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    Teach Kids to Have a Clean Room + Bedroom Cleaning Printable Skip to Content

    Teach Kids to Have a Clean Room + Bedroom Cleaning Printable

    Do you have a child that struggles when you say “go clean your room?” Is it a nightmare to just get a clean room? How about a child that says “I cleaned it!” But it is far from your standard of clean?

    Well, you are not alone! I can’t tell you how many times we have sent our kids to clean their rooms. And then when we check it still looks like a tornado went through it.

    Obviously, our standards of “clean room” are far apart.

    So how do you get to the same level of understanding of what constitutes a clean room?

    Sadly, it’s all through consistency and teaching. But there are resources to help!

    Teach Kids to Have a Clean Room + Bedroom Cleaning Printable

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    Help Kids to Have a Clean Room

    Just like when we shared how to clean a bathroom as part of our Teach Kids to Clean series; when you have a printable that states each individual step to cleaning the bedroom, then the child knows exactly what is expected.

    Also when they have a checklist right in front of them, they know they can’t cut corners because you will be checking for each item on the list.

    Plus the “I forgot” excuse no longer works! Because they can’t forget. It’s right in front of them!

    Or the “I don’t know how!” or “I didn’t know I was supposed to do that” excuses are now void!

    Yes, I’ve heard them all!

    My inspiration for our Clean Room Checklist is from a very old book that my Mom used to teach my sister and I how to have a clean room. It’s called What To Do When Your Mom or Dad Says Clean Your Room.

    Teach Kids to Have a Clean Room + Bedroom Cleaning Printable

    It is part of the Survival Series for Kids books from Joy Berry. And let me tell you I love these books! They may be old. But the lessons they teach are still very applicable today!

    And I can’t tell you how much I loved this book as a kid.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I hated cleaning my room as a kid. I still hate it.

    But, this book helped me understand how to do it. It helped to keep me from getting overwhelmed and discouraged.

    It stopped the battle of “It’s clean mom!” and her replying “No, try again” battle that can last for hours.

    But I have 4 kids. I can’t just expect them to easily share the book. No that would be too easy.

    They have to bicker and fight over who is cleaning their room first. And who needs it most. And then the other one claims they didn’t know what to do, or how to clean their room. or that they “forgot” to clean under their bed, etc.

    Teach Kids to Have a Clean Room + Bedroom Cleaning Printable

    So I decided to make it easy for everyone!

    The book resides in a common use area. And each kid gets a Clean Room Checklist Printable for each of their rooms.

    Then if they have any questions on a particular step they can go visit the book for step by step instructions on how to do that step.

    Teach Kids to Have a Clean Room + Bedroom Cleaning Printable

    So let’s go over How to teach kids to have a clean room.

    My Mom Used to say ” A Place for Everything, and Everything In Its Place”. And that is how you have a clean home.

    Teach Kids to Have a Clean Room + Bedroom Cleaning Printable

    My mom would say that every time we went to clean. No matter the room.

    And I have found that very true with my own home. If everything you own has a place, then you can put everything in its place and your home is well organized, clean and comfortable.

    If you don’t have a place for something, then it needs to either

    1. Create a place


    2. Get rid of it.

    Simple as that.

    When you use that theory when it comes to clutter and these 10 steps, you will have a clean room all the time!

    1. Clean everything off your bed
    2. Make your bed
    3. Pick up everything from the floor that is out of place and place it on the bed
    4. Pick up everything out of place on furniture and add it to the bed – begin at the area to the left of your door and work your way around the room
    5. Put Objects on Bed away
      1. FOLD clothes and put in drawers
      2. HANG up clothes
      3. Put trash in trash
      4. Objects without a home go in homeless box
      5. Toys neatly put in their place
    6. Dust/Polish Furniture a. nightstand, dresser, bed frame, desk.
    7. Dust out window frame/ Window tracks
    8. Sweep, Vacuum,  or Dust Mop floor.
      1. Begin at the area to the left of your door and work your way around the room
      2. Make sure to do under the bed and other furniture.
    9. Put Cleaning Supplies away
    10. Empty Trash

    Teach Kids to Have a Clean Room + Bedroom Cleaning Printable

    Just Print out the Clean Room Checklist Printable.

    Teach Kids to Have a Clean Room + Bedroom Cleaning Printable

    Laminate it in your handy at home Laminator. I got mine for only $25 on Amazon with free shipping. (LOVE Amazon PRIME Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial). And it’s so worth it to have my own laminator! Especially with all the cool printables, we’ll be bringing you in the How to Teach Kids to Clean series.

    Once it is laminated (because you want this to last week after week after week) simply use some Tacky and stick it up in the bedroom.

    Place the printable where your child can read it easily.

    You can even add a dry erase marker if you want. And they can mark off each task as they accomplish it. Because remember we laminated the How to Clean the room Checklist Sheet.

    Be sure to check out our other Parenting resources. And Download your How to Clean the room Printable. I put one in each bedroom.

    Teach Kids to Have a Clean Room + Bedroom Cleaning Printable

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    Also, make sure to visit our How to Clean a Bathroom and get that printable too!

    How to Clean a Bathroom + Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Printable

    How do you teach kids to have a clean room?

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    Sunday 27th of May 2018

    Thank you so much for this! My mom checked that book out from the library for me when I was little and it helped me tremendously! As a kiddo with undiagnosed ADHD, having a book explain exactly what to do step by step was a life saver! I’ve been looking everywhere for this book, but had completely forgotten what the title was. I now need it for my own daughter (who has been diagnosed with ADHD) and just bought a copy from Amazon! Thank you for sharing your checklist also- you don’t know how much you’ve helped me!


    Saturday 13th of January 2018

    Very interesting book! May I ask you to sell me its pdf version?


    Monday 5th of February 2018

    I'm afraid I'm unable to do such. It has a copyright and I don't have a PDF version. You can still find it on Amazon in good used condition here - http://amzn.to/2FNiMUq


    Thursday 11th of January 2018

    These are habits which I was looking for my kids to clean their rooms. Thanks for sharing these ideas.