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    How To Teach Kids Responsible Screen Time + Free Printable

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OurPact. We aim to provide you with resources to help teach your kids responsible screen time practices. All opinions are our own.

    How To Teach Kids Responsible Screen Time + Free Printable

    As one born before computers were in every home, and before a cell phone was even an option, it is sometimes hard for me to reconcile how much kids these days are attached to screen time.

    And it’s not just because they want to be. But also because schools now require the use of electronic devices. From homework to math quizzes, and science/book reports, it’s all on electronic devices now!

    It’s a hard pill for this old fashioned mama to swallow. So when my kids are home I try to keep a balance between old fashioned fun and the life sucking pull of electronics. So let me show you how our kids learn to be responsible with screen time.

    Screen Time Boundaries and Responsibilities

    Now don’t get me wrong. Electronics can be fun. I totally recognize that! I mean, I’ve been a closet gamer addicted to World of Warcraft for over 7 years. I totally get it!

    And they are also helpful and can be educational. We have many apps on our devices that help us with Jade’s special needs, speech delays and such. So yes, they can be very educational and helpful.

    How To Teach Kids Responsible Screen Time + Free Printable

    But also as one who grew up before we had computers in our home, I also think there needs to be balance. And in a world that pushes electronics so much, that balance and responsibility of screen time use has never been more important than now!

    I want my kids to develop their imaginations. I want them to be able to occupy themselves without an electronic screen feeding their every second of consciousness. Kids now-a-days don’t know how to even stand in line without whining “I’m bored, can I play on your phone?”

    Kids should occupy themselves w/out a screen feeding their every second of consciousnessClick to Tweet

    Uhm no. Learn how to be patient and entertain yourself while we wait. It’s a life skill you need to learn.

    So I limit screen time.


    Ok, so maybe as a fellow parent that is not so shocking. You probably do your best to limit screen time too. But to my kids…you’d think I just told them the world was coming to an end. You’ve probably heard it all before

    “That’s not fair”
    “But <kid from class> gets to have their own phone without doing chores”
    “But WHY…”
    “That’s not fair” (again for good measure because I know you get to hear that about 30 times a day.

    To which (and much to my dismay) I open my mouth and my MOM comes out…

    “Life’s not fair, get over it”
    “<Kid from class> is not my child, therefore Not my responsibility. You are. And I say no”
    “Because I said …”
    “Again, Life’s Not fair, get over it”

    I’m not a heartless mom. Really I’m not. But as a Mom who wants the best for my kids, they need to learn these lessons.

    Life Lesson #1 : Life isn’t fair. Nothing you can do about it. So you can deal with it and get over it. Or wallow in self-pity for eternity thinking you are entitled to everything just because you exist. (Seriously, it’s not happening).

    Life Lesson #2: I’m the parent, not the best friend. Sometimes I will tick you off. Sometimes you  won’t like my decisions. That’s OK. It is my job to teach and rear you to become self-disciplined productive adults that contribute to society.

    Life Lesson #3: Electronics are not a God Given Inherent Right. Screen time needs to be limited and used responsibly.

    Life Lessons: Life's Not fair, I'm Your Parent Not Your Buddy, Electronics are Not a God Given Right!Click to Tweet

    So how do I limit Screen Time? It’s not based on minutes or hours. It is based on a simple list of what I call their responsibilities for becoming a well-rounded person.

    How To Teach Kids Responsible Screen Time + Free Printable

    Responsibilities for Earning Screen Time. 

    Chores: I require my kids to do chores ( I know, I’m such an evil and wicked Slave Driving Mom) But they need to learn how to work. And not just work, but how to work hard. How to complete the task given them the correct way and not cut corners. Otherwise, they will never make it when they get a “real job”.

    In addition, they need to learn how to cook and clean so they can survive on their own when they move out. Sorry, my kids won’t be living with us when they are 35. It’s just not happening. As much as I love them, they will be getting a job and getting their own place.

    Reading: I require my kids to do 30 minutes of reading at their reading level every day. Yes, their reading level. Cause leave it to my boys to try to get away with reading Preschool books!

    So now they have to read at their reading level or higher for 30 minutes a day. Even through the summer. I don’t care that the school only requires 20 minutes. It’s 30 minutes in my house. This helps them appreciate the written word. How to love reading. And it also dramatically improves their success in school.

    How To Teach Kids Responsible Screen Time + Free Printable

    Outside/Physical Activity: I require my kids to spend time outside actively playing. We all know that a healthy body offers a healthy mind. Plus it gets energy out, makes them strong and forces them to use their imagination.

    How To Teach Kids Responsible Screen Time + Free PrintableBe Creative: I require my kids to be creative. Be it from LEGOS, play dough, drawing, painting, imagination play, doing science experiments. It doesn’t matter what venue they pick. As long as they are creatively playing with their mind.

    How To Teach Kids Responsible Screen Time + Free Printable

    Once all these have been met then I am more than willing to allow my kids time on electronics.

    In fact, I often tell my kids, “The faster you get your chores done, the more time you get to play.” And I mean it.

    I don’t mind if they want to spend a few hours playing Mario Brothers co-op, or building in Minecraft, or watching PBS Kids. Just so long as their responsibilities have been met.

    How To Teach Kids Responsible Screen Time + Free Printable


    I use OurPact to help enforce our screen time responsibilities. We follow the “There is a time and season for everything” motto.

    The time and season for Screen Time is after chores, reading, and family needs are completed. Then they are free to play all they want unless they become grumpy and fight. Then screen time goes bye bye.

    Why do I need an app to help limit screen time?

    Because I’m a busy mom with a little baby. Time gets away from me. I can’t tell you how many times I have told my daughter “Ok you can play on the iPad for 30 minutes” And I go off to feed the baby, help the brothers with their homework and get dinner started. And next thing I know it’s been an hour and a half!

    I can’t be the only parent who’s done this right?

    Or the other case, when my boys were being extra grumpy and we just couldn’t figure out why in the world they were so mean each and every morning. I mean we send them to bed at 8pm. They get up at 7am. Why are they so crabby?

    Oh, because they were sneaking upstairs to get their electronic devices and playing them at 2AM….TWO IN THE FREAKIN’ MORNING!

    Oh no, my kids are good kids. They’d never do anything like that. Yeah, you keep telling yourself that…Don’t all kids try to be sneaky and break rules just to see what they can get away with, just because they want to?

    How To Teach Kids Responsible Screen Time + Free Printable

    Needless to say, they had a good span of grounding from all electronics for that little deviant misbehavior.

    So now we have ground rules before screen time is allowed.

    • No Electronics after 7pm. It’s time to spend time with family and then bedtime at 8pm.
    • No Electronics before chores and homework are complete
    • No Electronics before daily reading
    • No Electronics before doing something creative and educational (like 30 minutes playing with legos, painting, doing crafts, playing with toys, etc. )
    • No Electronics at the table during meals.
    • No Electronics before they’ve been physically active for 30 minutes
    • No Electronics if you’ve been sassy, grumpy, or rude to Mom or siblings.
    • No Electronics if your room is a mess.
    • So on and so forth.

    To help keep your family on task with these easy Screen Time Responsibilities and Rules you can use our Free Printable!

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    So that is why I need a FREE app like OurPact to help enforce our screen time limits.

    OurPact empowers parents to guide their children through the balanced use of technology. Let me tell you how OurPact has helped our family.

    As I said it is a FREE app! Nothing beats free right? So no reason not to download OurPact and give it a try. It’s Free! Nothing to lose.

    How To Teach Kids Responsible Screen Time + Free Printable





    We will never win the battle of our kids not wanting to play on electronics or watch TV. It is just part of our culture now. We live in the age of of gadgets, and screens.

    How To Teach Kids Responsible Screen Time + Free Printable

    But we can be wise parents and limit their use and ensure that they have a balance. We can make sure they still experience a regular childhood, being active and exploring their imagination.

    Having Screen Time rules, helps Parents set the ground rules and allows kids to know right up front what is expected. And they know the consequences if they don’t follow the rules.

    There are no surprises.

    I have our Screen Time Rules printed, laminated and hanging up right by our TV, so the kids can see it every day. So when they ask if they can do something on the TV or electronics, I tell them to double check the Screen time rules to ensure they are compliant.

    We go over the rules before any electronic it turned on.

    And it really makes a difference.


    How To Teach Kids Responsible Screen Time + Free Printable



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    How do you teach responsible Screen Time?

    Do you set time limits or require tasks to be completed before screen time?

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OurPact.

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