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    Soul warming Caramel Apple Wassail Recipe for the Holidays Skip to Content

    Caramel Apple Wassail Recipe

    Curl up with a delicious Caramel Apple Wassail Recipe that is family friendly, alcohol-free and easy to make! The perfect blend of spices and Apple!

    When the weather turns cold, nothing soothes like curling up in a blanket, with a good book or movie and a glass of warm wassail! Of all traditions, that of the traditional wassail is the all time treasured tradition that families across the world love to participate in. And let me tell you, it is incredibly easy and totally worth the effort! Nothing warms the cold soul more than the spiced wassail whether you are just cold or even if you are sick.

    Caramel Apple Wassail Recipe, Easy family Holiday drink Alcohol Free.

    So would it surprise you that with as popular as wassail is, I had never made it until this last week? Truly. Someone always had it for us, so I have never had to make it myself. But this year, we were visiting a local Garden Nursery. They have old time values, so they had the place decked out for the Holidays with a sleigh decorated for the holidays with treats and hot brewed Wassail. The kids loved it so much that they wanted me to make more once we got home.

    Did you have any idea just how many Wassail recipes there are online? There are so many that I instantly felt overwhelmed. So I decided to just mix, match and make my own. And no surprise since we are a 100% family friendly site, and because we don’t drink, our recipe is completely alcohol free! (I was surprised to find most of the recipes I found called for alcohol of some kind).

    Caramel Apple Wassail Recipe, Easy family Holiday drink Alcohol Free.

    Now like always, I have to put some unique twist to recipes, so for me; I decided to make ours a unique Caramel Apple Wassail recipe. Because who doesn’t like caramel apple?

    Caramel Apple Wassail Recipe

    What I love about our Caramel Apple Wassail is that it is really easy to make. Just throw everything into a pot, simmer and walk away. Come back a few hours later and you have the most amazing tasting Spiced Cider!

    Caramel Apple Wassail Recipe, Easy family Holiday drink Alcohol Free.

    With all the crazy Holiday schedules, who wouldn’t love a simple recipe like that? And yes, you can even make this in the Crock pot! Put it all in the crock pot in the morning and then set to low and come back after work or at the end of the day and it is ready to warm your entire family!


    Caramel Apple Wassail Recipe

    Caramel Apple Wassail Recipe, Easy family Holiday drink Alcohol Free.

    A delicious Holiday and family friendly Wassail recipe that is Alcohol free.

    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Cook Time 4 hours
    Total Time 4 hours 5 minutes


    • 1 gallon apple juice
    • 1 liter sprite
    • 1/2 can Orange juice concentrate - not mixed with water, pure concentrate
    • 1/4 cup lemon juice
    • 12 whole cloves
    • 6 cinnamon sticks
    • 3 Pinch Nutmeg
    • Pinch ginger
    • 1/2 cup caramel sauce


    1. Put all ingredients into a stockpot or crock pot
    2. Stir
    3. Simmer for 4 hours minimum, but can be simmered on low all day.
    4. Stir one more time and serve warm.

    Now, if the caramel flavor isn’t strong enough for you with this as it is, definitely go ahead and drizzle a little more Torani caramel syrup in your individual cup! That is what I have to do. Because the kids and the husband love this one just as it is. But I usually prefer a little more caramel flavor. So in order to make everyone happy, I keep the caramel low in the recipe and just add a little more to my own cup afterwards.

    Caramel Apple Wassail Recipe, Easy family Holiday drink Alcohol Free.

    It is great for Holiday parties, a warm treat after sledding, or just make a big batch, store in the fridge and enjoy a cup warmed in the microwave here and there as you like through the day like we did.

    Caramel Apple Wassail Recipe, Easy family Holiday drink Alcohol Free.

    What is your favorite way to enjoy a great Wassail recipe?

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