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    The Best Fresh Homemade Salsa with Spicy Alteration. Skip to Content

    The Best Fresh Homemade Salsa with Spicy Alteration.

    The Best Fresh Homemade Salsa with Spicy Alteration.

    I love fresh homemade salsa! It is one of my weak points when it comes to food. Thankfully, most homemade salsa is fairly healthy. It is the chips that aren’t so good. But our fresh homemade salsa recipe is full of vitamins and absolutely delicious! It is loved by both kids and adults; and is used in lots more than just chips and salsa! And even better, our fresh Homemade Salsa is very easy to make!

    *This recipe was originally published January 2013* I’ve updated with small tips to make it even better! 

    Fresh Homemade Salsa Recipe


    Homemade Salsa; An easy Fresh Salsa Recipe with Spicy Alteration.

    The Best Fresh Homemade Salsa with Spicy Alteration.
    Prep Time 10 minutes
    Total Time 10 minutes


    • 10-11 medium tomatoes, Roma or hot house. Both work well. The larger the tomato, the less you need.
    • 1/2 large white onion
    • 1 bushel fresh cilantro
    • 1/2 teaspoon Ground red Pepper, aka Cheyenne Pepper
    • 3/4 teaspoon Sea Salt
    • 1/3 cup lime juice. Approximately 1 large lime if you are using fresh limes.


    1. Cut the tomatoes in half. Remove the seeds. Then dice tomatoes
    2. Dice onion and cilantro
    3. Add to the tomatoes in a large bowl with air tight lid
    4. Add salt, red pepper and lime juice
    5. Mix well
    6. Cover in air tight bowl and place in the Fridge for 2 hours to allow spices and juice to blend flavors
    7. Serve and enjoy!

    You will first need to cut and remove the seeds of all the tomatoes. The easiest way I have found is by cutting the tomatoes in half (hamburger style). Then using a small spoon, scoop out the seed pockets. Once they are seedless; then you slice the tomatoes into diced pieces. When I’m making a large batch that this recipe makes, I often cut the tomatoes into slices, then put them into my food processor. I pulse a few times to get it to chop them for me. You don’t want to leave your processor running very long at all, or else it will turn the tomatoes into a liquid mush. But if you pulse for a second or two at a time, it will dice them rather well.

    Homemade Salsa; Fresh Salsa Recipe Kid friendly, plus Spicy Alteration

    After the tomatoes are diced, place them in a large bowl and set aside.

    The Best Fresh Homemade Salsa with Spicy Alteration.

    Now we need the half white onion and the leaves of the fresh cilantro. Cut the onion into fourths and place in the food processor. Pick off the leaves of the cilantro and add to the food processor. If you don’t have a food processor, you will need to dice the onion and cilantro by hand. Once you have them into small pieces you add the mixture to the tomatoes in the large bowl.

    Homemade Salsa; Fresh Salsa Recipe Kid friendly, plus Spicy Alteration

    Finally we add in the seasonings. Sprinkle the Sea Salt, ground red pepper, and lime juice on top.

    The Best Fresh Homemade Salsa with Spicy Alteration.

    Stir well. Cover with an air tight cover (thus why I always use my bowls that come with lids) and place in the fridge for approximately 2 hours. This allows the lime juice and seasonings to mix flavors and create the unique flavor of the salsa. Serve fresh with your favorite tortilla chips.

    The Best Fresh Homemade Salsa with Spicy Alteration.

    Other favorite uses of this salsa, is mixed in with breakfast omelets, any Mexican dish, nachos, and burritos. It is also really delicious on a plain baked potato! If you are watching what you eat this year, you will probably be wanting to eliminate the fatty butter and sour cream from your baked potatoes. So add the salsa instead and it makes a delicious topping but without hindering your weight loss.

    The Best Fresh Homemade Salsa with Spicy Alteration.

    Spicy Homemade Salsa Variation

    If you love a more spicy salsa, we also have a great variation for you! I always make this recipe according to the instructions above; because it is kid friendly and our kids love salsa! But I always take a portion aside and alter it to be more spicy for the husband. He loves spicy foods! Honestly, the more spicy the better for him. So I’m also going to tell you how you can get a more spicy version of our fresh homemade salsa.

    The Best Fresh Homemade Salsa with Spicy Alteration.

    After the salsa has had time to sit for 2 hours for the flavors to mix; then I create the variation. Take a portion of the salsa aside in a small or medium sauce pan. Turn on medium heat. Add in sliced jalapenos (or other spicy pepper of your choosing) and another 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of ground red pepper. Stir and simmer until the jalapenos are slightly tender. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Place in an air tight container and store in the fridge. Use anywhere you would use a spicy salsa.

    The Best Fresh Homemade Salsa with Spicy Alteration.

    Easy enough right? And it is a staple food we always have in our fridge. We are rather hard pressed to keep this salsa in stock in our  house, because everyone eats through it so fast. We use it in a lot of recipes, meals, and snacks. I usually make a large recipe once a week for my family. We never have left overs by the end of the week.

    This salsa also is a great substitute for the Ro*Tel in our Salsa Slow Cooker chicken! I’m telling you it rocks!
    Plus it makes a great dip for any family gathering, Game Day, Football party, or even just as the perfect snack! Substitute any recipe that calls for Ro*Tel or salsa with this recipe and you will be amazed the difference this Fresh Homemade Salsa makes versus using canned or store purchased salsa.

    The Best Fresh Homemade Salsa with Spicy Alteration.

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    The Best Fresh Homemade Salsa with Spicy Alteration.

    What is your favorite things to do with fresh homemade salsa?

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