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Laundry Tips to keep Your clothes looking new

This Laundry Tips article is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G.

Laundry Tips to keep our clothes looking new

You’ve had it happen, you bought your favorite outfit only to wash it and it comes out of the cycle looking worn, faded and no longer as amazing as it once was! Well, no fear! Follow these simple laundry tips and you will be able to keep your clothes looking and feeling like new far longer.

Laundry Tips for Clothes

No one likes to wash clothes. It’s a necessary evil. But Laundry tips always help makes the task easier to stomach. Especially when the laundry pile seems never ending.

So to keep your clothes looking great using these laundry tips:

Sort. When it comes to washing your clothes you want to ensure that you properly sort your clothes. This means doing different loads for different types of clothing.

Usually, this means separating your lights from the darks. But to really make a difference go beyond that.

My mom would have us separate our Whites from our colored clothing.

Then gentle/delicate clothing had to go into its own cycle.

And we would also wash more durable and dense clothing in their own cycle such as jeans. They were always washed on their own.

This helped to ensure no colors bled onto light clothing. It helped ensure that delicates didn’t get roughed up by the more intense cycles for the jeans.

Agitator Free Washing Machine. Not that  you can run out to purchase a new Washing Machine right away. But using a washing machine that does not have an agitator inside will dramatically improve the life of your clothing.

Most often these are front load washers. But there are a few newer models like our current washing machine that is top load but does not have the center agitator.

Use the right washer setting. Using a normal setting is typically far to rough of a cycle for more delicate clothing like blouses. Those would do far better on a gentle cycle.

Likewise, using a gentle cycle on high soiled clothing is not going to do the trick to get the dirt out. So ensuring you are using the correct cycle is essential.

But what if your clothing only has those crazy symbols?

Oh, I can never remember what each symbol means! So I have a FREE Printable for you! Just print it out and laminate or frame it. Then hang it on your laundry room wall!


Now you never have to worry about what each symbol means! It’s right there for you!

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Laundry Tips to keep our clothes looking new

Use cold water. Hot water wears out fabrics more quickly. Natural fabrics (like cotton, wool, and linen) tend to shrink if washed in warm or hot water.

Plus cold water often  helps remove stains that warm water will set into place. And it also prevents colors from bleeding. 

Wash Inside Out. It may not seem like much, but washing clothing inside out can improve the life of clothing. Especially if it features embellishments, stitches, Screen printing etc on the outside.

Having it inside out will protect the design of your clothing and help it last longer.

Treat Stains Right Away. If you have stains in clothing, you want to get them treated right away.

It doesn’t matter how good your stain remover is; if you don’t treat the stain right away when it is fresh it won’t be coming out!

Take baby diaper explosions for example. Because this is totally my life every single day!

Laundry Tips to keep our clothes looking new

If I don’t rinse out the clothing in cold water and immediately apply a stain remover, then it doesn’t matter how well I wash it on laundry day. That stain is never coming out!

The same with blood, grass stains, pen, grease, or any number of other stains.

There are many different ways to treat stains depending on what kind of stain it is. Use this great stain remover resource for all your stain removal needs.

Air Dry. Using the Dryer uses hot air which often shrinks clothing. If you have clothing you don’t want to shrink, consider air drying them on a clothesline or clothes rack inside the house.

If it is bad weather and you can’t hang dry your clothing, consider using the Cool or air fluff settings to prevent shrinkage.

Air drying is yet another reason why you want to use Downy Fabric Softener!

By using a fabric softener before hanging your clothing, it ensures that your clothes are still soft to the touch. If you air dry without a fabric softener your clothing becomes stiff and rough.

Closet. When you are finished washing your clothes,  make sure you fold and put them away in your drawer or hang them in your closet. Added exposure to the sunlight fades your clothing.

Keeping them stored in a dark drawer or closed closet will help them retain their color longer.

Downy. Would it surprise you that a crucial step many people miss is using a quality fabric softener? Would it surprise you even more to know that using a fabric softener is a crucial step in keeping your clothes looking great?

Laundry Tips to keep our clothes looking new

By using a quality fabric softener like Downy, it actually helps your clothes to stay looking like new much longer.

When you use Downy:

  • clothes bounce back to their store-bought form.
  • Colors stay true and resist fading.
  • Towels are protected from pilling and fuzz.
  • Fabrics are softened for added comfort.

Laundry Tips to keep our clothes looking new

Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m buying cute clothes for my little ones, I fully expect to get the most out of the clothes.

Especially baby clothes! I fully expect my little Rose to outgrow these clothes long before they look worn out.

Laundry Tips to keep our clothes looking new

That’s why I use Downy. A brand I grew up with. A brand I know and trust. And always leaves our clothes soft to the touch. Especially against my baby’s delicate skin.

With the simple filling of a cap, you can say goodbye to stretching, fading, and pilling, giving your clothes a longer, happier life.

Laundry Tips to keep our clothes looking new

Not to mention that Downy just smells great. There was a time we went without any fabric softener as we were trying to discover where our skin reactions were coming from.

Well, thankfully our skin reactions weren’t coming from the fabric softener. And we ALL (husband, kids and I alike) were missing the great smell of our clothes after being washed with Downy Fabric Softener.

Laundry Tips to keep our clothes looking new

And I love that I can grab Downy at Walmart while I’m there, picking up more baby supplies and cute clothes for little Rose as she outgrows her old clothes.

With these best Laundry tips, you can keep your clothes looking new longer! And that makes everyone happy!

What are your top Laundry Tips for keeping your laundry looking new?


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Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

I have made the mistake before of forgetting to use liquid fabric softener (I love Downy too), and boy are clothes rough! I have way too many items that are wash and lay flat or line dry, so it is essential to remember that step. Great tips, thanks so much for sharing!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.