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Star Wars Smarties Lightsaber Craft Treat Handout

May the Force be with you as you create these sweet Smarties Star Wars Lightsaber Craft activity! The perfect DIY candy activity for all Star Wars fans, kids, and adults alike. They make the perfect candy handout for games, party favors, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or Star Wars Day in May!

Star Wars Smarties Lightsaber Craft Treat Handout

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Smarties. Originally published Oct 2012, this article has been updated with new images and new techniques to make it easier for you to create. It may contain affiliate links to point you in the right direction to find the supplies that you might not already have on your shelves.

What do you do when your kids are crazy about Star Wars? Get them involved in a fun Star Wars Lightsaber craft! After Halloween and Valentine’s Day gathering up ideas for candy handouts I had a perfect idea! Combine a favorite allergy free candy like Smarties with Star Wars!

Star Wars Smarties Lightsaber Craft Treat HandoutMy kids are absolute Smarties fanatics. They love the sweet candy, especially the sour flavor! They always ask for Smarties, and they know that Papa (Grandpa) has a large stash at his house that they get treated to every time they visit.

But more than just being a great treat, they also offer a great Halloween Candy, Valentine’s Day handout, or Party favor with the least amount of allergens!

Smarties Lightsaber Craft Treat handout

Easy Smarties Lightsaber craft

Although we don’t personally have to deal with many food allergies other than a dairy allergy; I still like to keep a stash of treats that are known to have less food allergy reactions with kids in case any of my kid’s friends happen to have a food allergy I don’t know about.

Plus with food allergies in my kid’s classrooms this year, I keep a supply on hand for when they need treats in the classrooms. You can learn more about Smarties Food allergens from their website.

Smarties Lightsaber Halloween Craft Tutorial #IAmASmartie That’s why I love Smarties so much. They are gluten-free and aren’t manufactured in a facility that also produces nuts or dairy.

It’s one of the best known low allergy candy available. That and they just taste great. But did I mention they also make great Kids crafts?

They can be unrolled and used in baking as decorations on cakes and cupcakes or they can be left in the roll and used for fun decoration crafts, birthday party favors, Valentine’s Day handouts or even Halloween hand out treats.

Smarties Lightsaber Craft Tutorial

Smarties Lightsaber Craft Treat handout

After searching online I found a great site that featured a Star Wars Birthday party tutorial. They had created table places out of napkins that looked like Lightsabers. Well, that gave me a great idea on how to shrink it down and instead of place settings; I was going to dress up the Smarties candies to be little Lightsaber crafts.

So with a plan in place, off I went to our local Dollar Tree to gather the supplies. I also have to mention this craft is also quite inexpensive! This craft cost me just a little over $3 at Dollar Tree since I already had the scissors and tape.

You will want to gather your supplies and have them all ready before you begin. You will need:

Smarties Lightsaber Craft Treat handout

Cut out the Lightsaber wraps for each individual Smartie you will be turning into a Lightsaber. Now you can choose to go full Smarties Lightsaber (full instructions below) or you can skip a few steps, do it really simple and just create a Smarties saber.

My 8-year-old gave it the name; isn’t it such a fun name? It just rolls off the tongue, a Smarties Saber!

Smarties Lightsaber Craft Treat handout

A Smarties Saber is simply adding the Lightsaber wrap on the Smarties without giving it a colored blade. You will want to bend and tape down one twist end of the candy.

Smarties Lightsaber Halloween Craft Tutorial

Then you simply wrap the Lightsaber wrap around the Smarties candy and tape. Ta-Da, you now have a Smarties Saber!

Smarties Lightsaber Craft Treat handout

These are fun if you still want people to see what the candy is, or if you are pressed for time. But we wanted to make a full Lightsaber craft treat.

To do this you simply add a layer of colored napkins.

Take any solid colored thick dining napkin, unfold and simply cut a section that is wide enough for the Smarties, and long enough just to wrap once around the Smarties with a little extra.

Take a small piece of tape and fold it into a circle (or if you took my previous suggestion just use some double stick tape) and place in the center of the candy and line it up with the edge of the napkin.

Smarties Lightsaber Craft Treat handout

Place another roll of tape on the other end of the napkin piece. then simply roll.

The tape on the Smarties themselves will hold the one end of the napkin in place and keep it taut and then the tape on the napkin at the other end will automatically seal itself once you roll the Smarties over it.

Smarties Lightsaber Craft Treat handout

Now take the Lightsaber hilt wrap and place rolls of tape on both of the length ends. You will be rolling the Smarties into this wrap just like you rolled them into the Napkin.

Smarties Lightsaber Halloween Craft Tutorial #IAmASmartie

Keeping the thicker black edge closer to the center of the Smartie, yet still allowing plenty of room for the paper to cover the end of the Smarties, simply roll the Smarties into the Lightsaber hilt wrap, then you are finished!

Simple, easy, Super cute and lots of fun for the kids! You now have a Smarties Lightsaber craft!

Smarties Lightsaber Craft Treat handout

Simply repeat this process for each Smarties candy roll until you have used up all the candy or you have enough for each child.

Smarties Lightsaber Craft Treat handout

These are fantastic for Halloween Treats, Class Parties, Birthday Party treats, Valentine’s Day, Star Wars Day in May, or just for fun!

Don’t forget to mix up and make different colors!

And now watch your kids (and maybe even your husband) light up with excitement as they have fun making and sharing their new Lightsaber craft that doubles as a treat!

These are also perfect for a Star Wars Movie party!

I mean, with the release of all the new Star Wars Movies coming up, these are perfect for each new movie that gets released in theaters or when they hit DVD! So keep this Bookmarked and PINNED and keep coming back and make new Lightsaber Craft for a new movie party each time!

Be sure to PIN IT! ↓

Star Wars Smarties Lightsaber Craft Treat Handout

Who do you know that would love this Lightsaber Craft?

Download the Free Lightsaber Hilt Printable Here!

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