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3 Tips for a Great Girl’s Night Out

This is a sponsored post. I received product samples to facilitate my review.

Several years ago, I had to go through a really difficult trial. It’s something I still face every day. While I was working my way through it, I discovered that I needed to see a professional for some counseling.

One of the things I learned during that time is that as a person, I only have so much I can give before there’s nothing left. Think, for example, of a car. There is only so many gallons of fuel in the tank, and when the car is out of gas, it stops working.

Health is very important to me. I eat right and exercise to take care of my body. I attend church and read my scriptures to take care of my spirit. And what do I do for my mental health? How do I fill my emotional gas tank, as it were?

I surround myself with women who encourage me and make me want to be a better person. I give words of encouragement to others who need it. I put my arm around my girlfriends and we laugh and cry together.

3 Tips for a great girls night out!

Once a month, the gals and I like to hit the town for a treat and good old fashioned girl talk. If you search Pinterest, you can find a million different things to do for GNO, so you don’t need any help there. (By the way, girls night in can be just as fun! You can even wear jammie pants!!)

To ensure that our Girls’ Night Out is the best it can be, we follow a few simple rules.

3 Tips for a Great Girl’s Night Out

1. Just the ladies. Guys, we love ya, but you change the dynamic of our conversations. Not in a bad way, but this is just for us. We can have a date night another time.

A GNO isn't complete without a treat

2. Be positive. We never gossip, bash or talk bad about other women or our spouses/boyfriends. That kind of negativity is counterproductive to what we’re trying to accomplish. (PS. As women, sometimes we just need to vent or get advice, but that’s totally different than being negative. It’s a fine line. Know where that line is so you don’t cross it.) And for another thing, we don’t put each other down either. Why is it that sarcasm and acerbity are acceptable forms of communication? Even among friends! No thanks.

3. Do something everyone will enjoy. We have health restrictions in our group, so we make sure that we go out for a treat somewhere that everyone can eat.

We recently went on a shopping spree. Before we hit the racks, we all decided what we were looking for (our pregnant gal needed some maxis and maternity shirts, I needed some shorts for a much needed tropical vacation, and our other bestie needed a new shirt to brighten her day before she moves far, far away).

Hitting the racks for girls night out!

We combed through everything laughing and joking as we went. We oohed and ahhed and “Oh girl, no,” in the dressing room. It wasn’t so much about what we did as what we did together.

Thanks for the GNO Culturelle!

A Girls’ Night Out should leave your soul feeling energized and ready to face another few doses of reality.

Everyone’s schedules are so busy, that sometimes finding the time to go is a challenge. We had our GNO planned for 3 weeks! The last thing I wanted to do was miss it because I’m not feeling at the top of my game. I made sure to take Culturelle Advanced Immune Defense for a few days before the big night.

Culturelle Advance Immune Defense

Why Culturelle? You may recognize it because of its probiotics, but Cutlurelle Advanced Immune Defense does so much more! It offers me maximum immune system support* with 2.5 billion live active cultures (wow!) of Lactobacillus GG, 500mg of EpiCor, 20mg of Vitamin C and 3mg of Zinc to activate your body’s natural defenses and help give you your immune system extra protection* – making it a triple-action dietary supplement!


And if you don’t know what EpiCor does, it optimizes antioxidants and amino acids, boosting your immune system’s protection. Culturelle Advanced Immune Defense is the only dietary supplement that has the most clinically proven ingredients for immune support to better help protect your immune system* – like that EpiCor we just talked about.

And Culturelle Advanced Immune Defense can better defend your defenses because it has the only triple action formula, strengthened with/by probiotic.*

Find it at any major food and drug stores (like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Target). When you go looking for it, make sure to take this $2 off coupon!

Take care of yourself, inside and out. Look after your emotional health by being with the girls, and take care of your physical health by making sure you well enough to attend those special events that lift you up.

And if you’re looking for some ideas for a Girls Night In, here a few cute crafts for you. I’ve made this bleach tee and these new sew flowers with friends before. And this ankle band is a must have if you’ve got a fitness tracker!


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