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160+ Cottage Cheese Recipes for Breakfast, Dinner, Snacks and Dessert!

Get ready to transform your meals with my Ultimate Collection of 160+ of the best cottage cheese recipes, spanning from energizing breakfasts and tasty snacks to hearty dinners and delectable desserts!

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Most people don’t realize how satisfying cottage cheese is or how many ways you can use it in recipes. You can eat it plain, make a bowl of cottage cheese with peaches, indulge in a sweet treat of raspberry fluff jello salad, spread on top of crackers, or even use it as a dip.

You’ll be amazed at the versatility of cottage cheese with over 160 healthy recipes ranging from pancakes and bread to pasta and cheesecake, each deliciously packed with protein.

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Is Cottage Cheese Healthy?

Yes. Cottage cheese stands out as a superb source of protein, calcium, vitamin B, and other vital nutrients, all while being low in calories and carbohydrates. Daisy Cottage Cheese specifically provides 13g of protein for only 90 calories (for 2% fat cottage cheese). And it contains none of the additives and preservatives found in other leading brands, and is a smart snack on its own or as a healthy substitution in recipes.

What Can You Make With Cottage Cheese?

The answer is quite a lot! Cottage cheese is great for more than just eating it out of the bowl. Cottage cheese adds a creaminess to dishes without overwhelming other flavors. This makes cottage cheese ideal for cooking with because you can enhance the dish’s texture without altering its intended taste significantly. Making it the perfect ingredient to incorporate into your favorite breakfast recipes and desserts!

Cottage cheese also serves as a healthier alternative to heavier ingredients like cream cheese, mayonnaise, or sour cream. It offers a way to make recipes lighter and more nutritious without sacrificing taste or texture. So you will find it often incorporated into many dinners as well as side dishes!

What Type of Cottage Cheese is Best to Use?

The best type of cottage cheese to use depends on your dietary preferences, nutritional goals, and the specific recipe you’re following. Low-fat or non-fat varieties are great for those watching calories, while full-fat cottage cheese suits richer dishes and keto diets.

Consider curd size for texture preferences: small-curd blends smoothly into recipes, whereas large-curd offers a chunkier bite for dishes like lasagnas and salads.

Quick Healthy Snack Ideas

My absolute favorite way to enjoy Cottage Cheese is in an insanely simple snack that I grew up watching my mom enjoy. Simply portion out your cottage cheese in a bowl and then top with 1-2 peaches from our Honey Canned Peaches recipe. It’s a quick and simple snack, full of protein, and tastes amazing.

But that’s not the only way to use cottage cheese. There are hundreds of ways to incorporate cottage cheese into your menu! I asked my friends and family how they like to enjoy cottage cheese as a snack. Best of all each one is super simple.

  1. Use cottage cheese as a dip for carrots and celery and wait for it…CHIPS! No joke. About five people replied they dip their chips in Cottage cheese!
  2. Mix it into a bowl of beef stew
  3. On top of avocados and a little bit of chia seeds on top
  4. With cherry tomatoes and salt/pepper
  5. Chop up tomatoes and green onions, mix with a container of cottage cheese and add some shredded cheese, salt and pepper
  6. Mix it with yogurt for a sweet snack
  7. With Apple slices
  8. Spread on top of crackers
  9. Portion out and sprinkle with lemon pepper
  10. Add pineapple chunks
  11. Add some taco seasoning (not all the package season to your taste) and use as chip dip
  12. Pears and Cottage cheese
  13. Top off baked potatoes in place of sour cream
  14. Mix with Ranch Veggie dip seasoning packet for a healthier veggie dip
  15. Use as a topping for baked potatoes with fresh salsa
  16. Use as a layer in lasagna.

And if that isn’t enough, there are dozens of ways you can include cottage cheese into your diet to increase protein or even substitute it for other dairy ingredients for a healthier option.

160+ More Healthy Cottage Cheese Recipes 

Enjoy browsing over 160 amazing and mouthwatering recipes below that encompass the variety of ways you can use cottage cheese in recipes! Some of these recipes are sweet, some of them are savory, but they’re all delicious! Discover an incredible selection of recipes perfect for breakfast, snacks, dinners, and desserts!

Cottage Cheese Breakfast Recipes

Kickstart your mornings with our delectable collection of Cottage Cheese Breakfast Recipes, designed to energize your day with protein-packed, flavorful dishes.

Cottage Cheese Snacks and Side Dishes

Explore this irresistible collection of Cottage Cheese Snack Recipes, where health meets deliciousness in every bite. You will find a variety of easy, protein-rich snacks perfect for curbing those mid-day cravings in a nutritious way!

Cottage Cheese Dinner Recipes

Drool over this mouthwatering collection of Cottage Cheese Dinner Recipes, blending simplicity with nutrition for meals that impress. You will discover the versatility of cottage cheese through creamy pastas, hearty casseroles, and light salads, perfect for any evening meal. There is far more than just lasagna in this collection!

Cottage Cheese Desserts

We saved the best for last! The Cottage cheese desserts! Your mouth will love these unique protein-packed desserts. From fluffy cheesecakes to creamy mousses, and flaky pastries, these protein-packed treats offer a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth.