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DIY Witch Hat Headband

This DIY witch hat headband makes a great last minute accessory for any Halloween Costume!

DIY Witch Hat Headband

This DIY Halloween Witch Hat Headband first published Oct 20, 2016. It has been updated for your convenience. 

Tis the season that you begin to see Ghouls and Goblins, Witches and Wizards, Heros and Villans all dressed up and wandering the streets looking for candy! That’s right! It’s Halloween season!

DIY Witch Hat Headband

Our little ones just love dressing up! And best of all, I just love dressing up my little girls. There are so many fun accessories for little girls.

Last year Rose was so little, being only a few weeks old, that we didn’t do too much for her costume. I kept her swaddled up and simply crocheted a Princess Leia Hat to keep her warm.

But this year I want to really dress her up. And not only that, but Miss Jade wants Rose to dress up to match her! Since Jade is going to be a cute little Witch we have to get Rose to match! Which means I need a Witch Hat Headband!

DIY Witch Hat Headband

But have you ever tried to keep a regular Witch Hat on a baby? Talk about IMPOSSIBLE!

So I turned to my hair accessory craft supplies and came up with this simple Witch Hat Headband. It’s fancy enough to go perfectly with her Witch Costume!

DIY Witch Hat Headband

Yet, it is sturdy enough to withstand little one’s hands. As we all know that the Witch Hat headband will be pulled off at least a dozen times.

But having the witch hat headband also means that it will still stay on much longer than a regular witch hat. Which means we can at least snap a few stellar Halloween Costume photos to treasure for years to come before it gets ripped off!

DIY Witch Hat Headband

The other great thing I love about a Witch Hat Headband is that it’s universal enough that big sister can wear it too! Or even Mommy (because the girls have convinced me I need to be a witch for Halloween too)!

DIY Witch Hat Headband

And if you can distract your little one’s hands with a new toy like an adorable little Witches broom, a trick or treat bucket, or a mini pumpkin, that Witch Hat headband may just stay on through a few houses of Trick or Treating!

DIY Witch Hat Headband

So are you ready to begin?


DIY Witch Hat Headband

For my embellishments, I found a purple gem button at Hobby Lobby. And I had a Green Rosin Cabochon Rose that I used. But you can find all kinds of fun Halloween embellishments on Etsy that you can use instead.

To begin you cut out 3 circles in the black felt fabric. Each one will be a different size.

DIY Witch Hat Headband

I used the bread and butter plate upside-down to measure for my first circle.

I used the IKEA bowl upside-down for measuring my second circle.

DIY Witch Hat HeadbandAnd then I used the IKEA bowl right side up to measure for my last circle.

Then using the two large circles, use them as a pattern to cut out 2 circles (one large and one medium) from the Halloween fabric.

Lay the large Halloween fabric circle on top of the large felt square. Cut a line to the center of the circle.

Turn the fabric stack upside-down.

Now we will begin to roll the felt and Halloween fabric together into a cone shape. This will be the cone of the hat. This is how it will look (minus the Halloween Fabric so you can see the details)

DIY Witch Hat Headband DIY Witch Hat Headband

After you adjust the cone shape to where you like it, use the hot glue to secure it into its shape.

Use Hot glue to secure edges of the Halloween Fabric from coming apart from the felt.

Lay the cone on its side and apply a dab of hot glue to the outer side at the seam.

Begin to carefully apply the features to lay across this dab of hot glue.

DIY Witch Hat Headband DIY Witch Hat Headband


Continue adding feathers until you have as much as you want.

DIY Witch Hat Headband DIY Witch Hat Headband

You can add more hot glue as needed to ensure all the feather stems remain attached.

Allow the cool.

Take the medium felt and the medium Halloween Fabric. Lay on top of each other so the Halloween Fabric is on top.

DIY Witch Hat Headband

Glue the Halloween Fabric onto the Felt circle. But only glue in the center where it will be hidden after the cone is placed on top.

This secures the Halloween fabric into place. But still, allows the edges to be loose and give that shabby chic Halloween look.

Apply hot glue to the base of the cone. Then glue into the center of the medium felt circle with the Halloween fabric still on top.

DIY Witch Hat Headband

Now carefully begin to glue on the ribbon for the trim. This will also help to cover and hide the seams.

Hot glue gets super hot. So I used a toothpick to help press the ribbon onto the seam so I didn’t burn myself. It also gave a great effect of fluffing the outer edges of the ribbon. So I really liked that effect!

DIY Witch Hat HeadbandNow made a mini bow with a little more ribbon. I do mean mini.

I just folded the ribbon over to where I had to loops about the size I wanted. Dabbed a little glue in the inside center so it would hold together. Then take a small bit of ribbon and wrap around the middle to give the “bow knot” look. And secure tightly in the back of the bow with more glue.

DIY Witch Hat Headband

Now gauge where you want to place your ribbon bow and embellishments. Once you like how they are arranged you can glue them into place.

Allow the Halloween Witch Hat to cool.

DIY Witch Hat Headband

Now we secure the hat onto the headband. Place the hat onto the headband and figure out where on the headband you want the headband. Do you want it directly in the center? Or would you prefer it slightly to the side?

Once you know where you want the hat, gently fold the hat away and add a line of hot glue to the headband. Then reapply the hat on top of the glue.

Hold to secure and allow the glue to cool.

DIY Witch Hat Headband

Now I like my headbands to be extra secure so I also apply another circle of felt to the underside of the headband to help hold the hat and headband together. This is where the 3rd and smallest felt circles come in.

DIY Witch Hat Headband

Lay the felt circle across the underside of the headband and ensure it lines up. Then apply a fair amount of hot glue over the entire side of the felt circle.

DIY Witch Hat Headband

Carefully reapply to the underside of the headband with the glue facing the headband and hat. Press to attach the felt circle to sandwich the headband in between the hat brim and the felt circle.

DIY Witch Hat Headband

Add more hot glue to the edges to get a solid attachment.

Allow your DIY Witch Hat to cool.

Now your headband is complete!

DIY Witch Hat HeadbandWithout stopping to take photos throughout the project, this would probably be a 10-15 minute project for a beginner/intermediate crafter.

It’s pretty basic and easy. Yet still turns out great!

DIY Witch Hat Headband DIY Witch Hat Headband

This is a great Witch Hat alternative for Moms who don’t want a big bulky witch hat or a teacher who just needs something small while she teaches. Or even something small for the office party!

DIY Witch Hat Headband

And it’s adored by little girls like Miss Jade. She can wear it at school for Halloween without having to worry about keeping track of a big hat.

DIY Witch Hat Headband

And it works out fabulous for little babies who hate hats! Miss Rose will leave the headband on for a good 15 minutes before she rips it off! But a hat? Forget it, that won’t even stay on for one minute!

DIY Witch Hat Headband

Common sense disclosure: never leave baby unattended with Witch Hat Headband. While glued on securely, it’s not fully baby proofed and babies are stronger than we realized. It can pose a choking hazard if they were to rip pieces off of the Headband. Always wear while supervised.


Watch our Video Tutorial HERE: 
You can also view it on Youtube

You can make this Witch Hat headband fancy with flowers, feathers, and other fancy embellishments.

Or you can go simple with just the ribbon and a cute Halloween embellishment.

I tell you this would look great with a mini witches broomstick attached near the feathers, but I didn’t have time for that to arrive before Halloween.

DIY Witch Hat HeadbandWho will you wear your Witch Hat Headband?


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Jodi Hunter

Monday 31st of October 2016

This is so cute.

Diana Rambles

Thursday 20th of October 2016

These fascinators are adorable! My daughter would love to make one, so I pinned this to show her.

Liza @ Views From the 'Ville

Thursday 20th of October 2016

That is SO cute. My daughter would love it. Heck, I think I might even make an adult-sized one for myself so I have a "costume" to wear Trick or Treating with her. :)

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