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    Berries Gone Wild Protein Fruit Smoothie Skip to Content

    Berries Gone Wild Protein Fruit Smoothie

    This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HappyBlending #CollectiveBias

    Berries Gone Wild Fruit Smoothie

    School is back in session for us. And that means we need easy and great tasting food that takes very little time to prepare! One of our favorites are delicious fruit smoothies. And even better when they are packed with protein and probiotics from Chobani Greek yogurts. Plus the Chobani Greek Yogurts have 40% less sugar than other yogurts. These make the best breakfast when you are in a hurry, a great after school snack or as a start to a fun dinner while the months are still hot!

    Easy Fruit smoothie recipe and kits

    Our family relies on smoothies all the time! Through the summer when it is too hot to cook, you can often find us sitting down to a great protein packed smoothie. Our favorites are our Chocolate Peanut Butter shake, or a fun Berries Gone Wild fruit smoothie; which I’m going to show you today!

    As I said school is back in session. And mornings are busy. So a great way to start the day off right is with a low sugar, protein packed breakfast. And to make it super easy we like to create smoothie kits. These are so easy!

    Berries Gone Wild Protein Fruit Smoothie

    On a day you have free, you can throw together a lot of these kits. Put them in the freezer and then in the mornings just dump the contents into the blender with some juice, blend and enjoy!

    Berries Gone Wild Fruit Smoothie

    And did you know that September 4-6 is Smoothie Week at all Kroger brand stores? It’s a great time to celebrate with delicious smoothies in the house!

    I picked up everything I needed on our last grocery trip to Smith’s our local Kroger Brand store. Now I can make a week’s worth of these fun Fruit smoothie kits to put into our freezer for quick breakfasts on school days.

    Berries Gone Wild Protein Fruit Smoothie

    They make quick and easy breakfasts! Or if you want an easy dinner too.

    You will need

    • Chobani Greek Yogurt in your favorite flavor (we love vanilla or strawberry.)
    • Fresh or Frozen fruits of your choice
    • Fresh Spinach
    • freezer safe bags
    • ice cube tray

    In the Ice cube tray portion out the Chobani Greek Yogurt. Then place in the freezer to freeze. When they are frozen these make the best portioned yogurt cubes!

    Berries Gone Wild Fruit Smoothie

    Next portion out the Chobani Greek Yogurt cubes and add them to a freezer safe bag. Depending on how much yogurt you want, 8 cubes equals about 1 cup. Just for reference.

    Berries Gone Wild Protein Fruit Smoothie

    Add in about 1-2 cups of your favorite fruits. We love to combine peaches, strawberries, blueberries and bananas. Then throw in 1-2 handfuls of Spinach. This adds in some great nutrition and a great way to hide the veggies. Kids won’t be able to taste it at all! But that is also why we always include blueberries because nothing else can hide the green of the spinach like blueberries can. If you don’t care about hiding the color, you can do without the blueberries if you like.

    Berries Gone Wild Protein Fruit Smoothie

    You can also try other fruits like mango, pineapple, and kiwis if you want more of a tropical flavor.

    Berries Gone Wild Protein Fruit Smoothie


    Seal it all in the bag. Label the outside of the bag with the instructions for the kids. Usually add 1 cup of your favorite juice, blend on smoothie setting, etc. Then place your smoothie kit in the freezer.

    Berries Gone Wild Protein Fruit Smoothie

    Now when it comes time to make the smoothie, simply dump it into the blender with your favorite juice! Blend and you are good to go!

    Berries Gone Wild Fruit Smoothie

    Now I inherited a horrible habit from my mom. It’s called being a dump cook. That means I usually just dump ingredients in and go by the look of it and hope it turns out. That is usually how I do my fruit smoothies. And it drives the husband crazy cause I will get the perfect combination and then we can’t duplicate it. Goodness, I should learn by now.

    Berries Gone Wild Fruit Smoothie

    So in my attempt to do better, this last time I actually measured and took notes! This is one of our favorites, which I call berries gone wild fruit smoothies. And it too can be created as a smoothie kit just by freezing all the ingredients in a bag.

    Berries Gone Wild Fruit Smoothie

    Also, I often use frozen fruits because then I don’t have to add in ice cubes. This keeps the texture thick and not runny. See how we freeze peaches every summer so you can always have a supply on hand. You can use the same technique for all of your fruit.

    Yield: 2

    Berries Gone Wild Fruit Smoothie

    Berries Gone Wild Fruit Smoothie

    A low sugar, protein packed fruit smoothie that is perfect for breakfast, snack or any time of the day.

    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Total Time 5 minutes


    • 1 banana
    • 6 large strawberries
    • 8 peach slices
    • 1/3 cup blueberries
    • 1-2 handfuls spinach
    • 1 cup Chobani Greek Yogurt Vanilla
    • 1-2 T agave nectar or local raw Honey (optional)
    • 1 Cup Apple Juice


    1. Place juice in blender
    2. Add in Chobani Greek Yogurt
    3. Add in fruits
    4. Add Spinach
    5. Add Agave Nectar or Honey if the fruit is a bit tart otherwise you can skip.
    6. Blend until smooth
    7. Enjoy right away!

    A fun way to change up the flavor a bit is to change the fruit juice base! Apple juice is the most universal base juice we use. It blends well with almost any fruit combination. But if you want more of a tropical flavor try some orange juice. Or orange pineapple juice. Personally the husband’s favorite is when I use an Orange Mango juice blend. Some even prefer a nice Coconut water or even Coconut Milk if you are feeling adventurous! The ideas are endless!

    Berries Gone Wild Fruit Smoothie

    For kids, you can pair the fruit smoothies with some whole grain toast and they have a complete breakfast to get them out the door to school in no time!

    **Check out your local Kroger Family of Stores September 4-6th for delicious Chobani Greek Yogurt demos in-store.**

    For more fun Smoothie Recipes check out the Smoothies Hub where you can find great recipes to try with your own family!

    Berries Gone Wild Fruit Smoothie

    What is your favorite smoothie recipe?

    What fruits would you use in your Fruit smoothies with Chobani Greek Yogurt?


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    Thursday 27th of August 2015

    This is some serious time saver. And I could use more time in the morning


    Wednesday 26th of August 2015

    I just had a smoothie today. This is a great breakfast idea.

    Autumn @Mamachallenge

    Wednesday 26th of August 2015

    This looks delicious and healthy! I love smoothies and will have to try this one out!


    Wednesday 26th of August 2015

    I need to make more smoothies. I love them but forget they're an option! :)


    Wednesday 26th of August 2015

    My kids and I love yogurt smoothies. That looks so yummy!