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    PEEPS Easter Cupcakes! Create Mini Easter Basket cupcakes Skip to Content

    PEEPS Easter Cupcakes! Create Mini Easter Basket cupcakes

    A special thanks to PEEPS for sending us a gift basket full of peeps to aid in the creation of our Mini Easter Basket PEEPS cupcakes Recipe. This post may contain affiliate links; though all opinions are our own.

    PEEPS Easter Cupcakes! Create Mini Easter Basket cupcakes

    PEEPS Mini Easter Basket Cupcakes

    You all know I absolutely love Easter. And with Easter comes baking! Now I told you about our super fun (laid thickly with sarcasm) Spring break. Full of snow and cold. So we turned to baking to brighten up our vacation. Among all the goodies we created such as our Sugar free Soft serve sorbet, Chocolate Raspberry no bake cheesecake bars, bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos and finally rounding off the weekend with PEEPS Easter cupcakes!

    But these are no ordinary PEEPS Cupcakes. These are actually mini Easter basket cupcakes! Last year we made a Kit Kat Easter Basket cake. It was such a hit; that this year I wanted to do something a little more single serving style. So I gathered up all the trimmings and got started.

    PEEPS Easter Cupcakes! Create Mini Easter Basket cupcakes


    PEEPS Easter Cupcakes! Create Mini Easter Basket cupcakes

    PEEPS Easter Cupcakes! Create Mini Easter Basket cupcakes


    • Chocolate Cake mix
    • Bright colored Silicone baking cups
    • Edible Pixie Dust
    • Whipped Frosting
    • PEEPS
    • Jelly Beans
    • Mini Robins Eggs
    • licorice -Red vines and Green Apple Pull N' Peel
    • Colored Coconut flakes- coconut flakes with 1-3 drops food coloring in ziplock bag and shake.


    1. Bake Chocolate cake mix into cupcakes in the bright silicon baking cups
    2. Let cool thoroughly
    3. Mix up Whipped Frosting in color of choice
    4. Using Wilton Dessert Decorator Plus frost the cupcakes
    5. Garnish with colored coconut Flakes
    6. Sprinkle with Edible Pixie Dust
    7. Add your choice of PEEPS onto the cupcakes
    8. Garnish with Jelly beans and mini robin eggs
    9. Insert each end of licorice in between the cupcake and the Silicone baking cup; on opposite sides to create the Easter Basket handle.


    I used fun bright colored Silicon baking cups. I did this for a few reasons.

    1. They are super easy to use.
    2. They are reusable so it saves money.
    3. I liked the brighter colors.
    4. The cupcakes stick to the silicon baking cups less than to paper; thus making it a lot easier to add in the licorice Easter Basket handle.
    5. They are just so much cuter than paper when it comes out of the oven!

    But if you don’t want to use silicon baking cups; you may be able to get away with using paper cupcake liners. Just make sure they are the nice quality ones. The cheap ones won’t look so good after baking.

    After you bake your cupcakes allow them to cool completely. You don’t want the frosting to melt.

    You can frost each cupcake however you choose. I did a few with a swirl pattern. And others with more of a grassy pattern in the frosting. It’s all up you to.

    PEEPS Easter Cupcakes! Create Mini Easter Basket cupcakes

    Then you just start decorating. I garnished each cupcake with some colored coconut flakes to represent the grass in the Easter baskets. Then added Edible Pixie dust sprinkles for fun. Then add the PEEPs of your choice. There are so many choices; that may be the hardest part of the entire PEEPS cupcakes process. They  have

    PEEPS Easter Cupcakes! Create Mini Easter Basket cupcakes

    • Chocolate mousse flavored marshmallow bunnies
    • Large marshmallow bunnies
    • Chicks in a hollow milk chocolate egg
    • Chocolate covered marshmallow chicks
    • Peepsters
    • sugar free marshmallow chicks
    • Party cake flavored marshmallow chicks
    • traditional marshmallow chicks in a vast variety of colors like yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, and purple.
    • Traditional Marshmallow bunnies  in a vast variety of colors like yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, and purple
    • Chocolate dipped marshmallow chicks
    • Chocolate dipped mousse flavored marshmallow chicks

    The options are quite vast. So pick up your favorite PEEPS for these adorable mini Easter Basket Cupcakes.

    Once the PEEPS are in place; begin garnishing with the mini Robins Eggs and Jelly Beans.

    PEEPS Easter Cupcakes! Create Mini Easter Basket cupcakes

    Finally the last step is the Easter Basket handle. I used Red vines and Twizzlers Green Apple Pull n’ Peel. Why? Because they are my favorite licorice. And they look cool. No other reason.

    This is where using the silicone baking cups really comes in handy. Because you can gently wiggle the licorice in between the cupcake and the baking cup. Without having to mess up the cupcake. And it sits perfectly in place.

    PEEPS Easter Cupcakes! Create Mini Easter Basket cupcakes

    And now you have adorable Mini Easter basket PEEPS cupcakes to share at your Easter party! Just make sure no one throws away the silicone baking cups. Cause remember; they are reusable!

    Want more fun ideas on how to incorporate PEEPS this Easter Holiday? Check out our fun Kit Kat Easter Basket tutorial. You can also follow our PEEPS Creations Pinterest board! All Peeps from all across the internet!

    If you enjoyed our PEEPS Easter Basket Cupcakes; be sure to PIN it and share with your friends.

    How do you enjoy PEEPS on Easter?




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