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    Magical Homemade Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot

    Make your home smell like the magic of the holidays with a natural Homemade Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot recipe! 

    Homemade Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot Recipe Natural Air Freshener

    This Christmas potpourri simmer pot was originally posted December 5, 2012. It’s been updated with new tricks we’ve learned over the years.

    One of the things I love most about the Christmas holiday season is the fragrances! Without the smell of spices, citrus fruits and mint it just wouldn’t be a complete Christmas!

    I take advantage of many different ways to fragrance my home during the Holidays, but one of my favorites is a homemade natural air freshener commonly known as a Christmas Potpourri simmering pot! It is all natural, easy to make and creates the most magical fragrance for your home!

    Homemade Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot Recipe Natural Air Freshener

    Heavenly Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot

    All Christmas potpourri simmer pots have the same basic few ingredients for the base potpourri effect. Then you can build on it to make the scent unique to your home.

    Heavenly Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot Recipe


    Basic ingredients:

    Optional Ingredients:

    The Magic of a Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot

    It is really quite simple to put together a Homemade Christmas Potpourri Simmer pot and fill your home with the magical Holiday aromas! Simply slice half an orange.

    Heavenly Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot Recipe

    Then slice a lemon.

    Heavenly Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot Recipe

    Combine the sliced citrus fruit into a simmering pot along with 2-3 sticks of cinnamon, 4 bay leaves, and 2 teaspoons of whole cloves.

    Heavenly Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot Recipe

    Then you simply add some water and place on the stove to simmer! To get the scent started quickly I place it on a high heat just to heat the water faster; then I turn it down to a low simmer setting. Within five minutes my home starts to smell amazing!

    Heavenly Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot Recipe

    See I told you it was super easy! And best of all it is all natural! There are no chemicals, and it also helps to humidify your home! Plus many of the ingredients are common to most spice cabinets!

    Make a Festive Christmas potpourri simmering pot

    Now you know how to make a basic homemade Christmas Potpourri simmering pot. But you can always add other natural ingredients to recreate your favorite Holiday scents.

    Let me show you one of my favorite alterations to my homemade potpourri simmering pot.

    I add in a handful and a half of fresh cranberries, and it brings a more festive fragrance!

    Heavenly Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot Recipe

    And since I love mint, I also add a few drops of Mint Extract! Oh goodness, I was blown away by how amazing my home smelled! I couldn’t get enough of it! And even my kids came home from school, took one breath, and exclaimed how amazing our home smelled.

    Just like the magic of Holidays from my childhood!

    Heavenly Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot Recipe

    Everyone who visits my home always comments on how sensational it smells too!

    I even got a smile from the Mailman when he dropped off some packages when he got a whiff of my Homemade Christmas potpourri simmering pot.

    This is definitely a way to enjoy festive holiday scents in the home. And all in a way that most likely won’t overwhelm the Husband. Usually candles are too potent for him, but he really enjoys my Homemade Christmas Potpourri simmering pot.

    Heavenly Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot Recipe

    Another variation to bring the festive scents to your home is to add fresh pine needles! This is something my mother used to do when I was younger because she really missed the fresh pine tree smell when we converted our home to a fake Christmas tree.

    It made our house smell as though we had a fresh Christmas tree! But when you add the pine needles to our basic simmer pot recipe above it makes it that much better! It was a smell that everyone in our home enjoyed; men and women alike!

    Heavenly Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot Recipe

    Our Christmas Potpourri simmer pot can also make a fabulous homemade gift for friends and neighbors. Simply put all the ingredients into a wide mouth jar with a little water, close the lid and attach a fun bow and gift note!

    You will not only give a thoughtful gift that everyone can enjoy, but it is also rather inexpensive. Unlike a plate of cookies; they won’t be overwhelmed with your gift, feel guilty about more sugar they have to try to avoid, and will probably appreciate the uniqueness of your gift!

    Heavenly Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot Recipe

    What do you like to put into your Christmas Potpourri Simmer pot?

    Be sure to PIN our Homemade Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot for later. 

    And Share our article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, their noses will thank you! 


    Homemade Christmas Potpourri Simmer Pot Recipe Natural Air Freshener



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    Tami M

    Tuesday 18th of September 2018

    I'd love to make these for a bazaar I'm doing ~ I'd like to make the ones already in a glass jar. How long will they last if I make the fresh fruit and spices one ? in the glass jar.....

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    Suzanne Holt

    Wednesday 12th of November 2014

    What a great way to celebrate the smells of Christmas with less calories! :-) Pinned to my "Having a Natural Christmas."

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