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Celebrating Life By Creating Cherished Memories Each Day

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Based in Northwest Arkansas our blog is packed with incredibly easy recipes, crafts, and holiday fun for families. We can’t wait for you to experience it!

WE BELIEVE you can make extraordinary moments out of the most ordinary tasks.

WE BELIEVE that even if you have a short attention span or limited time, you can still create something meaningful with your family.

WE BELIEVE you don’t have to continually go on expensive family vacations to luxury resorts/theme parks every month to leave a cherished legacy.

WE BELIEVE that a great recipe or craft doesn’t have to be complex or complicated. Even beginners can create something beautiful.

Busy Creating Memories encourages families to celebrate life by creating cherished memories every day through ordinary life experiences.
Let us help you create a legacy of memories.

Busy Creating Memories was established in 2011. But after the death of Amber’s mother in 2015, Busy Creating Memories went through a rebranding. We reevaluated what was really important and how we could offer resources to families that encourage and support those values.

While reminiscing on her most cherished moments with her mother, Amber realized that it was the little everyday, ordinary moments that she cherished the most. The times she was cooking beside her mom. The moments of learning to bake, sew, crochet, and garden at her mother’s side. It was the values her mother taught and the time she spent with her children. We know the importance of making the most out of the fleeting moments as families.

Hummingbird on a tree branch

That is where Busy Creating Memories can help! We help you create the moments! We share easy-to-implement activities that you can do with your families to create memories that become legacies. Our toolbox includes:

Meet Amber!

a self portrait of Amber Edwards, editor and owner of Busy Creating Memories and Amber Louise Photography

Hi, I’m Amber! I am a Full Time Mother, Blogger, and Nature/Fine Art Photographer.

I grew up in Wyoming and attended college in Idaho where I studied Communications and English/Creative Writing. It was there that I met and married my husband in 2002 after a shockingly short 2-week courtship, 3-month engagement. Yes, there is a story there, maybe one day I might be brave enough to tell it.

My Husband served as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army for 5 years which ignited my love of travel and experiencing new foods and cultures. We have lived in Idaho, Germany, Kansas, back to Idaho, down to Utah, and due to a series of miraculous events (yes another story), we are now located in the beautiful Ozarks in the region of Northwest Arkansas.

Author Amber Edwards standing next to her Husband Benjamin infront of green trees.

About Busy Creating Memories and Amber Edwards

I became a traditional stay-at-home Mom in 2004 when my first son was born. And I started my first entrepreneur business shortly after my first daughter was born in 2009. I explored the world of Etsy and created fashion accessories, sales, and more. In 2011 my world turned to the online venture of creating and growing the Busy Creating Memories blog followed shortly after by AmberLouise Photography.

We are blessed with two sons (18+), a Special Needs teenage daughter, and a firecracker daughter in elementary school.


I’ve had the privilege to work with national & international brands including Tyson Foods, Kroger, Walmart, Kraft Foods, LEGO, Goldfish, and many more. My work has been featured on MSN, Country Living, Foodgawker, Monroe and Main, Kraft Kitchen Experts, and more.

I am also a stock image contributor to adobe stock images, shutterstock, alamy, istockphoto, and more.


Do you Offer Sponsored Posts?

Yes! We offer sponsored posts on our blog and social channels. To discuss your project please contact us at

Do you offer Display Advertising?

Yes! We offer display advertising on our blog, including in-content and preroll video ads. To book ads please contact our managed ad provider Mediavine. You can get started for very low minimums through our direct advertising portal.

Will you Link to my Site (Backlinks)?

Any links we provide on Busy Creating Memories are from posts we have found and feel are relevant to our readers. We do not provide links by request or for payment.

Can I guest post on your site?

Busy Creating Memories is not accepting Guest Posts at this time

Recipe Roundup Request

You can consider this permission to use one of our Photos with a dofollow link to our corresponding recipe for articles or roundups. You may not copy/paste the recipe, instructions, or text of the articles. Feel free to send us an email when your post is up so we can share it! Thank you for asking

Why The Hummingbird?

The Hummingbird was my mother’s favorite bird. She was near obsessed with them. She always collected trinkets, figurines, and music boxes that all depicted hummingbirds. She would always have hummingbird feeders out all summer long.

The hummingbird symbol represents intelligence, beauty, devotion, and love. They are respected as fierce fighters and defenders of their homes and also represent healing, joy, and good luck.

When my mom passed away, I could think of no better symbol to represent the purpose of Busy Creating Memories. We adopted the hummingbird mascot as our way to honor the legacy she left behind.

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I invite you to join us in creating with your family to last a lifetime! 

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