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30 Uses for Baby Wipes, that Doesn’t include Diaper Duty

I received Water Wipes Baby wipes samples for review purposes to aid in the creation of our 30 uses for baby wipes article. All opinions are 100% my own.

30 Uses for baby wipes, they aren't just for changing diapers.

When you become a mom; there is one baby product you quickly adapt to your lifestyle. You will be hard pressed to find a  mom who doesn’t have a good collection of these on hand at all times. Do you know what I’m talking about? Baby wipes. Obviously baby wipes are used for changing diapers, but why would a  mom who has potty trained children still be carrying around baby wipes in her purse? Because there are so many more uses for baby wipes than just changing diapers!

30 Uses for Baby wipes

  1. Washing dirty hands without water while camping or at a picnic.
  2. Wiping a runny nose (the wet baby wipe helps to prevent the red and sore nose that results from wiping with tissues too many times).
  3. Washing up travel snacks. (If you travel with kids, you know you need a portable way to clean them up while in the car.)
  4. Wiping up spilled foods on their clothes.
  5. Wipe up that mess around the toilet when your kid missed.
  6. Get bird poop off your car windshield or hood.
  7. Likewise, get bird poop off the swing set at the park.
  8. Clean up sticky toys or sticky door knobs without chemicals that would be transferred into kids mouth.
  9. Wipe up and clean the pacifier after baby drops it.
  10. Help clean up the skinned knee or elbow before applying sanitizer or alcohol wipe. I use this to help get it cleaner before I put on the stuff that stinks and makes the kids cry and fight me.
  11. Wipe up spit up from leather furniture.
  12. Use in restaurants to help clean up hands after a messy meal.
  13. Remove makeup without eye or skin irritation.
  14. Hasty wipe down of the table after you’ve been seated at the restaurant but before your server appears.
  15. Likewise, you can use it to wipe down picnic tables at public parks and such.
  16. Toilet paper substitute! No kidding, have you ever been in a public restroom and found out it was out of TP? Having baby wipes in my purse was a total life saver.
  17. Removing hair dye stains from your forehead and neck when dying your own hair.
  18. Clean the inside of your car. How many times are you sitting at a red light to notice how dusty your display is? Pull out a baby wipe and quickly wipe it down so you can see your speedometer better. Or wipe off the dashboard really quickly.
  19. Wipe down leaves of house plants from dust.
  20. When the toddler draws all over their hands, arms, legs, etc with marker or pen; they make an excellent wipe to clean it off.
  21. Likewise, when the toddler draws on the walls, use a baby wipe as your first response to clean the wall without damaging the paint.
  22. Use as a blotter to pick up stains on clothing, upholstery or carpeting. Especially useful on microfiber couches.
  23. Get rid of deodorant marks on dark clothing.
  24. Clean hairspray off of wood surfaces.
  25. Buff and shine the kid’s church shoes.
  26. Likewise; you can buff and shine your own dress shoes.
  27. Moisten envelope glue before sealing. Genius! I HATE licking envelopes!
  28. Pull baby wipes through the slits in the dining chairs to get the dust out where the duster doesn’t fit.
  29. Wipe your feet clean after a day in flip-flops.
  30. Use them to clean your pets feet after being outside, especially if they step in “mess” while outside.

Now, after reading some of these uses, you may be thinking “I would never use my baby wipes for that! Think of the chemicals!” Well if you are using the wrong kind of baby wipe, yes some of these methods won’t work. But if you are thinking that to begin with, maybe you need to change your baby wipes anyway, because if you wouldn’t use the wipes for these uses; why are you putting those same chemicals on your baby’s behind?

Think about cleaning up a baby’s toy? A wipe with fragrance or alcohol wouldn’t be so smart. That would leave chemicals behind that would transfer to the baby’s mouth. Yuck. Wiping your baby’s behind is no different as those absorb through their skin into their body anyway.

30 Uses for baby wipes, they aren't just for changing diapers.

So it is important that you choose the right baby wipe for your home. Picking the best baby wipe is as easy as checking the ingredients list. You want a wipe that will be great for sensitive skin. Also one that doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals.

YouTube video

My favorite multi-purpose baby wipe are Water Wipes. They are 99.9% water based and use 0.1% fruit extract. Water wipes are the worlds best organic wipes! Not only are they perfect for cleaning up your precious little one’s behind during a diaper change. But they are safe to use with all our many uses of baby wipes! And did you know that Water Wipes are the only baby wipe that contains zero chemicals?

Water Wipes also helps avoid nappy rash by cleaning naturally and doesn’t leave skin feeling tight or dry. And they work great for adults and also for newborns whose skin is 5 times thinner and more sensitive than adults.

Water Wipes contain only water and Grapefruit seed extract. That is it. No alcohol, no chemicals and no fragrances. They are able to clean skin and surfaces without causing skin irritation or dryness.

Plus they have a soft texture that is durable and doesn’t rip to shreds easily. That is a major bonus in my opinion. My daughter is always trying to rip up her wipes. But these ones hold up better than a lot of others we have tried in the past. And they are soft to the touch.

30 Uses for baby wipes, they aren't just for changing diapers.

Really we love our Water Wipes! We keep them close for all of our baby wipes uses. They also have amazing Water Wipes facial cleaners that contain water, Grapefruit seed extract and Deep Sea Minerals. They work amazing too!

30 Uses for baby wipes, they aren't just for changing diapers.

Water Wipes baby wipes can be found in Walgreens nationwide as well as on Amazon. Learn more by visiting Water Wipes online.

30 Uses for baby wipes, they aren't just for changing diapers.

What are your different uses for baby wipes besides changing diapers?

What do you love most about Water Wipes baby wipes?




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Lily Kwan

Wednesday 26th of March 2014

These uses for baby wipes are very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

Miranda Ward

Wednesday 26th of March 2014

Wipes Truly have so Many uses I cant pick a favorite But I use them for everything!

susan smoaks

Wednesday 26th of March 2014

these are some terrific ideas that i never thought of before.

taylor ellis

Tuesday 25th of March 2014

I love this post! I usually use baby wipes to remove my makeup, but now that I'm expecting my first baby we will probably use them a ton more often. I only buy natural wipes if possible, so these are great!

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