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22 Perfect Daisy Cottage Cheese recipes

A special thanks to Daisy Cottage Cheese  for sponsoring today’s Cottage Cheese Recipes article.

22 Perfect Daisy Cottage Cheese recipes

Have you been wondering where we’ve been? I know, shamefully it’s been a bit quiet on our social sites and not as many blog posts lately. That’s due to some illness that has hit our home. Nasty virus the daughter brought home that lasted for weeks and then at the end I ended up with a kidney infection. Oh great! I’m so sick of being sick. Know what I mean? So we all know that a healthy body is less susceptible to illness, so I’ve been working on improving our diet. Cutting down on sugar, increasing healthy protein and eliminating simple carbs to give our body the boost it needs to hopefully get all this illness out of our house!

One of the hard parts is making sure I get enough protein. This is something that I need to work on not only to keep illness at bay but also to help control my blood sugar and to negate my migraines. It’s a plan I’ve been discussing with my doctor the last month. But it’s hard when I don’t like beans or other non-meat sources of protein. Except Cottage Cheese!

Thankfully I do like Cottage Cheese. As this is giving me a new option to include protein into my daily meal and snacks throughout the day. And great news for me is that Daisy Cottage Cheese provides 13g of protein for only 90 calories (for 2% fat cottage cheese). And it contains none of the additives and preservatives found in other leading brands, and is a smart snack on its own or as a healthy substitution in a recipe.

My absolute favorite way to enjoy Daisy Cottage Cheese is in an insanely simple snack that I grew up watching my mom indulge in. It’s so simple! And it’s definitely the easiest way to enjoy a portion of Daisy Cottage Cheese and perfect for getting in the extra protein or healthy snack in the middle of the day.

Peaches and Cottage Cheese recipes


In a bowl portion out your cottage cheese. And then top with 1-2 peaches from our Honey Canned Peaches recipe. I like this one most because the honey naturally sweetens the peaches, but doesn’t overpower the flavor. Which means that the peaches retain more of the mouth watering peach flavor after canning instead of tasting like sugar. Plus it also is a lot less sugar so that helps cut down on my migraines.

22 Perfect Daisy Cottage Cheese recipes

See, I told you that it was a super easy snack.

But as I’m working on adding Cottage cheese into my diet more; I wanted to know a lot more options to include it in simple ways. So I took the question to the masses on social media. And I wanted to share with you the best ideas for pairing with Daisy Cottage cheese!

Daisy Cottage Cheese Recipes

This is how many of our friends and family enjoy a good portion of Daisy Cottage Cheese. And best of all each one is super simple; you can easily add in more Daisy Cottage Cheese into your own diet. Increasing your protein intake a natural way without the additives or preservatives other brands use.

  1. Use cottage cheese as a dip for Carrots, Celery and wait for it…CHIPS! No joke. About five people replied they dip their chips in Cottage cheese!
  2. Mix it into a bowl of beef stew
  3. On top of avacados and a little bit of chia seeds on top
  4. With cherry tomatoes and salt/pepper
  5. Others like it with just salt and Pepper sprinkled on top
  6. Chop up tomatoes and green onions, mix with a container of cottage cheese and add some shredded cheese, salt and pepper
  7. Add it into jello Salads
  8. Mix it with mandarin oranges, cool whip and jello mix to make a great dessert side salad
  9. Mix it with yogurt for a sweet snack
  10. with Apple slices
  11. Spread on top of crackers
  12. Portion out and sprinkle with lemon pepper
  13. Add pineapple chunks
  14. add some taco seasoning (not all the package season to your taste) and use as chip dip
  15. Pears and Cottage cheese
  16. Use in Twice Baked potatoes in place of sour cream
  17. Spinach Tomato Cottage Cheese Pasta Salad
  18. Throw in cut up grapes
  19. mix with Ranch Veggie dip seasoning packet for a healthier veggie dip
  20. Use as a topping for baked potatoes with fresh salsa
  21. use as a layer in lasagna.

22 Perfect Daisy Cottage Cheese recipes

There are tons of ways you can include Daisy Cottage cheese into your diet to increase protein or even substitute it for other dairy ingredients for a healthier option. I am quite excited to get started on this perfect Daisy Cottage Cheese pairing ideas.


Be sure to visit the Daisy Brand website for additional recipe inspiration!

What are your favorite Daisy Cottage Cheese Recipes?


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Sue Cramer

Saturday 25th of March 2023

I love to mix cottage cheese (large curd) with cooked shell pasta, chopped apples, apple sauce and lots of cinnamon and bake in oven. Similar to a kugel.


Saturday 28th of January 2023

Stir in 1/4 cup pico de Gallo into 1/2 cup of cottage cheese. Yummy savory side!

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Monday 28th of September 2015

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Liz Mays

Thursday 6th of November 2014

I use it as a salad dressing and I buy Daisy because it's WAY better than any other cottage cheese. I'm a Daisy girl for life.

Dawn McAlexander

Thursday 6th of November 2014

I love cottage cheese and those peaches would go great with it. I need to make some of those. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.