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    DIY Baby Changing Station

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    One of the things I debated about getting in the new nursery was a diaper changing table. But as I thought on it more, I decided I really didn’t want one. We have limited space and I didn’t want her room to be crowded. But at the same time we still needed a baby changing station. So I started brain storming how I wanted to create a baby changing station that wouldn’t take up extra space but still be well organized to meet our needs. And this is the result, our own Diaper changing station. Let me show you how I put it together.

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    DIY Baby changing Station

    To begin we start with the dresser. You will remember the adventure I had with this dresser makeover. It was a lot of fun to do. And the result is absolutely perfect for our little baby girl’s room.

    DIY Dresser Makeover for a nursery

    Then we needed to add in some basics for the top of the dresser. Like the changing pad. I bought the Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad and added a Summer Infant Ultra Plush Change Pad Cover in Pink. This way our baby has a soft and comfortable spot for changing the diaper.

    DIY Baby Changing Station DIY Baby Changing Station

    I also added in a nice diaper wipes warmer, because my babies hate cold wipes for night time changing.

    For lighting I absolutely love my Philips Wakeup Light. I currently have an older model in the nursery because I put the newest Philips Wakeup Light in my bedroom. But I love it because it offers me 20 different gentle light settings, plus a clock! So I can have very dim lighting for middle of the night feedings or diaper changes. But it also gets bright for when I need more light. And then many settings in between.

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    For the finishing touch on the dresser top, I added in an adorable picture frame I picked up from Hobby Lobby. When I finally get this new baby girl’s photos done, we will be putting one into the frame.

    DIY Baby Changing Station DIY Baby Changing Station

    Next we need the functional side pieces. The Diaper pail and the laundry basket!

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    I grabbed just a small easy to use laundry basket from Walmart. It is the perfect size for little baby clothes. And not too big that you end up with an overwhelming collection before you convince yourself you actually need to wash the clothes.

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    If you remember our Unique baby essentials, you will remember I talked about my favorite diaper pail, the Ubbi Steel Diaper pail! It is the best diaper pail I have tried yet! And after 4 kids, and 6 different diaper pails trials, that is saying quite a bit!

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    The thing that is unique about the Ubbi Steel Diaper pail is that it is steel and not plastic! This means the stink of the diapers can’t penetrate the actual diaper pail. Which means the pail itself won’t stink after it’s been cleaned!

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    It is also crazy easy to use! The lid opens up and down for when you add or remove the bag. Which special note, it doesn’t require any special bags! Just a simple trash bag will do! And it does so nicely too!

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    Then for adding diapers, you simply slide open the small compartment. It is so easy to do with just one hand. And then close it right up. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and I haven’t had any odor filling up our nursery room! Not one bit!

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    And it fits perfectly into our nursery, and comes in 12 different colors so it can match just about any nursery! You can learn more by visiting UbbiWorld online and see all that cool baby items they carry. You can also purchase the Ubbi Steel diaper pail on amazon.

    Next I got a few sets of the IKEA Skubb organizer sets. These are awesome because they really help when it comes to organizing the drawers. So I can have the socks, tights, onsies, and burp raps all nicely organized in the drawers and easy to access.

    DIY Dresser Makeover for a nursery

    Now I have the basics set up for the changing station. But I wanted something fun for the wall behind the dresser. Something that would be functional. And something to help with organization. You know, so I don’t have to have diapers scattered all over the dresser and I can keep at least one flat surface moderately clean.

    Would you believe the answer lies in Kitchen gear? No kidding! I saw these IKEA Fintorp series sets in IKEA and knew instantly that is what I wanted!

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    So I picked up

    If you don’t have access to IKEA, you can get most of it on Amazon, like getting the simple Ikea Steel Kitchen Organizer Set to get started and then adding a few extra pieces along with it. 

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    The Fintorp Bars can be combined into one large bar if you want it double wide. But I loved the length just as it was, so we put them up one above the other on the wall.

    Then we added in the caddies and stocked them with the diaper changing essentials and other baby essentials to have handy like

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    Once I gathered up all the baby essentials, I started stalking up the caddies and the hanging basket. Now I have everything I need to care for baby at the tips of my fingertips.

    Plus it is all nicely organized in one central location.

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    To finish off the diaper changing station I wanted to add a few aesthetic additions. Just things to make it look nice. So I picked up a nice oval mirror and wall decal sign from Hobby Lobby. I instantly fell in love with our pink sign which reads:

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Do you know how loved you are?

    It fits the color scheme of the room, but also a great message for a new little one to remember as they grow up.

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    For the final touch, I pulled over the grey Chevron print rug I picked up from Target. OK, I seriously love this rug as it is super soft on the feet and I just love how it brightens up the area. Honestly I wish they had a rug big enough to cover the entire room. I keep moving this little one around the room because I love it so much and want it at each location.

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    And now after a lot of dreaming, planning, and designing; our diaper changing station is complete! And let me tell you it has been a dream to use the last few weeks with our new little baby. She arrived 2 weeks early with an unscheduled emergency inducement. So I’m so glad I completed our baby changing station not even 2 days earlier!

    So tell me, did I miss anything?

    Did you like our creation? Feel free to PIN IT to Pinterest and share on Facebook and Twitter!

    Also you can check out our other Nursery reveal ideas, and our dresser makeover project. And keep an eye open we still have a few more nursery projects coming up. Well, at least we do once I’m able to get baby girl into a sleeping schedule so I can function enough to get the projects completed.

    DIY Baby Changing Station

    What would you include in your baby changing station?



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