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Sleeping tips to wake-up refreshed

Being 9 months pregnant, it is hard to get a good nights sleep. But even before becoming pregnant sleep was a struggle. If you struggle with sleep, there is hope to get a better night’s sleep. Just use these sleeping tips and you will soon be waking up more refreshed!

Sleeping tips to wake-up refreshed

Sleeping Tips for a better nights sleep.

  1. Cut down on Caffeine – caffeine obviously is a stimulant. it can affect your sleeping pattern up to 10 hours after you indulge in caffeine! If you can cut down on the amount of caffeine you have all day, your body will be able to regulate it’s energy levels more naturally and you will have better sleep. But definitely cut it out after lunch.
  2. Set a routine – this means going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time every morning if possible. This gets your body in a cycle that makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  3. Keep your room cool. Most people sleep best in a slightly cool room. So opt to have your room a little cooler at night. That’s one reason why I love having my portable AC unit in my bedroom. I can keep just my room slightly cooler at night without having to skyrocket my electricity bill trying to cool down the entire house at night.
  4. Limit eating and drinking before bed. Eating a big meal or large snacks before bed make it harder to sleep. Likewise drinking a lot near bedtime means you will be up often at night with bathroom breaks. Try not to eat or drink too much in that last hour before bedtime.
  5. Cut the electronics. Studies have shown that the light and stimuli from electronics and screens actually stimulate your mind and make it harder to fall asleep and sleep soundly. Not to mention the light suppresses melatonin production which is your natural release to fall asleep. You should cut off using electronics at least an hour before bedtime.
  6. Make your room dark for sleep. It’s shown that if you can have a darker room you are able to sleep better. You won’t be woken in the middle of the night with light shining on you. Use blinds or heavy curtains to block out light from the window. Cover the displays from electronics in your room.
  7. Use Philips wake up light for easier sleeping and wake up routine.

Sleeping tips to wake-up refreshed

The Philips wake up light is absolutely brilliant! I have had an older Philips Wake up light model for a few years and I have loved it. But recently I wanted to upgrade and move my old unit to the nursery so I could have better lighting in that room for when I nurse at night.

But for my bedroom I instantly fell in love with a newer model, the Wake-up Light Coloured Sunrise Simulation HF3520/60. Let me tell you why I love this light so much!

Sleeping tips to wake-up refreshed

First has 20 different light settings! That is 20 different levels of light brightness! It offers great low light before bed, or if you have to get up in the middle of the night. See why I love this for the nursery room too? I don’t have to turn on a bright light at night to startle us all awake. I can keep it very dim and only use just enough light as needed. It’s very versatile. But it can also get bright for when you do need a lot of light.

Sleeping tips to wake-up refreshed

But I also love that it offers a great way to fall asleep! It helps to keep your room dark by auto dimming the display when the room gets dark so you don’t have a bright display shining on you.

Sleeping tips to wake-up refreshed

It also features a sunset stimulation settings that starts the light and natural sounds out at the level you determine. And then as time ticks away it gradually decreases the light and sound until it is off and you are able to get a natural progression into night. Just like nature intended.

Sleeping tips to wake-up refreshed

And it is amazing for waking up too! No more startling alert in the morning with a loud obnoxious alarm! No, I hate those. They give me a heart attack every time. Why would you feel refreshed after waking up to one of those? I always feel stressed and jumpy.

The wake up feature is my favorite part about the Philips Wake-up light. It features a colored Sunrise stimulation! That means at anywhere between 20-40 minutes (you pick which time it begins) before your alarm is set to go off, it will gradually begin to lighten. And I do mean gradually! With 20 different light levels it can really make a difference starting out so dim and very slowly get brighter.

Sleeping tips to wake-up refreshed


The coloring of the light also makes a big difference as well. As it mimics that of a natural sunrise. Starting out red, to orange to yellow.

Sleeping tips to wake-up refreshed

Then at the time the alarm is set to go off, it will begin your alarm sound at a very low level and gradually increase in volume until you are gently woken from your sleep. No startling blaring noise to jump you up. It’s all very gradual and gentle. And it definitely makes me feel a lot more refreshed in the mornings!

Sleeping tips to wake-up refreshed

You can pick from 2 different alarm sounds or 5 natural sounds for the alarm setting. It also features digital FM radio.

Sleeping tips to wake-up refreshed Sleeping tips to wake-up refreshed

At your set wake up time natural sound will play to complete the wake up experience and ensure you are awake. The selected sound gradually increases in volume to your selected level within one and a half minute. There are five natural sounds you can choose from: Bird Song, Birds in the forest, Zen Garden, Gentle piano and Seaside Sounds.

I personally have mine currently set to begin the sunrise stimulation about 15 minutes before I need to get up. And my sound is Zen Garden which are beautiful chiming bells that are very calming.

I have been waking up gently every morning since school began. And I’ve found I am less grumpy and I have an overall better day because of how my wake up call started.

Not to mention the Philips Wake up light is very chic in design. It fits well on a nightstand and compliments the room decor. And it triples as light, alarm and radio all in one to save space!


There are even more features of this amazing Wake up light that I didn’t even touch on! But these were just my favorite. To learn more visit Philips online. And make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. There are also various models of the Philips Wake up light at different price points and different features, so you can find the right one for you!

Sleeping tips to wake-up refreshed

You can buy your own Philips Wake up light on Amazon.

Have you used a Philips Wake up Light? What did you think?

What are your top sleeping tips to wake up refreshed?

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valmg @ Mom Knows It All

Tuesday 8th of September 2015

This is a really neat light! I could use something like this, as hubby works nights and is always complaining if I need to turn on a light while he's sleeping.


Tuesday 8th of September 2015

I;ve never seen this one, but I absolutely love the idea - need to check it out

Jennifer Pridemore

Monday 7th of September 2015

I can definitely use these tips! That wake light looks really neat. I would love to try one of those out.

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