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How to Host a Simple Kids Tea Party

I’m sharing how Jade and I build lasting and fun memories in a simple kid’s tea party with Goldfish® Puffs as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #GoldfishTales

How to host a Simple Kids Tea Party

One of the best things about having a little girl is all the fun we have together that I never got to experience with my boys. I’m not saying that boys can’t have a tea party, but my boys weren’t ever interested in playing tea party. However, little Jade loves having tea parties! So I’m going to show you how to host a simple and fun tea party with your little ones. It’s a lot easier than you would think!

Kid’s Tea Party Tips

Step 1 set the date and time! This is very simple really. Since this tea party is so easy to throw together, you can host it any time really. Just ensure it won’t conflict with appointments, meals, or anything. Perhaps that morning let your child know you will be having a tea party together at 11am, or even 2pm. Just get them excited for the upcoming tea party that day.

Step 2: Invite list! Again super simple. There aren’t any special invites. Unless you want to have them. If so you can find some awesome tea party invites on pinterest that you can print off. But for us, I asked Miss Jade which of her “friends” she wanted to invite. It included Tiger Kitty, Kissy Bear and Big Bunny.

How to host a Simple Kids Tea Party

How to host a Simple Kids Tea Party

Step 3: Dress up! This is one of the best parts of the tea party, dressing up! So let your kids get dressed in their best costume or play dress. Add a fancy hat, or just get some paper crowns from the store.

How to host a Simple Kids Tea Party

Step 4: Decorate for the Tea Party. Decide if you will have the tea party inside or outside. We’ve had bad weather lately so we decided to gather around the coffee table in the sitting room. Throw on a tablecloth, set up the tea set and have pillows around for sitting. Pick up some fresh flowers, or put some silk flowers in a small cup or vase.

How to host a Simple Kids Tea Party

Step 5: Prepare the food. Since this is a simple kid’s tea party, you don’t have to get elaborate. Usually I reach for the favorite snack and finger foods. I used grapes, apple slices, Goldfish Puffs, sliced cheese, sliced meats, and a little sweet treat. Maybe include a puffed pastry or mini chocolates. Use Toothpicks for easy serving and to keep the mess minimal.

How to host a Simple Kids Tea Party

For the Goldfish Puffs, you can portion them out in mini silicone muffin cups to make it easy to serve. And it just looks cute. Not to mention Goldfish Puffs are a favorite snack among kids. Plus they come in bold flavors and are gluten free!

How to host a Simple Kids Tea Party

Step 6: Serve the “tea”. Sometimes if the weather is cold we will do an herbal tea steeped in apple juice. But if not, then often times our tea is actually something simple like juice, a special raspberry lemonade, or even just water. The kids won’t care or mind. They just want the experience. So make it simple and something delicious that they will love.

How to host a Simple Kids Tea Party How to host a Simple Kids Tea Party

Step 7: Enjoy! The last step is to get down with your child and enjoy the precious memory building moments! Let them pour the cold tea. If they can’t quite manage that feat yet, you can pour the tea. Be involved in the conversation. And mostly just let your child know that they are important and enjoy this time with them.

How to host a Simple Kids Tea Party How to host a Simple Kids Tea Party How to host a Simple Kids Tea Party

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How to host a Simple Kids Tea Party How to host a Simple Kids Tea Party

How do you enjoy a simple kid’s tea party?

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Jan Lemmons

Thursday 30th of August 2018

I have twin girls and when they were about 5, we had a tea party for their birthday. They invited their friends to dress in Mommy or Daddy's clothes and to especially wear a hat. I set up a long table in the living room and put a table cloth on that. We wanted to have something sweet so I made some child size heart shape cakes (I have a pan that will make 4 at a time.) and as each child arrived, they decorated their cake and placed it where they were going to sit. I had also gone to second hand stores and bought cups and saucers and dessert plates (nothing matched and nobody cared). They had some other snacks like raisens and fish crackers and slices of apple to eat with their cake. The birthday girls were sung to and it was a great time. The hats were a success as the children discussed them as the mothers were serving apple juice as opposed to tea. It is the most remembered party my girls talk about.

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