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    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray Skip to Content

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    This post brought to you by Krazy Glue. All opinions are 100% mine.

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    I recently discovered the world of DIY. I should be more specific; as I've been doing a lot of DIY projects. But lately I've gotten into repurposed crafts and they are so much fun!Last week we showed you how we repurposed a garage sale table into an awesome night stand DIY furniture makeover. It was a lot of fun. Today I'm excited to show you how I repurposed an ordinary wood serving tray into a hanging DYI Jewelry Holder with a vintage/chic look.

    Our DIY jewely holder was so much fun. And now I finally have a place to hang my favorite necklaces and earrings without them getting completely tangled in my jewelry box. Because I have a jewelry fettish and I have a LOT of jewelry. I needed to do something! And I really love EASY. So that is what you are getting today. A super easy way to repurpose the old serving tray into something you will use far more often!

    DIY Jewelry Holder

    You will need

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    • Wooden serving tray. Measure with your favorite necklaces and make sure it is long enough.
    • Antiqued/vintage drawer handles either all different or all the same. It's up to you.
    • Antiqued 3 pronged hanging hook
    • Mini butterfly mirror stickers found in my local mass retail store in the vinyl wall stickers section. 
    • small wood planter or cup painted to match serving tray (I used chalk paint)
    • Sawtooth mounts (for hanging it on the wall when done)
    • Krazy Glue for Crafting

     Yeah, you may be going "Krazy Glue? Really? Are you sure that is strong enough?" But yes, Krazy Glue. They have a new formula for crafting and it is Krazy strong, Krazy fast. Krazy Glue’s unique craft products bond the smallest, most delicate design elements with the same strength and speed that make Krazy Glue America’s #1 instant adhesive. 

    With the new Krazy Glue for crafting I can actually complete my craft project faster than it takes to set up and heat up a glue gun properly. No kidding. It really is fast. 

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

     What I really love about the new Krazy Glue for crafting is that it comes in a bigger 20 gram size. But more importantly it's a gel! It doesn't run like crazy and stick to everything. I can easily apply is exactly where I want it. Even on vertical surfaces (which you will be doing in this project) without a runny mess. And it also fills in gaps when bonding mismatched surfaces. Another challenge you face in this DIY Jewelry Holder project.

    Krazy Glue Is also perfect for this project because it works on porcelain, pottery, plastic, rubber, metal and glass, or vinyl, eliminating the need for glue guns and other expensive tools. 

    So that is why we are using the new Krazy Glue for crafting as our bonding agent. It makes the project a lot easier, go faster and makes it so even the most novice crafter can make this DIY Jewelry Holder. And I know some of you have mentioned you fall into this category. So I worked on this one specifically with you in mind! 

    I want you all to know YES, you CAN make one of these. It is EASY. And fast! So let me show you how!

    Get a layout for the DIY Jewelry Holder

    Before you start gluing you want to get a layout. If you are particular you can measure exactly where each chic handle will go. I'm completely lazy and just eye balled it. I also just placed the three pronged hook where I wanted it. Ta-Da! I have my layout. 

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    I also should mention I found my wall hook and vintage/chic handles at my local craft store. As well as the square mini wooden pot. I painted it to match with chalk paint and measured that at least half of the base would fit on the ledge of the serving tray where I wanted to attach it. 

    Now take each piece one at a time and put a medium to small amount of Krazy Glue for crafting on the back and replace it on the serving tray where you had it before in the planning stage. 

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    Now move onto the next piece until all the pieces have been glued into place. See, I told you it was super easy. 

    Next take the Mini butterfly mirrors. This part is completely and solely for looks. It's not needed; so I guess you could skip it. Or replace them with one bigger mirror attached. But I found these and instantly fell in love and knew I had to use them (I have a weakness for butterflies too). 

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    These mirrors actually have a sticky back so they could be attached to a wall. But like I trust that. Ha! Fat chance. They usually last a week to a month and then they start falling off. No thanks. So I put a little Krazy Glue on the back of each one and attached them around in the open spaces of the serving tray. 

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving trayDIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    They are fun because as a mirror it gives you a small space to view yourself as you are picking out your jewelry. But mostly it reflects light. And makes your jewelry look brighter. Besides, they are butterflies! You can't say no to the cute butterflies. 

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    Now set the serving tray somewhere safe (meaning out of the hands of little ones) and let it all dry. 

    Life got hectic for me and I ended up not being able to come back to finish for a few days. But the last step is super easy. You attach the sawtooth mounts on the back. (this time I actually measured, for once. I made sure they lined up evenly with each other). Then super glue those into place as well. I would have used the mini nails but the serving tray isn't thick enough to nail them on. The nail would go straight through. 

    Again let the glue dry. And now you are done! 

    See I told you it was easy! Now just mount it on the wall and start hanging your favorite bits of jewelry on it!

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    Necklaces go great on the three pronged hook. 

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    The handles have a variety of uses. You can hook necklaces on them. Or you can hang dangle earrings off of them. Loop earrings really like this. 

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    You can use the edges for dangle earrings. 

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    The small pot at the bottom is great for storing bracelets and rings that don't fit on the handles.

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    Try all kinds of arrangements until you find something you like! 

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    You will find you love that you can keep your jewelry organized and keep it from getting all tangled up. It has been working amazing for me! No more knots in my favorite necklaces! Yeah! 

    For more fun DIY projects check out the Krazy Glue Pinterest board for masterpieces in minutes.

    DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed serving tray

    How would you use Krazy Glue for crafting?

    What would you do with your new DIY Jewelry Holder?

    How would you make your DIY Jewelry Holder unique?



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    I Love this!I might make one for myself :) Thanks for contributing to my round up I will post it Monday!