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No Sew Flower Tutorial

Last winter, I started sewing. I love it! It’s a great skill to have and there is a sense of accomplishment in seeing something I made my own two hands.

But that doesn’t mean I want to whip out my sewing machine for every little project. I still prefer no-sew DIYs because they’re usually pretty fast and easy. This flower tutorial is the perfect example of that.

No Sew Fabric Flower

This darling fabric flower takes only a few things and a few minutes to make.

Things you need:

Necessary items

A strip of fabric (About an inch wide and at least 18” long)
Fabric scissors
Hot glue gun + glue
Alligator hair clip

Start by cutting your strip of fabric. The longer your fabric, the bigger your flower. Next cut a circle of felt about two inches across.

Felt circle

This is the base that you’ll glue your fabric flower onto. If it’s too big, you can trim off the excess later. If it’s too small, you can easily work around it.

Take your strip of fabric, and fold in half lengthwise, the right face of the fabric showing on both sides. (You can iron it closed if you’d like. I don’t take the time, but I make sure as I go along that the fabric stays folded right side out.)


Tie a knot near the end. Don’t pull it too tight. This is the center of your flower, and you don’t want it to get lost. Fold the end flap under the knot and glue it in place.

Making the knot center

Glue this to the center of the felt circle. Loosely twist the fabric as you turn the circle in your fingers.

Twist the fabric

Glue the fabric twist to the felt circle every quarter turn.

glue it to the circle

Continue twisting and gluing until the fabric runs out. If your felt circle is smaller than the fabric flower, glue the twisted fabric to the side of the twist, as shown below:

Glue onto the fabric

As you get close to the end, it’s easiest to twist the fabric all and once and loop it around the edge of the flower.

Twist the last of the fabric

When you’ve twisted and swirled all the fabric, fold the end over the back of the felt and glue. You’ll have to put a dot of glue inside the fabric also, to glue it closed.

glue the tab to the back of the circle

Glue the tab to the back of the circle 2

Glue an alligator hair clip to the back, the bent side toward the felt flower. It might make a little (unnoticeable) bend in the flower, but it will be so much more comfortable against your (or your little girl’s) head. If you want to cover the alligator clip with ribbon first, you are welcome to. I’m recycling a clip that fell off its original hair bow, so it’s already covered. But the other isn’t. It’s a personal preference for you.

Alligator clip with the bend inward

As soon as the glue is dry, you can immediately use it. We put the white on in my daughter’s hair and I whipped up the second flower in less than five minutes.

Fabric flower Flower girl

These can be used as a barrette, clip it to a headband, put it on your shirt or a cardigan for a little shnazzing up. You can also attach the flower to the side of a long necklace for an asymmetrical boho look. Clip it under a high bun.

How to wear a fabric flower

This is seriously one of the easiest hair accessories you can make. It’s versatile, easy to make, fast, and it only takes glue and a tiny bit of material. Make them tiny as a baby gift, or make them bigger for a little girl or for yourself. Make one to match every outfit.

No sew fabric flower tutorial

Do you have a favorite hair accessory?


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Melissa S

Thursday 16th of July 2015

I love sewing too but it is nice to do little no sew crafts in between sewing projects. This is really cute and could be used in a lot of different ways.

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