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Best ever Lazy Man Doughnuts! (DIY)

Look what we made!

I absolutely love DIY activities. And I love DIY blogs! I have a few favorites that I follow quite frequently; because their projects are so unique, very easy to follow and just SO much FUN! The one I want to talk about today is HowDoesShe. They have such a large variety of Projects from Cooking, crafts, Housekeeping and MUCH more! These ladies are amazing! They are always coming up with new and exciting projects. Just like this last week's project of  The Easiest Doughnuts That Ever Melted In Your Mouth!, This Project really caught my eye; as it was Potato Harvest for the kids this last week.They had an ENTIRE week off from school and of course it had to rain and snow the entire week; leaving us stranded inside! I was looking for fun yet EASY activities to do with my boys that would keep them from driving me and each other crazy. So when I saw this project I KNEW it was for us!

I made these donuts with the boys on Saturday; and they were DEFINITELY easy! I'm going to call them "lazy man donuts" because these are what I will turn to when I'm feeling Lazy–they are THAT easy! The boys had a lot of fun cutting out the little donut holes; they felt so Grownup helping mommy make donuts. And then after I fried them up they had a blast decorating them with every single sprinkle mix we had in the house. And best of all; they loved eating them! lol. They thought mommy was the greatest for making them Homemade Donuts; and I didn't have to slave all day to make them either!

The only change I made to their project was that I altered the glaze recipe. I'm not a big fan of plain glaze. So we made HALF of the donuts with the regular glaze but then I took the other half of the glaze and made it Chocolate Glaze. Oh YUM! Those were my Favorite! As you can see in our photo the darker donuts are the chocolate and the lighter are the Regular Flavored. 

This is definitely a Project you should discover for yourself! They have amazing Step by Step Photo instructions that are very easy to follow!and then stick around their website to discover other amazing DIY projects!

Thank you Bobbi –HowDoesShe for saving my Sanity this week!

Chocolate Glaze Frosting Recipe, the Perfect Dessert Topping.
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.