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Stuffed Manicotti Shells: Dinner in 5 Ingredients or Less!

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Dinner. It can be my best friend or my worst enemy. I used to imagine myself as the perfect wife, dishing up dinner right as the hubs got home from work. The table would be set with a Thanksgiving feast, every night.

Reality check: There are some nights when my family gets cold cereal for dinner and they’re lucky to have that. But there are other nights when I want to really show my family how much I love them, so I spend a little extra time in the kitchen, and I break out the fancy dishes.

Dinner is only five ingredients away!


And then there are some days when I really want a nice, delicious dinner, but I don’t have the time or energy to spend all day over the hot stove. Soccer, ballet, homework, gardening, dentist appointments, grocery shopping, laundry, it all gets in the way. It’s called life! So I LOVE recipes that don’t keep me in the kitchen for long, but they pack a love-filled punch.

My mom made used to make these amazing Stuffed Manicotti Shells for wedding receptions and for appreciation dinners.

Delicious manicotti shells made with only 5 ingredients!


Now that’s what I’m talking about. So I took her fancy recipe, and I condensed it.

1 box large shells
16oz Ricotta Cheese
1 and 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese, divided
½ lb ground beef, browned and drained
1 16oz jar of Classico Riserva’s Arrabbiata sauce

Cook pasta shells to al dente (they’ll be baked later)
While pasta is cooking, mix ricotta, 1 cup shredded mozzarella, and ground beef in a medium bowl.
Spray a medium baking dish. Pour a thin layer of Arrabbiata sauce on the bottom of baking dish.
When pasta is cooked and slightly cooled, fill each shell with cheese mixture.
Pour the rest of Classico sauce over the shells. Top with ½ cup of shredded mozzarella cheese.
Bake at 350 for 20 – 25 minutes.

Couple things to note about this recipe. You can take the meat out if you are a vegetarian or if you can’t eat beef. (Some people can’t!) So take out the meat or switch it up for ground turkey. The reason we use shells instead of traditional manicotti is because the manicotti are harder to stuff.

All these stuffed shells need is a little sauce and dinner is ready!


And I’m all about time management. I don’t have time to sit and stuff pasta. This is fast and delicious. You don’t have to babysit it while it cooks. Your pasta can boil and you can either brown your meat, or used meat you’ve already browned and then frozen. Time saver! As soon as the pasta is done, this is practically in the oven!

Remember how I said I modified the recipe? Really, the main difference I made was the decrease the number of herbs and spices put in, because they’re packed into Classico Riserva Pasta Sauce. There is a member of the Classico family, and you won’t believe your taste buds.

If you have these five ingredients, you have dinner!


Let me just tell you about Classico’s newest member of the family. The ingredients are all fresh, no artificial preservatives or dyes (and as we’ve talked, that’s SO important to us around here!). The tomatoes are vine ripened and picked at the peak of sweetness.

Dinner is only five ingredients away!


We are big gardeners around here. Store bought tomatoes are just not the same as our home grown tomatoes. This sauce is as good as it gets, let me tell you.

If you picked a different tomato based sauce, the results would be fine, but not nearly as good. So take my word for it, just Open Up a Bottle of the Good Stuff. 😉

And just to make sure you get the right stuff, with the help of Classico Riserva, I’m giving away a bottle of this goodness to THREE of our lucky readers!

Just enter below for your chance to win.

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Trust me, you wanna win.

So the next time you’re wondering what kind of fancy dinner to make, this is your guy. Your significant other will be impressed. Your neighbors will wish you’d invited them over. And your kids will wonder who’s coming for dinner. So go ahead and invite the neighbors over. Show off your manicotti making skills.

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Wednesday 15th of June 2016

I would love to use this sauce to add flavor to my zucchini lasagna recipe!


Tuesday 14th of June 2016

We make a ton of casseroles, usually as a way to clear out the cupboards and freezer of things that have been up there too long. You can make them countless ways, and when you throw cheese on top, the kids will not complain about it. We primarily use condensed soups in these casseroles, but these sauces, with the variety of flavors they come in, would be a great substitute.


Sunday 12th of June 2016

The manicotti looks delicious! I think I would try out the Creamy Tomato & Roasted Garlic with a lobster ravioli!


Friday 10th of June 2016

I think the roasted garlic sounds the best, and I'd probably just have it with ravioli for a fast dinner.

Stephanie Phelps

Thursday 9th of June 2016

Oh I could so use the Arrabbiata in my lasagna to give it a better flavor!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.