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    Easy Twizzlers Twists Trail Mix Recipe Skip to Content

    Easy Twizzlers Twists Trail Mix Recipe

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    We hope you will enjoy our Twizzlers Twists Trail Mix Recipe

    Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe

    Summer vacation is in full swing and already we have been traveling more than we have been home. Sometimes that makes it really hard on the kids when they are spending so many hours in the Van on the road. They can get bored. And they can get hungry! So how do you make the long hours more enjoyable? With this fun Twizzlers Twists trail mix recipe!

    As I said we have already made about 4 trips this summer. And we have 3 more planned in the next few weeks. Goodness, we are really putting those miles on the new van!

    The best tips we can offer to make traveling easier on kids are

    1. Offer comfort – make sure they aren’t too hot or too cold. Bring their favorite pillow or blanket, and make sure they have comfortable seats that aren’t too cramped.
    2. Offer entertainment. Be it books, or coloring activities, travel games, movies, or even simple electronic games. Keep them happy and entertained the entire drive.
    3. Offer great snacks! Don’t forget something to drink, and something that is a special treat to make the trip special and not ordinary.

    If you have those three areas covered, then your kids will be a lot happier as you travel.

    Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe

    The key staple item on each of our trips has always been Twizzlers Twists! Why? Well, for a number of reasons.

    • My kids love them.
    • There are many varieties of flavor.
    • It’s a tradition that my parents started and I just can’t imagine traveling without Twizzlers.
    • Mostly because they don’t melt!

    Twizzlers Twists don’t make a mess! Now that is key when it comes to traveling! Mess free snacks!

    Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe

    Before every trip we always make a trip to Walmart to pick up what we need for our trip. This usually includes the drinks for the trip and the snacks. So obviously we have to grab the Twizzlers Twists while we are there!

    Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe

    Twizzlers Twists Trail Mix Recipe

    The great thing about this Twizzlers Twists Trail mix recipe is that it is super easy to throw together. And it isn’t messy! Plus it includes the favorite snack foods for kids! It is really easy to throw together before a trip. Because the last thing you need is to stress over the trip snacks.

    Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe

    Yield: 3

    Easy Twizzlers Twists Trail Mix Recipe

    Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe
    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Total Time 5 minutes


    • 8 cups Popcorn
    • 2 cups Pretzels of choice
    • 1 cup Almonds
    • 10 Strawberry Twizzlers Twists cut into bite size pieces
    • 1/2 cup Hershey's Reese's Pieces


    1. Cut the Twizzlers Twists into bite sized pieces
    2. In a bowl combine the popcorn, pretzels, almonds, Hershey's Reese's Pieces and sliced Strawberry Twizzlers Twists.
    3. Toss
    4. Divide into individual baggies for the trip.

    Remember how I said this is an easy recipe. Well I wasn’t exaggerating. I’m talking really easy. Because I’m always busy before we leave on a trip. I’m stressed getting work done in time, and making sure everyone is packed. I don’t need added stress. So I make this as easy as possible, while still having all the goodies the kids love.

    Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe

    First take your Twizzlers Twists and slice them into nice bite sized pieces.

    Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe

    Then Pop your choice of popcorn. It can be Kettle Corn if you want a more sweet trail mix, or go for a salty popcorn if you want a combination of sweet and salty. You can use air popped or microwave popcorn. It really just depends on how stressed I am on which flavor I use.

    Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe

    Then toss everything into a bowl. And of course, toss around until it is mixed up.

    Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe

    Then just divide into individual baggies for each child. (Don’t forget the child at heart adults that are going on the trip too!)  And that’s it! I told you it was super easy! Or if you aren’t going on a trip, put it in fun dishes or serving papers.

    Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe

    Now you could go all out and put the Twizzlers Twists Trail Mix recipe into a fancy bag with label and all. But really I rarely have time when I’m packing for a trip. So I grab an easy snack bag that zips closed. Or some other kind of easy travel container that seals. I just throw the mix in, seal and go. My kids don’t care if I have a cute packaging or not. They only care about what is inside! But this would also double nicely for a trail mix for a fun summer party too!

    Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe

    Now you have a delicious trail mix recipe that will keep everyone in the car happy! And you don’t have to worry about anything melting if it happens to get hot! And now we are all set for our next trip up to visit family!

    For even more fun ideas on how to use Twizzlers Twists in your summer fun Visit Twizzlers Summer!

    Easy Twizzlers Trail Mix Recipe

    What great idea do you have for incorporating your favorite Twizzlers Twists into your Summer travels?

    What would you add to your Twizzlers Twists Trail mix Recipe?

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    Nicole Elliott

    Sunday 5th of July 2015

    What a fun trail mix combo! I can see why it would be a huge hit with kids. I'm going to have to make some for mine this summer--this would be great for traveling in a plane or a car! ~ client

    Andrea Kruse

    Friday 3rd of July 2015

    Yum! I agree that travel snacks really help to keep the hungry crew happy. I love everything you put in your mix. Reeces and Twizzlers are my favorite!


    Friday 3rd of July 2015

    What a fun and different take on trail mix. I bet that will keep the kids occupied for a while!

    Mama to 5 BLessings

    Friday 3rd of July 2015

    Twizzlers is my favorite candy. What a cute way to sweeten up trail mix!