slicing it up in slices for jerky. Now if you are lucky, some delis will slice your roast for you at no expense. We have one deli in a grocery store here that will do that. But they only do that on roasts you are buying that day. But most don’t have a deli to do that, so what can you do?

The easiest way I’ve found is using Hi Mountain’s Cutting board and Jerky knife. These are not your usual cutting board and knife! The board is pre-measured to ensure you have each slice of meat the perfect width. One side of the board is measured for 1/4″ and the other for 3/8″ meat slices.

Homemade Hi Mountain Jerky, How To Make Beef Jerky at Home

All you do then is place the meat on the board. Lay your knife completely flat on the top of the cutting board and then cut straight through.

Homemade Hi Mountain Jerky, How To Make Beef Jerky at Home

Homemade Hi Mountain Jerky, How To Make Beef Jerky at Home

Now I’ve used sharp knives before, but honestly I have never had a knife go through meat so easily as this Jerky knife! I will never use another knife on meat again! It was amazingly easy, even with my carpal tunnel and literally in less than 3 minutes I had the entire roast sliced!

Homemade Hi Mountain Jerky, How To Make Beef Jerky at Home

And each slice of jerky was perfectly cut and even in thickness! It was amazing how simple it was! In fact it took less time than the last time I waited at the Deli for them to slice up my roast. I love the jerky cutting board and knife!

Seasoning the Hi Mountain Jerky

Once you have the entire roast sliced, it is now time to season with the Hi Mountain jerky seasonings. You will want to follow the instructions in the seasoning kits very closely. When they say to measure a certain amount, you want to be very thorough on your measurements! Use a measuring spoon and a kitchen knife to level the measuring spoon. Weight your meat carefully, after it has been sliced, to ensure you are seasoning for the proper weight. Any “free handing” in the seasonings can cause your meat to be too potent, too salty or not enough.

Once you know the measurements you need, put each measurement of the seasoning and brine into the seasoning shaker that came in the kit. Make sure the mixture is well mixed. Then use it to sprinkle the seasoning mixture onto the meat slices.

Homemade Hi Mountain Jerky, How To Make Beef Jerky at Home

You will sprinkle half the portioned mixture on all of the meat. Rub in slightly, and then turn all the meat over and evenly sprinkle the remaining seasoning mixture onto the back side.

Homemade Hi Mountain Jerky, How To Make Beef Jerky at Home

Once all the meat is seasoned you will put it into a non-metal bowl and shake around ensuring all the seasoning mixture is evenly distributed on all the meat. You will then place the meat in an airtight container and place in the refrigerator for a minimum of 24 hours.

How to Dry Hi Mountain Jerky

Once your meat has seasoned for 24 hours you can now prepare it for drying. You can make your jerky in a smoker, a dehydrator or in the oven. Be sure to follow the directions closely in the Hi Mountain Jerky seasoning kits to ensure you prepare your oven or smoker correctly. And Yes, they have instructions included for using your regular kitchen oven for making jerky, so you don’t have to have a fancy machine to make it work! I told you Hi Mountain was amazing!

Homemade Hi Mountain Jerky, How To Make Beef Jerky at Home

Thankfully I have a dehydrator, which I love and use quite often now that I have such an easy way to make jerky thanks to Hi Mountain! Simply arrange the meat on the jerky trays, stack the trays and then turn onto the jerky setting. I let my jerky cook for 3-4 hours and then check each hour after that. You don’t want to over dry your jerky., but each batch will be different as it depends on the thickness of the meat.

Homemade Hi Mountain Jerky, How To Make Beef Jerky at Home

Once the jerky is dry, you will want to let it cool a little, but it can be enjoyed that very same day! Or if you want to preserve it longer it can be kept in the fridge or the freezer to last even longer! I made 4 batches of jerky last week, so a lot of our jerky went into the freezer, and we keep one bag in the fridge to snack on. And the best thing, even with it frozen, you don’t have to wait for it to thaw before you can eat it. We just take a piece out and it may be cold, but it is still edible right out of the freezer. Although it may be harder if you store your jerky in a deep freezer, instead of a regular freezer attached to a fridge.

The kids love the homemade jerky a lot more than the store bought jerky. And they always ask for jerky for a snack after school. I feel great about giving them a piece or two as I know it’s a lot better option than sugar filled snacks. Plus, it just tastes good!

Discover Hi Mountain Jerky for yourself and create your own homemade beef jerky.

So far we have tried the Hunter’s blend, the Original Flavor and the inferno jerky seasoning mixes. All of them are absolutely amazing! J. prefers the original blend as it’s “not as spicy” for him. T. loves the hunters blend and the Husband is in love with Inferno. I love all of them. Although I love the flavor of the inferno, it does give me quite a lot of heartburn because of the intense heat spices. So I can only handle one small nibble about once a week.

I’m quite excited to try out all the different flavors they offer, especially the teriyaki, sweet and spicy, and cracked pepper and garlic. there are a lot more, but those are first on my list of next flavors to try.

Do we love Hi Mountain jerky making accessories and seasoning kits? Absolutely! My brother was definitely right, Hi Mountain is the place to go for quality jerky seasonings and accessories!

Will we continue to use Hi Mountain Jerky seasonings? Definitely! They are easy to use, have amazing flavor and are very affordable!

You can purchase each jerky seasoning kit, the Jerky knife and jerky cutting board individually, or you can purchase the Jerky King Kit to get started which includes 2 full size seasoning mixes, the cutting board, knife and a drying tray. I will tell you the Jerky King Kit is a better value if you are looking to get all of them.

Hi Mountain Jerky King Kit

You can learn more about Hi Mountain Jerky, their products and get tips and recipes from their website.

Also be sure to follow them on  Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for newest products, news, sales and more!


What Hi Mountain Jerky Seasoning flavor are you most excited to try? 

Have you made Jerky before?

What do you love most about Homemade Jerky? 

After our tutorial, are you ready to make your own Hi Mountain Jerky? 


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Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free to facilitate this review and tutorial in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.. All opinions are strictly my own and were not influenced.

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