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Busy Creating Memories helps families create cherished memories each day.

We encourage families to create cherished memories every day through ordinary life experiences. Let us help you create a legacy of memories.

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Meet Amber!

Amber Edwards - Busy Creating memories Headshot

Amber Edwards
Odgen/Layton, Utah – Editor, Founder, Author

My name is Amber Edwards. I am the owner, editor, creator, and manager behind Busy Creating Memories.

I’m a known Whovian (lover of BBC’s Doctor Who) who married a Star Wars Fanatic with Kids who follow in our footsteps. We are one geeky, sci-fy, fantasy adventure-loving family!

Besides my quirky obsession with BBC classics, Dystopian novels, DR Pepper, chocolate, and homemade popcorn; I also love to create recipes, craft & crochet,  enjoy tabletop games, dine out at new restaurants, travel, camping, and I have a passion for photography.

I recently launched Impact Photo Studios on Facebook and Impact Photo Studios on Instagram to share my photography journey. I’m hoping to soon have landscape and nature prints available for purchase.

AmberLouise Photography

I am a Wyoming country girl born and raised and will forever remain in my heart. I attended college in Idaho where I studied Communications and English/Creative Writing. It was there that I met and married my husband in 2002 after a shockingly 2-week courtship, 3-month engagement. Yes, there is a story there, maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to tell it.

My Husband served as a Military Police Officer for 5 years which ignited my love of travel and experiencing new foods and cultures. We have lived in Idaho, Germany, Kansas, back to Idaho. Now we have settled in the Ogden/Layton area just north of Salt Lake City, Utah area where he works as an engineer and I do photography and influencer marketing.

Amber & Ben

We are blessed with 2 sons and 2 daughters, making for a nice even number.

Amber Edwards - BusyCreatingMemories About

Jonathan is our oldest, born in 2004. He is very science & math minded and loves to read. In fact, he is more likely to get in trouble for reading in the middle of the night than for any other reason. He also loves to play the clarinet, draw, computer coding and playing any game that deals with Pokemon.

Introducing Busy Creating Memories

Talmage joined our family in 2005. He also has a fascination with science and math, though he isn’t as crazy about reading as his older brother. He loves to build and do hands-on experiments and activities. He also enjoys playing the Violin. He spends most of his time building with LEGOs. Talmage loves to tease, but his greatest passion is everything STAR WARS.

Introducing Busy Creating Memories

Jade graced us in 2009 where she instantly became the center of attention as everyone wanted a new little girl in the family. She has some non-visual special needs but she doesn’t let that hinder her sweet nature and the immense desire to see others happy. She is all girl and loves anything to do with Princesses, dress up, twirly dresses, fashion accessories, baby dolls and basically the typical girl stuff. She also loves to dance, sing and help Mom bake.

Introducing Busy Creating Memories

Rose surprised our family with her 2-week early arrival ON MY BIRTHDAY in 2015! The little stinker! And she’s been surprising us and teasing us non-stop ever since. She is a spitfire, ball of fun, who loves to smile and constantly makes us all laugh. She loves to be the center of attention but also loves her sister and brothers very much. But she is ultimately a daddy’s girl.

Introducing Busy Creating Memories

We also have a cat Wally and a dog Odin who make special appearances now and then. Wally is anti-social and Odin is just a chicken who is terrified of my Canon 5D Mark IV camera. So it is really a treat when they behave for me.

Benefits of Being Pet ParentsRecipe for Moments: A Day with my owners, Odins tale #RecipeForMoments

When I originally started blogging in 2011, our site was called JadeLouise Designs after my oldest daughter. But I never felt completely settled. I felt directionless and didn’t really feel a purpose.

In October 2015, 5 months after my mom passed away, I had a heart to heart with myself. I felt compelled to change the directive of this site and rebranded JadeLouise Designs into Busy Creating Memories.

Make your Home Smell like Christmas Trees with Thymes Frasier Fir

During my soul searching, I discovered what I really wanted to achieve. To inspire families to create lasting memories, because when all is said and done that is all we can take with us.

Capture the Moment with Sigma

I want other families to be able to build the same cherished memories I had with my Mother. I want them to look back over their lives and relish in the memories of baking great food with their kids. Or spending a rainy day doing a fun craft together. I want to give them the support to know they aren’t alone in the struggles of parenting and that someone is cheering for them to succeed.

Busy Creating Memories is now a rebranded a Family Lifestyle, recipe, and craft website. My purpose is to help families create cherished memories each day through food, crafts, and making the most out of everyday family activities.

I invite you to join us in creating memories with your family to last a lifetime! 

What’s on Busy Creating Memories?

Here at Busy Creating Memories, we encourage families to create cherished memories through ordinary life experiences.


Many of my cherished memories with my Mom include food. I spent many hours at my Mother’s side as she taught me how to cook, bake, and manage food. These memories and lessons have helped me grow up with a love of food, cooking and the knowledge to create for my own family!

We share our favorite family-friendly recipes so that you can create memories in your own home with your family.

Check out some of our most popular family recipes below! Or visit our Recipe index.

Crafts & DIY:

All humans have an innate desire to create something wonderful. Thus why another great way you can create memories as a family is to create together!

Try out some of our more popular projects below with your own family! Or Click HERE to see all our crafts.


If Mom is drowning in her responsibilities as a parent, she isn’t able to focus on creating cherished memories. So we share parenting resources and support to help fellow moms make their homes a happier place to create memories.

Find Support with our Parenting topics. Or click the images below to see some of our most popular parenting articles.

Enriching Mom

Mom also firmly believed that you never stopped learning. She knew the importance of always improving herself. I remember seeing my mom constantly bettering her mind and our lives by her checking out books from the library, attending community classes and asking others to teach her life skills she wanted to improve.

If there was a topic she felt could improve our family, she went out and found a way to learn about it and implement it. She didn’t let the fact that she never attended college stop her from learning. Because of this, my mom became my #1 role model.

We incorporate the same passion for learning and improving your family’s home here at Busy Creating Memories. Thus why you will also find many articles around Homemaking and Lifestyle topics such as home remedies, Essential Oils, gardening, Emergency Preparedness, Health and Wellness, and even a few of our trade secrets for Blogging and photography. Find some of our more popular articles below.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, what about motion picture? We love to create videos to help emphasize and compliment our projects. Check out my video content!


My mom firmly believed in sharing our talents. Since I have a passion for crocheting, but I don’t have the means to do projects for other people, I have decided to share this talent by offering our crochet patterns for sale in our Etsy Store. Feel free to visit us there as well for more fun projects.

What you won’t find:

All content on Busy Creating Memories will be family friendly. You will never find any content that you can’t safely read with a child looking over your shoulder. Because frankly I always have a child hanging over my shoulder to see what I’m doing as I work. I’m sure many of you have one lingering nearby as we speak as well!

You will never find alcohol, coffee (cause we don’t drink it), smoking, lingerie, gambling, casinos, adult gaming, etc in any manner on our site. Nor will you find spam, adult content, or offensive content on Busy Creating Memories. This is a place for building up families, so these have no place here.

To ensure you never miss a new project or recipe, sign up for our email subscriptions and get busy creating memories of your own!

Work with us!

When we find a brand, product or service that aids in our mission to create memories together as a family, we love to share these with our readers! We don’t offer boring reviews. We dive in to showcase how a brand we love helps us create memories with our families. We put things to use!

Our audience really responds to our posts that show how a product can be advantageous in a family setting.

Here are a few Brands we have partnered with over the years.

Brand Partnership for Busy Creating Memories

 We’d love to work with you! These are some of the projects we are open to organizing:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Recipe creation
  • Craft/DIY development
  • Restaurant Features
  • Destinations to Visit
  • Women  & Children Fashion
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Press Trips
  • DIY or Recipe videos

If you would like to fashion any of these projects with us email me at [email protected]

For the boring legal stuff, you can view our Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

You can also find us on Social media:

We currently work with these Networks/Outreach programs

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