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    Leaky Cauldron Brownies, A Delicious Halloween Dessert #SweetworksFall

    This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Sweetworks. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic. We hope you enjoy our Leaky Cauldron Brownies to sweeten up your Halloween Season!

    Leaky Cauldron Brownies, A Delicious Halloween Dessert #SweetworksFall

    Halloween is right around the corner! I just love Halloween! As if you couldn’t tell by All our Halloween posts like our Halloween Tutu Wreath, Halloween Candy feeder, Witch Hat cupcakes, Halloween Kit Kat Cake and lots more. yeah, I love Halloween. It is so much fun to decorate in Halloween Theme. And even more fun to bake Halloween Desserts! There are just so many fun options when it comes to Halloween baking!

    Our newest brew is motivated a little by Harry Potter and Star Dust and just about every fun Halloween Movie we’ve seen! I call them the Leaky Cauldron brownies! And let me tell you they are delicious! And a little bit spooky. But not too spooky.

    I got the fun idea after seeing some of the fun Halloween Candies from SweetWorks. Let me tell you there are a lot of fun Halloween options for sweets from SweetWorks. They are definitely highlighting our Halloween candy this season. From Gumball eye balls, flavored chocolate balls and even Halloween Sixlets! Oh I love my Sixlets!

    SweetWorks has been known to supply the best chocolate confections for the last 50 years with even more fun to come in the years to come. They feature brands such as Sixlets, Oak Leaf, Nerds, Niagara Chocolates, and Ovation.

    Leaky Cauldron Brownies, A Delicious Halloween Dessert #SweetworksFall

    But that’s enough chatter. Let’s get to the good stuff…the sweet stuff. The Leaky Cauldron brownies. Oh yum!

    Leaky Cauldron Brownies recipe

    These Leaky Cauldron brownies are a lot of fun and are perfect for a family Halloween party, a group Halloween party or just for fun. Your family will love them. And they are rather rich, so you may want to share them with neighbors and friends. They will love you for it.

    Yield: 6

    Leaky Cauldron Brownies Halloween Dessert

    Leaky Cauldron Brownies, A Delicious Halloween Dessert #SweetworksFall
    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Cook Time 35 minutes
    Total Time 40 minutes


    • 1 brownie mix
    • 1 egg
    • Oil


    • 3 cup heavy cream
    • 12 ounces Semi Sweet Chocolate (1 package of chips)
    • 1 teaspoon Vanilla
    • 1 pinch salt
    • 1/4 cup sugar


    1. Mix up the brownie mix as directed on the back of the box with the egg and oil. I use coconut oil or extra virgin light tasting olive oil for the best flavors.
    2. Bake up in a bake a bowl pan.
    3. Leaky Cauldron Brownies, A Delicious Halloween Dessert #SweetworksFall
    4. Leaky Cauldron Brownies, A Delicious Halloween Dessert #SweetworksFall
    5. Allow to cool
    6. Leaky Cauldron Brownies, A Delicious Halloween Dessert #SweetworksFall


    1. Melt 1 cup cream, chocolate, vanilla and salt in double boiler just until melted and smooth.
    2. Allow to cool at room temperature
    3. Mix 2 cups cold heavy cream, 1/4 c sugar in mixer
    4. Beat until stiff peaks
    5. Gently fold in the chocolate mixture
    6. Cool in fridge
    7. When Mousse is cooled, fill the brownie bowls and decorate with SweetWorks candy.

    Now you have two choices. You can cool the Chocolate Mousse for 4 hours before filling the brownie bowls or you can fill them immediately, decorate and eat right away. It just depends on what texture you would like.

    I would however not recommend filling the brownie bowls and then chilling. The brownie bowls become very hard and difficult to eat. Thought they will still look awesome. They won’t taste the same.

    I would most likely make the chocolate Mousse first and allow to cool so that when the brownies are ready they can be filled and enjoyed right away.

    With the Brownie bowls ready and the mouse chilled it’s time to move on. Fill up the brownie bowls with the chocolate mousse.

    Leaky Cauldron Brownies, A Delicious Halloween Dessert #SweetworksFall

    Then decorate with the fun SweetWorks Halloween Candy!

    I used the fun Eye ball gumballs and the Halloween Sixlets and Halloween Pearls.

    Leaky Cauldron Brownies, A Delicious Halloween Dessert #SweetworksFall

    Then comes the red sauce. I actually have this awesome natural berry syrup from Costco that worked perfectly. And when I say Syrup I am talking like the kind you drizzle on pancakes. Seriously. It actually was the perfect flavor! The flavor mixed perfectly with the brownies, chocolate Mousse and the SweetWorks candy, without being overpowering. Plus it is the perfect texture and color to give the appearance of “gooey blood”. Yeah, that sounded a little gruesome. But hey, it’s Halloween! A little sweet gore is OK.

    Leaky Cauldron Brownies, A Delicious Halloween Dessert #SweetworksFall

    Can you guess why I call them Leaky Cauldron? To me the look a bit like a witches brew inside the brownie cauldron.

    Leaky Cauldron Brownies, A Delicious Halloween Dessert #SweetworksFall

    But no matter what you call them, they are delicious and a lot of fun for Halloween! So get on out there and get your SweetWorks candy and make up your own Leaky Cauldron Brownies, then let me know what you think. 🙂

    Are you ready to win some Goodies?

    Leaky Cauldron Brownies, A Delicious Halloween Dessert #SweetworksFall

    SweetWorks $500 Sweepstakes!

    We’re excited to bring you news of the $500 Sweetworks Candy Giveaway, 10 winners/$50 prize, Oct. 1-15 ends 11:59 PM EST.

    Leaky Cauldron Brownies, A Delicious Halloween Dessert #SweetworksFall

    Candy Packages to 10 Winners Valued at $50 include:

    • Spooky Eyes Gumballs 8oz Peg Bag (2 bags)
    • Autumn Mix Sixlets 14oz Peg Bag (1 bags)
    • Halloween Mix Sixlets 14oz Peg Bag (1 bags)
    • Autumn Mix Pearls 1.75oz Peg Bag (2 bags)
    • Halloween Mix Pearls 1.75oz Peg Bag (2 bags)
    • Pumpkin Spice Break-A-Part (2 bags)
    • Sixlets Halloween 27oz Laydown Bag (1 bags)
    • Witch’s Brew 29oz Laydown Bag (1 bags)

    Just enter via this Rafflecopter Giveaway below!

    Giveaway is now closed. See the winner/s on our Winners Page.

    And don’t forget to hop around to see all the fun creations with SweetWorks candies from these other amazing bloggers!




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