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Baby’s First Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Every year each family member gets a new Christmas ornament to put on the Christmas Tree. This year we did a personalized ornament for Little Miss Rose. I wanted something to treasure for Rose’s First Christmas Ornament. So I decided to do a footprint ornament to treasure for years to come.

Baby's First Christmas Ornament Tutorial

First Christmas Ornament

I saw a lot of different ways to make these adorable footprint baby’s first Christmas ornament on Pinterest. But most of them were very messy. I wanted an option that had very little mess. Plus an option that was super fast and easy. Babies are fussy. And babies don’t like to hold still to get their foot print made.

Baby's First Christmas Ornament Tutorial

So I needed something super easy. And super fast. But without all the mess. I mean really who wants to have glitter all over a baby’s foot? Who wants the footprint ink on their foot that is going to get spread all over as they kick their foot around before you can get it washed off?

Plus I was doing this craft on my own. Not another person around to hold baby or baby’s foot to keep it steady. So again it had to be really easy and very little mess.

Baby's First Christmas Ornament Tutorial

So I turned to embossing. And I love the results! It’s super easy and very little mess!

You will need (may be affiliate links):

Baby's First Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Take the clear embossing ink pad and press baby’s foot to where it has some of the ink on the bottom of the foot and toes. I love the embossing ink because it is not toxic for little babies. And it is clear so it won’t make a lot of mess.

Then gently hold baby’s foot and press it across the Glass Ornament to place the embossing ink onto the ball in the foot shape.

Holding the glass ornament over a paper plate to catch the excess glitter, sprinkle the embossing glitter over the footprint on the glass ornament.

The glitter will stick to the embossing ink. The excess glitter that falls off can be put back into the glitter container and used again later.

You can use the Q-tip to touch up the footprint shape.

Use the heater to gently heat the glitter foot print and seal it.

Allow to cool thoroughly.

And now you have your completed Baby’s First Christmas Ornament with their footprint.

To take it a step further, you can use an Paint Pen to write the baby’s name and year on it.

Baby's First Christmas Ornament Tutorial

But really this cute footprint ornament took less than 10 minutes to make. But yet it is one that I will treasure for years to come. I made multiple ornaments so that Rose could have her own when she grows up. But I will still have one to keep myself.

If you want you can even do a Footprint and hand print on the same ornament. The method is the same way. Only hand prints are slightly harder to make because babies tend to keep their hands in a fist. But if you have someone who can help you keep the hand spread out, it would look adorable.

Baby's First Christmas Ornament Tutorial

What color would you make your baby’s first Christmas ornament?

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