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DIY Crafts Fashion Fabric hair bow No sewing Required.

I love fashion fabric hair bows! Even better is when I can do them myself. I hate paying a TON of money for something I know how to make. I usually only buy something when they have a design, pattern or fabric choice that I can’t get or make myself. I also hate wasting fabric so quite often when the kids outgrow clothing, if there is still a reasonable amount of the fabric in good repair and I like the pattern; I will save it and re-purpose the fabric for hair bows for Jade. Many people always have just small scraps of fabric left over from sewing projects that are just too small for them to do anything else with. I love taking those small scraps and turning them into a DIY Crafts project to make hair bows. As I mentioned yesterday from our Belle Bottom How to lengthen Pants tutorial, I hate wasting fabric and I had two scraps left over from creating Jade’s Belle Bottom pants. So what did I do? I made a fashion fabric hair bow! And I’m going to show you how you can too!

DIY Crafts Fashion Fabric hair bow No sewing Required

DIY crafts fashion hair bow tutorial from clothing alterations scrap material.

To create the hair bow you simply follow these simple steps. Again there is no sewing required!


  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon – 2 lengths 7/8″ and 5/8″ in contrasting yet complimentary colors.
  • Rhinestone Decor
  • Lined hair clip
  • Belle Bottom fabric scraps

DIY Crafts Fashion Fabric hair bow No sewing Required

Step 1: Gather the two left over scraps and remove the paper tape from the ends.

Step 2: Line up the two ends with the adhesive fabric right on top of each other. Think of making one long strip. Do NOT iron yet, just line up the edges evenly.

Step 3: Take the opposite end of the fabric strip that is on the bottom and fold over to where the adhesive strip is now aligned with the bottom strips.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 with the last strip of fabric. All Adhesive strips should now be on top of each other, sandwiched with the other strips fabric.

Step 5: Use the Iron to fuse the adhesive strips together in the center. Be careful to only iron the center and not the ends of the bow. You want full loops and not creased loops.

Step 6: Take the soon to be bow in your hand and pinch the center together. You can now see the beginnings of the hair bow.

DIY Crafts Fashion Fabric hair bow No sewing Required

Step 7: With the 7/8 inch ribbon you will wrap around the center of the bow. This will keep the bow pinched into the bow shape and add some glitz to the bow. Simply take the one end of the ribbon and glue to the center back of the bow where it is pinched. Then fold over the front of the bow and continue around to the back of the bow again. Keep the ribbon taut and then slightly overlap with the first ribbon and glue the end again. Trim off any excess ribbon. If you like you can leave the bow like this, or you can keep going and add some more trimmings.

Step 8. Next take your contrasting 5/8″ ribbon and wrap around the center of the 1st ribbon. Follow the same directions as in Step 7.

Step 9: To add even more glitz you can then glue a small rhinestone gem onto the center of the front of the bow. Then with the hot glue attach the bow to a lined alligator clip or other hair clip of your choice. Simply place a little hot glue on the back of the bow and align it with the hair clip and hold together for a minute or two while the glue cools.

DIY Crafts Fashion Fabric hair bow No sewing Required

DIY Crafts Hair bow Tutorial Tips and Tricks

Really if you wanted you could attach the hair bow directly to a headband of your choosing, but I prefer the simple hair clip. For me it allows a lot more versatility as it can then be used as a hair clip, or it can be clipped onto a waffle elastic headband for little ones without enough hair to hold a hair clip in.

DIY Crafts Fashion Fabric hair bow No sewing Required

This allows the same headband to be used with more than one bow, as it can be mixed and matched. (I’m all about saving money and mixing and matching fashion accessories). You simply weave the clip through a few of the holes and clip together. No need to worry as it sits flush against the babies head and doesn’t leave any markings. Thus another reason why I love the half lined alligator clips versus other hair clips.

DIY Crafts Fashion Fabric hair bow No sewing Required

Now you have a hair clip that matches your Belle Bottoms Iron-on pant cuffs! It can be worn as a clip, decor to a pony tail, or on a headband! Versatile and made mostly from scraps!

DIY Crafts Fashion Fabric hair bow No sewing Required

Jade has gotten so many compliments on both her Belle Bottoms and her matching hair bow! And best of all, she loves them and even asks me to put her bow in her hair!

You can also make the same type of fabric hair bow with regular fabric cut into strips. You will just need to apply hot glue on the fabric where the adhesive strips would be on these scraps of fabric left over from the Belle Bottoms. Then once the fabric is glued together you can finish the same steps to accessorize this hair bow. So go start looking through your fabric scraps to see what you have to work with.

DIY Crafts Fashion Fabric hair bow No sewing Required

Want even more flair? Try making two fabric sets, one slightly smaller than the other and layering them on top of each other, THEN pinching into a bow shape and finish embellishing as directed above. Now  you have a double hair bow!

Have you given our tutorial a try?

How did it work out?

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Tania B

Thursday 22nd of November 2012

Sooo freaking cute! I may have to do this for myself actually.

ellen beck

Tuesday 20th of November 2012

When my daughter was little I always loved making hairbows for her- gosh I think she had a bow to match ever outfit! Very easy tutorial!

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