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    Beautiful & Easy Lace Crochet Snowflake Ornament Free Pattern Skip to Content

    Lace Crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament Pattern

    If you love vintage and unique you will adore my newest Christmas Ornament, a glittering lace crochet snowflake ornament! I’m going to show you how easy it is to make this beautiful handmade ornament. They are beautiful tree decorations, or they also make wonderful gifts for someone special. Or even just a keepsake for your children.


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    Lace Crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament Pattern
    This Free Crochet snowflake ornament pattern originally published Dec 10, 2015. It has been updated with clearer instructions and better images for your convenience.

    Free Crochet Snowflake Ornament pattern

    One memory I absolutely cherish is sitting across from my mom as she taught me how to crochet. It was a skill she didn’t use very often. But she learned it from her Mom and passed it onto my sister and I.

    We first learned to crochet a baby blanket for our dolls. As I grew up I lost interest and stopped crocheting. That is until I had Miss Jade in 2009. Now that I had a little girl, I dusted off my crochet needles and got back into crocheting.

    Thankfully it is a lot like riding a bike. I still remembered a lot of what my mom taught me.

    Lace Crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament Pattern

    Except now, instead of crocheting with regular yarn, I found I have a love for lace crochet with the thin size 10 crochet thread. I love the delicate and dainty details.

    Since I was part of an ornament exchange with a few fellow bloggers, I decided I wanted to do something unique and vintage. I found some patterns for lace crochet snowflakes and made them for the ornament exchange. Oh, I loved them. And then I was jealous that my own tree didn’t have any!

    So I had to make crochet Snowflake ornaments for my own tree. But I like being unique. So I designed my own snowflake pattern.

    Lace Crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament Pattern

    And that is what you get to enjoy today! My own lace crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament pattern. And if you are left-handed, you are in luck! So am I!

    We are so few, so you are lucky that I am including photos of the process left handed! If you are right handed….well…just know the photos will be backward to what you will see.

    Lace Crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament Pattern

    Supplies (may contain affiliate links):

    Special Stitches:

    Picot (p) chain 4, work 1 slip stitch in 1st chain made

    Triple picot (tr-p) work 3 picots, slip stitch into base of first picot made

    CH= chain
    SS = Slip stitch
    SC = single crochet
    HDC = Half Double Crochet
    DC = Double crochet
    TR = Triple crochet
    Skill level – intermediate

    Begin with 8 ch, 1 ss in first chain made.

    Round 1: sc in loop. Ch 3,  2 dc in loop. *ch 5, 3 dc in loop. Repeat from * 5 more times. Chain 5, ss in 3rd ch of beginning of round. (total of six chain 5 loops)

    Lace Crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament Pattern

    Round 2: ss in each dc of previous round. sc in ch 5 space. ch 3, 3 dc in same space. ch 4, 4 dc in same ch 5 space. * Ch 1, [4 dc, 4 ch, 4 dc] in next chain 5 space. Repeat from * 4 more times. ch 1, ss in 3rd Ch of beginning of round.

    Lace Crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament Pattern

    Round 3: ss in 3 dc of previous Round. *[sc in ch 4 space. ch 1, Picot, Ch 1, sc] in ch 4 Space, ch 9, Repeat from * (in next chain 4 space) 5 more times. ss in first sc of beginning of round.

    Lace Crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament Pattern

    Round 4: sc in same space as ss, *ch 7, sc in ch 9 space. [ 1 sc, 1 hdc, 2 dc, 1 tr, tr-p, 1 tr, 2 dc, 1 hdc, 1sc] in same ch 9 space. 1 sc in same space repeat from *5 more times. ss in first sc of beginning of round. Fasten off.

    Lace Crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament Pattern

    You have now completed the simple crochet snowflake! Next we prep it to become a Christmas ornament!

    Stretch the crochet snowflake flat onto a foam board. Paint with STIFFY fabric Stiffener. The more you use the stiffer the snowflake will be.

    It is all up to how stiff you want it. I usually apply to one side and let dry overnight (still pinned down) and then if I still want it stiffer, I will flip it over and apply STIFFY to the other side.

    Lace Crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament Pattern

    Once you have your crochet snowflake as stiff as you would like, you can attach more crochet thread for a hook. Or use a simple metal ornament hook. If you want it to shimmer, then keep following along.

    After I allow the STIFFY to dry, I take my snowflake outside and spray it with Glitter Dust. This leaves a beautiful glittering shine on the snowflake.

    Once it dries it is set to attach an ornament hook and hang on the tree!

    Lace Crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament Pattern

    Or wrap it up and give to a dear friend or neighbor. These simple crochet snowflake ornaments make excellent gifts as well. Especially because people love handmade gifts. They are unique, vintage and something to treasure since it was made with love.

    Lace Crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament Pattern

    Lace Crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament Pattern

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    Make sure to PIN our Free Lace Crochet Snowflake Ornament Pattern to share.

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    Kelsey Apley

    Thursday 10th of December 2015

    Those are absolutely adorable! I need to try and do these, granted I am not to talented when it comes to crocheting!