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Top 10 Glamping tips to make camping easier and more enjoyable

I am a Natures Sleep 2014 brand ambassador. I receive Natures Sleep products from time to time for review purposes. All opinions are my own and I only share products/brands that I feel will create a healthier, happier and more family friendly lifestyle. So tell me, who is ready for some Glamping tips?

Top 10 Camping tips to make camping easier and more enjoyable

It’s camping season! I love camping. We go camping every year. So we’ve got some great camping tips to share with you to help you have the best camping trip possible this summer! So what is Glamping? Glamping is like camping but quite a bit more comfortable! You take a few more luxuries with you. And boy do I have a great list for you to turn your camping into Glamping!

It is a family tradition that began when I was a little kid. My mom and her sisters and kids all went to the mountains to camp for a full week. That has stayed a tradition to this day! My aunts still go; and as many of the posterity as can get the time off from work still all go up. It’s not a designated family reunion; just the traditional family camp. But it is the highlight of every year.

Top 10 Glamping Tips

  1. Plan ahead– plan the camping trip, know where you are camping, if there are any fore/animal/flood warnings for the area. How many days will you be camping for? Using our Camping list to help you know what you need to plan for.
  2. Make a meal plan – use as many shelf stable foods as possible to save on the cooler space. But plan food that is delicious, easy to prepare and something your entire family will enjoy.
  3. Make lists– keep track of what you need to purchase and what you have on hand. It will make the packing process easier.
  4. Use a camping checklist. There are great camping checklists available online that have everything you need to pack already outlined for you. It helps to take the stress out of camping. The last thing you want is to get up to the camp site and realize you forgot water or your PJs. Use a camping checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything.
  5. Be prepared– use the scout motto. Be prepared. Make sure you have first aide supplies, sun screen, bug repellant, car emergency kit incase you break down. Etc.
  6. Pack entertainment– we have a rule; no electronics. Family Camp is a time to enjoy nature and family. So we always bring a lot of board and card games to play. And we also plan for a few hikes and time to play in the water. So make sure you bring all the games, and supplies you need to keep your little ones entertained.
  7. Shelter– be it a camper or tent, make sure you have some kind of reliable shelter. It never fails, we always get at least one day of rain when we camp. Check your shelter before you leave for leaks, hole or any repairs it needs before going camping.
  8. Set up camp with precision.– don’t just unpack. Take a look around. Choose a good level (or as close to level as you can get) spot to set up. No one wants to sleep or cook on a slope.
  9. Find shade– when setting up your tent choose a spot that will often find shade. Track the sun’s position and try to find a spot that will have afternoon shade for your tent, to keep from getting too hot. Remember there is no A/C when you are camping.
  10. Take comfort- camping doesn’t mean completely roughing it in the woods. When you are camping you still need a good nights rest. As I get older I find it takes more to make a comfortable nights rest. I can no longer sleep on a little camping pad and be content.

For me this means an air mattress and a topper. I know this from experience. As you know, last month we moved. There were a few nights left in our old house where we were camping out. All our furniture had been hauled to the new house and we were left sleeping on air mattresses at the old house. The first night we used just the air mattress.

I didn’t sleep a wink. I would literally wake up every few minutes in a lot of pain.

The next night I found my Twin Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam topper and put it on the air mattress. I had a much better night the following night. It was extremely soft and molds perfectly to my body to help ease the firmness of the air mattress. I slept quite peacefully.

Top 10 Camping tips to make camping easier and more enjoyableTop 10 Camping tips to make camping easier and more enjoyable

It also has a great plush washable Microfiber cover slides over the topper and your mattress to keep it in place and protect your investment. Since I had a queen air mattress at the house the cover didn’t quite fit over the air mattress too. But it will be perfect for my twin air mattress when we go camping next month!

Top 10 Camping tips to make camping easier and more enjoyable

It wasn’t as comfortable as sleeping on my Nature’s Sleep Gel Mattress, but it was definitely a huge improvement to where I was still able to get a goods night rest.

The Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Topper pad can be used to soften a mattress that is too firm and help rejuvenate tired muscles while easing back pain. It is great for indoor mattresses, when kids have sleepovers and they need a place to sleep on the floor, or my favorite; camping!

We have a big family camp out coming up in July! A full week in the mountains. My Nature’s sleep memory foam topper is definitely coming with me! I can’t go a full week sleep deprived and in pain.

Top 10 Camping tips to make camping easier and more enjoyable

Just because you are camping, it doesn’t mean you have to give up all comforts. We go camping to relax and have fun. So make sure you pack the essentials to let you relax and have fun. For me that is proper sleeping gear and my Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Topper for a good night’s sleep! No matter how much the Husband might make fun of me for needing frivolous accessories. I can go without all electronics and without proper showers, but don’t take away my comfortable sleeping supplies!

If you are ready to get started on sleeping better while camping; this month the special promotion code for Nature’s Sleep is TOPPER for40% off toppers +free shipping! Coupon code is valid June 1- June 30th

Top 10 Camping tips to make camping easier and more enjoyable

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What are your best camping tips?



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Jen at Nature's Sleep

Wednesday 20th of August 2014

Thanks so much for your camping tips! Your Nature's Sleep memory foam topper fit in your tent very nicely!

Nancy @ Whispered Inspirations

Friday 20th of June 2014

I haven't been in a very long time but, I do make sure to meal plan and pack what is necessary so that we enjoy our meals. :) These are great tips and I'd totally sleep on that!

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