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    Easy set up Breastfeeding Station essentials Skip to Content

    Easy set up Breastfeeding Station essentials

    Breastfeeding can be overwhelming at times. Discover how we make it our favorite time of the day with our Breastfeeding Station essentials in this sponsored post for Socialstars with Jif™Bars. #TeamJif

    Easy set up Breastfeeding Station essentials

    This last year has been a whirlwind of changes. I spent most of the year down and under with morning sickness that lasted all 9 months of our pregnancy. And then in September we welcomed our sweet baby Rose. Now 4 months later, I am loving the sweet miracle that she is for our family. But part of being a mom to a new baby are the changes in routine and schedule. Like the need to be able to drop everything and feed Rose when she is hungry. That is why I love having a breastfeeding station to make it easy.

    DIY Breastfeeding Station

    Easy set up Breastfeeding Station essentials

    A Breastfeeding station is all about having everything that you need right at your finger tips while you are breastfeeding. So that you can be comfortable and enjoy your time with your little one. But that includes needing to have a stash of essentials nearby.

    Easy set up Breastfeeding Station essentials

    A good breastfeeding station needs 5 things

    1. A comfortable place to sit in peace and quiet
    2. burp cloth – because you know it is inevitable that the baby is going to spit up
    3. Book/magazine – to read while nursing
    4. Water – to stay hydrated
    5. Snacks like fruits, veggies and Jif™ Bars- for when hunger strikes

    Easy set up Breastfeeding Station essentials

    Optional items you can include in your breastfeeding station include a nursing pillow, blanket in case it gets chilly, nursing pads, and nipple cream. But I’ve found as baby gets older I don’t need those items as much as at the beginning.

    Easy set up Breastfeeding Station essentials

    But what I do always need is my drink and snacks. This is the time during the day when I am able to sit down and relax. I’m so busy in the day that when I sit down to nurse I realize just how hungry I am. Or how thirsty. Not to mention the need for extra water and nutrition when nursing.

    Easy set up Breastfeeding Station essentials

    With a fully stocked breastfeeding station, you don’t have to wait until after baby is latched on to realize “Oh I could sure use a drink and something to nibble.”

    Easy set up Breastfeeding Station essentials

    Stock your nursing station with great snacks that include sliced fruits, sliced veggies and a supply of the Chocolate Jif™ Bars. All finger foods that pack nutrition and flavor in one! They are mess free, but help you get nutrition you need while producing milk. And keep you from feeling hungry.

    Easy set up Breastfeeding Station essentials

    Easy set up Breastfeeding Station essentials

    I love the Chocolate Jif Bar because it gives me a treat in the day, because hello who doesn’t love chocolate? But it also combines our favorite protein rich Jif peanut butter with a chewy granola bar. And oats and protein are highly recommended for milk production.

    So each morning I check my breastfeeding station and make sure it has a mug of water and snacks within easy reach. Then when it is time to nurse, I can easily access a healthy and protein rich snack. And stay hydrated. All while bonding with my sweet baby. It makes nursing time my favorite time of the day.

    Easy set up Breastfeeding Station essentials

    What are your Breastfeeding station Essentials?

    How would you enjoy a Chocolate Jif Bar?


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    Tuesday 3rd of July 2018

    Where can i find a water bottle like this? I love it!! Thank you


    Tuesday 3rd of July 2018

    That was a bottle they gave me at the hospital when my little Rose was born. But I found some similar on Amazon here - https://amzn.to/2tPzkaY

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    Sandy Cain

    Friday 8th of January 2016

    How lucky nursing moms are these days! I would have loved a nursing pillow, but they didn't exist back when my daughter was a baby!


    Friday 8th of January 2016

    I wish I had thought of this when my almost 4 year old was a baby. So creative! I would always feel so hungry while feeding and too scared to move to get something to eat or drink in case the baby stops feeding. lol