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    Christmas Wreath Tutorial | Tutu Wreath Craft Skip to Content

    Christmas Wreath Tutorial | Tutu Wreath Craft

    DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial | Tutu Wreath Craft

    When it comes to Christmas Decor, there is one item that stands out third only to a Christmas Tree and a Nativity. And that is the traditional Christmas Wreath. I quite enjoy crafting wreaths, especially our Patriotic wreath! But there is just something so special about a Christmas Wreath! This time I wanted to try something a little different from the traditional green pine wreath. So instead today we are showing you how to create your own Tutu Christmas Wreath!

    Tutu Christmas Wreath

    Supplies you will need include:

    • a round 12″ wreath
    • red, white and green tulle. (I purchased a 50 yard spool of each and used only half of the red and green, but near all of the white).
    • Christmas Ornaments and decor of your choice – I gathered mine from the Dollar Store, Walmart and Kmart.
    • Hot glue gun & Hot glue.

    DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial | Tutu Wreath Craft

    Begin simply by cutting the tulle into 12-15″ strips. I found that my tile I use for crafting it the perfect length. So to make things go faster, I wrapped the tulle around it and using a rotary cutter, cut the tulle on both ends of the tile. This gave me a lot of strips with one cut. And made the process go a lot faster.

    DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial | Tutu Wreath Craft

    Once you have all the tulle cut up; you will begin by simply tying the tulle onto the wreath. Line the tulle up so both ends are even on either side and do a typical Right over left, left over right knot. Proceed around the entire wreath. I did the colors in batches of five knots per color. So I started with green, then put two patches of white one on both sides. Then a patch of red on both sides of the white, and then back to white again before proceeding back to green. You get the idea.

    I had five knots of white tulle in between each batch of red and green tulle to help the colors stand apart from each other better.

    DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial | Tutu Wreath Craft

    You simply proceed to do this method of tying knots around the entire wreath. This is the most time consuming part of the entire craft. But really if you have all the tulle cut; just sit yourself down in front of a great movie and tie away. I wasn’t strictly timing it; but I believe it took me near 30-45 minutes to tie the entire wreath. Though I did have a few kid interruptions.

    Now that your wreath is tied you will want to pick which color you want to use for the hanger. Select that color, and cut a much longer string of tulle. I wanted the green to be the center of the top and picked red to be the hanger. So in the middle of the top two red batches of tulle, I squeezed one more tulle knot in.

    But instead of being made from the pre-cut strips I used the tulle that was still attached to the spool. I made sure it blended well; with the tail of the first knot being the same length as all the other tulle around it. Then I measured how long I wanted the hook; and then added on more length to ensure the second know would blend into the 2nd red batch of tulle at the top of the wreath. Then cut it from the spool and tied it on the wreath just like the first knot. The result is a seamless hook for hanging.

    The final step is merely gathering all the Holiday ornaments and decor you have picked out and lay it all out on the wreath. As you can see I have more than  I need to use. And some of the colors don’t exactly match well either. Those were the first ones eliminated. Then with what was left I arranged them onto the wreath, moving each one here and there; until I had an arrangement I was happy with.

    DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial | Tutu Wreath Craft

    Next simply pick up one item at a time and apply the hot glue onto the back and replace it onto the wreath in the same fashion you had during your test run. This will ensure you get all the decor back in the same order you found you liked originally; without any accidental placing and having it be too late because you had hot glue on the fixture. (Yes, that’s happened all too many times when I first started crafting).

    Once everything is hot glued into place as you like, allow the hot glue to completely cool before hanging. This will ensure that it will have a secure bond. (Learn more craft tips for ensuring your projects don’t fall apart!)

    DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial | Tutu Wreath Craft

    Now hang up your wreath and enjoy it! Look at what you just created and be proud of it! Congrats! You are done! A very simple, yet very festive Tutu Christmas Wreath!

    DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial | Tutu Wreath Craft DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial | Tutu Wreath Craft

    Looking for more great crafts? Check out our Crafts Cateory or our craft Pinterest boards! Or if you are looking for more great Christmas items, discover our Christmas Pinterest board. Did you like our Christmas Wreath tutorial? Be sure to PIN IT with our easy Pin it buttons on the photo! And share it with your friends with a link to our site so others can find it.

    DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial | Tutu Wreath Craft

    Where would you display your Tutu Christmas Wreath?


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