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    10 Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts for kids Skip to Content

    10 Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts for kids

    I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Lionsgate. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

    10 Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts

    Have you heard about the new Shaun the Sheep Movie due to release in theaters on August 5, 2015? My kids are so excited and frankly so am I! We are huge fans of the wonderful Claymation and rich textures that is so unique to these creators. But more than that, we just love wholesome humor that the entire family can enjoy together!

    The new Shaun the Sheep Movie is all about an unexpected trip to the Big City and the shenanigans that take place as Shaun and the rest of the flock go in search of the Farmer.

    10 Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts

    What appeals to us is that Shaun the Sheep Movie is full of wholesome entertainment. You don’t have to worry about if any content would be appropriate for the kids to watch as it is geared towards kids ages 4-10. The kids completely enjoy the stories, and the fun adventures. While at the same time, they can entertain adults as well with the witty humor! It’s a motion picture creation that the entire family can enjoy together! And we are all about family entertainment!

    If you haven’t heard or Shaun the Sheep before; you can take a bit to Meet Shaun! It will give you a great glimpse into this magical world.

    In celebration of the new Shaun the Sheep Movie coming out; we gathered together a collection of fun Shaun The Sheep activities you can do with your kids before you go see the movie, or for right after you return! This will really get the kids excited! Plus they are just cute too!

    Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts

    Sheep Pizza – this would be perfect to indulge before heading off to the movie theater!

    10 Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts

     Sheep Marshmallows – because what kids wouldn’t love to craft with marshmallows before or after their new favorite movie?

    10 Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts

    Sheep Cupcakes – this would be the perfect dessert after the pizza! Or great for any Shaun the Sheep movie party!

    10 Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts

     Sheep Plant pot – a fun craft that will last a little longer and be a great project for kids to participate!

    10 Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts

     Sheep Styrofoam Sheep – this one will be fun to display your little lamb all year long!

    10 Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts

     Pom Pom Sheep – this would keep the kids entertained through the morning before you go see the movie!

    10 Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts

     Sheep Paper Plate craft – perfect for little kids or older kids. This will keep their hands busy and a great activity for after the movie to share in their excitement of their new favorite character from the movie!

    10 Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts

    Sheep Wine Cork Art craft – this would be a simple craft that even the little kids can do! Beware they will want to display this one around your house!

    10 Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts

    Sheep Fingerprint art – or you can get their little fingers involved and paint a sheep with simple finger painting!

    10 Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts

    Sheep Face Mask – or let your little one join in the fun they just saw at the movie by making these adorable sheep face masks! Now they can act out the fun! Besides, aren’t they just the cutest things? Your little ones will love these!

    10 Shaun the Sheep Movie Crafts

    These food and creative crafts will help your little ones get excited for the new movie! And also create a fun family afternoon together. Not to mention a great time to gather and talk about their favorite parts of the new movie while you eat and create!

    Haven’t seen the trailer yet? Well check it out!

    Our kids are excited to go see the movie together as one big family date. I think it will be an amazing chance to get out as a family activity one more time before this new little baby arrives at our house. A fun filled day full of crafting Shaun The Sheep Movie food and crafts and finishing up with seeing the movie in the theater! Remember it releases August 5, 2015!

    Which Shaun the Sheep Movie Craft will your family create first?

    Who in your family is excited to see the new Shaun the Sheep Movie?

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    Sarah @ Must Have Mom

    Friday 31st of July 2015

    This looks like such a fun craft! I've never seen this movie, but now I want to!


    Friday 31st of July 2015

    The sheep pizza looks yummy! My kids are looking forward to seeing this movie.

    Danielle H

    Friday 31st of July 2015

    I love the fingerprint sheep! Even my two year old could participate with that.

    Andrea Kruse

    Friday 31st of July 2015

    Adorable collection of Shaun crafts! We just love the characters and all the movies by Nick Park. I can't wait to see this movie with my family.


    Friday 31st of July 2015

    These are all such cute crafts. I am going to make the sheep mask with my kids. It is going to make the cutest photos.