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Sensory Art Project for Child Development

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Glad, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #pressnsealhacks

Sensory Art Project for Child Development

It’s been a while since I last talked about Jade’s Developmental delays. She has made a lot of progress over this last year. But we still struggle with many areas. She also struggles with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). Sometimes she just needs stimulus and other times she is overloaded. It’s hard to find the right balance for her. It’s an ever changing balancing act. But there are a few things we can do to help her learn to manage her own needs. And one of which is offering a great sensory art project in which she can explore her senses and be creative!

Sensory Art Project Crafts for Kids

What I absolutely love about this sensory art project is just how simple it is! You can put one of these sensory art projects together in just a few minutes. Yet your child is entertained for hours. And it allows them to fully explore their senses, textures, colors, shapes and their imagination and creativity.

You will simply need a few items:

  • Space on a blank wall
  • Glad Press’n Seal
  • Masking Tape
  • Tissue paper cut into squares/shapes
  • Foam shapes/letters
  • Shredded paper
  • Cut up ribbon
  • Pom Poms

Sensory Art Project for Child Development

You can also add in other textured items for the Sensory art project such as

  • googly eyes
  • cut up sponge
  • mini crafting jewels
  • fabric/paper flowers

Basically you can add in any textured item that is light. Then the child can take all these textured items to use in their collage.

The key item though is the Glad Press’n Seal! It’s no secret that Glad Press’n Seal is great for keeping your food safe and fresh, however, it can be used for so much more than that!

Sensory Art Project for Child Development

The Glad Press’n Seal has the perfect stickiness that allows the objects from the sensory art project to stick to it when it is mounted on the wall. But not too sticky that it makes a mess, or makes it difficult for the child to move items around.

Plus the Glad Press’n Seal is a lot less expensive than other materials I have seen used for this project. I picked up a large roll of 140 sq foot for only $4.96! So I have a large supply for the sensory art project, as well as using it in the kitchen when needed.

While I was at Walmart picking up the Glad Press’n Seal I also grabbed all the other supplies I needed for this craft for kids. Really, I love one stop shopping trips! You can find a lot of sensory items at Walmart that would be perfect for this sensory art project.

To set it up, simply take a strip of Glad Press’n Seal. And then tape it to the wall with the masking tape; with the “sticky” side facing away from the wall. (Make sure your masking tape specifies that it won’t remove paint from the wall.)

Sensory Art Project for Child Development

You can use just small strips of masking tape at the corners and center. Or if you want to make it look cute you can stretch the masking tape across all the edges to make it look boxed in. Jade was impatient to get started so I just did little strips of masking tape.

You can also do just a narrow strip, or you can add a second strip of Glad Press’n Seal under neath the first one, to make an extra big sensory art wall surface.

Next set up a fun little TV tray table, or some flat surface close at hand. And place all the sensory items on a plate on the table so they are within easy access.

Sensory Art Project for Child Development


I cut up some gift wrap ribbons, cut the tissue paper into smaller squares. Then added the rest of the sensory items.

Sensory Art Project for Child Development

Place it all in front of your child and stand back and watch the magic happen!

Sensory Art Project for Child DevelopmentSensory Art Project for Child DevelopmentSensory Art Project for Child Development

If you have a younger child, you might need to show them how you can take an item from the sensory table and place it on the Glad Press’n Seal to see if it sticks. But Miss Jade already knew this project, so off she went!

Sensory Art Project for Child Development

Sensory Art Project for Child Development

The great thing is that this allows your child to explore their creativity. Be sure not to give too much instruction to your child. You can talk to them while they work. You can most definitely ask them questions like

  • What type of texture is that item?
  • What is that they are adding to the wall?
  • What color is that?
  • Is that soft or rough?
  • Do they think it will stick or will it be too heavy to stay on?

Questions of that nature are great and help the child think and develop their cognitive and sensory abilities. But just be sure you don’t give instruction on where to place any items on the sensory art project or what item to use next. This is for their exploration and discovery.

Sensory Art Project for Child Development

Then when the child is done, leave the art project up for a few hours, or a few days in our case. Miss Jade loves to come back to it a few hours later. And the next day. Let it stay until their interest starts to wane.

Sensory Art Project for Child Development

Then pull all the textured items off the Glad Press’n Seal and store them in a sealed bag or container for the next time. And take down the Glad Press’n Seal from the wall. And now you have your wall space back. But you still have everything you need for the next time your child wants to do their Sensory art project!

Sensory Art Project for Child Development

I absolutely love that this project is quite reusuable thanks to Glad Press’n Seal. If you used a different medium for the wall board, the most of the sensory items would not be able to come off and be reused. But Glad Press’n Seal sticks just enough to hold the items on the wall. But also releases hold when you need to pull them off for storage. Yes, even that flimsy tissue paper can come off easily without ripping!

For more great ideas follow the hashtag #pressnsealhacks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also find more great uses for Glad Press’n Seal on Pinterest.

Sensory Art Project for Child Development

How do you use Glad Press’n Seal in a unique way?

What  Sensory art supplies would you use for this sensory art project?

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