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    Easy Snowman Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree Skip to Content

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    Experience the magic of winter fun by decorating with these easy Snowman Ornaments. Only 5 minutes to make! And a great Christmas Craft to make with the kids.

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    These Snowman Christmas Ornaments Craft originally published Nov 15, 2016. It has been updated for your convenience. 

    When I was young, I remember very clearly making Christmas ornaments with my mom. Our Tree was always covered in homemade Christmas ornaments. No fancy, chic ornaments on our tree. And with nine kids, it wasn’t hard to fill up the tree with all our handmade ornaments.

    Now that I’m grown, I find I miss having homemade ornaments on our tree. So I’ve begun the journey of making new ornaments each year to add to our collection.

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial


    So far we have made Lace Crochet snowflake Ornaments, Goldfish Kids Christmas Ornaments, and a Baby’s First Footprint Ornament.

    But I was still missing a fun Snowman ornament. We made many different snowman ornaments over the year. So it was a no-brainer that we needed some homemade Snowman Ornaments on our tree too!

    Plus, being quite a bit easier to make is an added benefit. These Snowman Ornaments are so simple you can even get the kids involved!

    Watch our Video Tutorial HERE:
    You can also view it on Youtube

    Snowman Ornaments Supplies:

    Easy Snowman Ornaments TutorialRemove the top of the ornament and set aside.

    Beginning at the top apply a ring of hot glue to the ornament. Begin to wrap the pipe cleaner around the top of the ornament.

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    Continue to apply hot glue and then wrap the pipe cleaner around the ornament. Do this for 2 pipe cleaners.

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    You can do all one color or alternate colors. Really the color options you pick is entirely up to your creativity.

    After you use 2 pipe cleaners (approximately 4-5 rows) you will do one final row of the pipe cleaner for a trim. I used a White Pipe Cleaner for the trim on the hat.

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    Trim off the extra pipe cleaner and secure the end.

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    Find a narrow mug or something that will hold the ornament upright.

    Easy Snowman Ornaments TutorialUsing a funnel pour a small amount of Styrofoam snow beads into the ornament.

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    You can fill them all the way full or just a little full. Really it is up to you. I liked somewhere between 1/4-1/3 full.

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    At the very top inside lip of the ornament apply a ring of Hot glue. Add Another ring of hot glue on the top of the opening of the ornament.

    Place the sparkle pom pom on top as a plug or stopper.

    Push slightly so it secures to the glue around the inside ring to seal the ornament.

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    Remember the lid to the ornament that we set aside? Take the wire loop from the top of the ornament out of the cap.

    Pinch the ends together and stick through the center of the Pom Pom and push so it begins to slide through the pom pom.

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    Push until it passes through the Pom Pom and into the ornament. Now it will still work as the ornament hook.

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    Now we move onto drawing the Face for the Snowman Ornaments!

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    Using the black glass paint marker you will draw on the eyes and the smile.

    Using the orange Glass paint marker you will draw on the “carrot” nose.

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    Lay the Snowman Ornaments with the face flat and facing up in the mug again, or the original ornament holder. This way the paint can dry without gravity making the paint run and mess up the cute little face you just drew.

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    After the paint is fully dry you can attach an ornament hook and hang your cute Snowman Ornaments on your tree!

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    Other than drying time, it takes about 5-10 minutes to make 1 snowman ornament.

    Like I said at the beginning, our snowman ornaments are super easy to do and make great holiday ornaments your family will enjoy!

    Want more Snowman fun? Try out this simple Sock Snowman Craft!

    If you make your own rustic Christmas Ornaments like this Twine Ball ornament, be sure to Tag us on Instagram so we can see how they turned out!

    Easy Snowman Ornaments Tutorial

    What colors would you use on your Snowman Ornaments?


    Be sure to check out these other great Christmas themed DIY projects, too! Be sure to search the #DIYDivas hashtag to see past projects.



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