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Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

DIY Yardzee and these other Outdoor Games are a surefire way to get your kids outdoor and active while having fun! 

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

Summer is coming dangerously close to an end. Even some of our friends’ kids have started school already.

Am I the only parent who is not looking forward to school starting? Forget the kids, it’s going to be ME kicking and screaming as we make our way to the bus stop that first morning.

But even with School coming close, the need for kids to play outside games is almost even more important than ever!

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

The need for Outdoor Games

Kids spend way too much time cramped up inside, behind a desk being asked to sit still. They need to get out and be kids. They need to move!

Our school has a program called Healthy body, Healthy Mind. They actually have times throughout the day when kids are instructed in active activities such as exercises or running. This helps their body.

This is all in addition to the regular PE time each week. Our school saw an immediate improvement in the kid’s behavior and attentiveness. Scores increased. And kids were able to learn better.

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

And while I think this is a great program I still don’t think kids spend enough time playing outside. So I love when I can get my kids out.

They need the fresh air and the ability to be kids and just play!

We like to visit places of play with climbing toys, swings, and other obstacles to get in a lot of active play. The kids also have swimming lessons to keep them active.

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

But sometimes we just need a simple activity at home that doesn’t require us to pack everyone up and leave the house. That is why I love classic old games with a fun new twist.

Popular Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

For Christmas last year my sister gave us a DIY Yardzee game set! And it is awesome! It gets us outside having fun, all while playing a game! This is how you put one together.

First, create the dice. You can paint or varnish the wood blocks, or just leave them as is.

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

Then draw circles on each side to create the dice. You will be making 6 dice. You can make the dice marks simply with a marker drawing them on. I’ve also seen others use vinyl stickers to create the dice look. Do this with each wooden block.

Next, print out the Yahtzee Rules and the Farkle Rules. These you can put in a paper sleeve and store for when needed.

Then print the  Yardzee score card, Triple Yahtzee score card, and Farkle Score Cards. You will want enough for each person playing.

Laminate each one.

Now use the bucket as the dice roller.

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

Add the dice to the bucket, shake and throw out onto the grass (or a tarp on a flat surface).

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

Use the dry erase markers to record the score on the laminated score cards. When the game is over, you can just erase the marks with a tissue and they are ready for the next game!

It’s a fun way to enjoy old classic outdoor games in a new way!

Plus it gets the kids outside playing games together!

Then when the game is done, everything stores neatly inside the bucket! It’s also the perfect game to take camping with the family!

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

Make sure you follow up with a simple snack to help keep up their energy.

Our kids love the CLIF Kid Zbar®. They love the flavor and enjoy the energizing snack.

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

But this mom, loves CLIF Kid Zbars because they:

  • Are made with organic ingredients
  • Are Non-GMO
  • Have important nutrients for active kids
  • Are appropriate portion sizes for kids in flavors they love
  • Have no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors (or synthetic preservatives)

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

I like to pair our CLIF Kid Zbar® with cold refreshing drinks. Because the last thing we want is our kids to get heat exhaustion or dehydration.

Summer has been really hot, so always have a cold drink on hand! I always add in some ice water for the kids to cool down and feel refreshed.

Sometimes I will toss in some lemonade. But most of the time it’s ice water to keep them hydrated after all the play.

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

I like to make it extra fun by adding in some fancy plastic goblet cups so they feel like it’s a special treat. This really encourages our kids to be active with outdoor games.

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

CLIF Kid® is dedicated to reclaiming play. And they’re encouraging boys and girls everywhere to get back outside, push their boundaries and feed their adventures. So how do you encourage outdoor play?

Besides Yardzee and Farkle here are some other great classic outdoor games your kids can enjoy!

  1. Tag & Freeze Tag
  2. Ring around the Rosie
  3. Playing in the sprinklers/pool
  4. Jumping on a trampoline
  5. Red Rover
  6. Sidewalk chalk activities – hopscotch, tic tac toe, etc
  7. Sack race
  8. Bean bag toss
  9. Soccer, shooting hoops & other outdoor sports
  10. Hide & Seek/ Sardines
  11. Night Games – Follow the Judge, Firefly, Night Tag, Ghost in the Graveyard
  12. Frisbee Games
  13. Horseshoes
  14. Kickball
  15. Egg & Spoon race
  16. Lawn Twister
  17. Water balloon dodge ball
  18. Capture the flag
  19. Scavenger hunts
  20. Duck Duck Goose
  21. Fox and Geese
  22. Mudpie competition – just as it sounds, see who can make the best mud pie!
  23. Three Legged race
  24. Water fight
  25. Sledding ( in the winter)
  26. Ice Blocking (in the summer)
  27. Mother May I?
  28. Red Light, Green Light
  29. Kick the Can
  30. Nerf Sports-  nerf guns, nerf frisbee, etc.

There are many many more fun outdoor games to help keep your kids active all year long! Just be sure to follow up with a great energy snack like the CLIF Kid Zbar® to keep them going throughout the day!

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee

Check out the CLIF Kid video to see more reasons why outdoor games are important!

Outdoor Games for Kids + DIY Yardzee


How do you keep your kids active?

What are your kids’ favorite outdoor games?




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Nanda Hernandez

Monday 30th of January 2017

This looks so fun. I am loving those massive dices too. If my little cousins would ever want this, they better count me in! Summer can be a good excuse to get the kids out and exercise. With the gadgets we have right now and how easily it is to catch their attention, we need to do more tp get the kids out. So getting the fun thing to do outside can be tricky but its worth it!

Lori Thell

Saturday 27th of August 2016

Can you buy the bucket with Yahtzee on it?


Wednesday 31st of August 2016

I found some online. I will add that link as a resource in the article under supplies.

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