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20 Thanksgiving Crafts For you and your Kids.

One of the best ways to enjoy Thanksgiving is by creating Thanksgiving crafts! We’ve scoured the internet, looking for some great Thanksgiving crafts to get you started this Thanksgiving season! Many are simple and easy to do; that you can enjoy doing them with your kids! Some are even edible! How is that for fantastic Thanksgiving crafts? Try some out, and let us know how they all turn out!

20 Thanksgiving Crafts For you and your Kids.

20 Amazing Thanksgiving Crafts

1. Hanging Hand Turkey Thanksgiving Sign and Window Decals.

2. Turkey Quilling project

3. Kids Frugal & Fun Edible Turkeys 

4. Stuff the Turkey Game

5. Turkey Hats

6. Thanksgiving Place Cards

7. Cute Turkey Treat Box

8. Easy, Edible Fall Craft for kids

9. Preschool Thankful Collage

10. Hand and Feet Turkey Craft

11. Thankful Turkey Feathers Craft

12. Pinecone Turkey

13. Gobble Gobble, Thanksgiving Turkey Treat 

14. Edible Cornucopia

15. Oreo Turkey Treats

16. Pilgrim Hat Cookies

17. Chocolate Filled Turkey Box

18. Paper Cup Turkeys 

19. Chocolate Turkey Fondue

20. Pumpkin Cranberry Rice crispy Treats for Thanksgiving

Some of these we have tried out and others are still on the list of “to do” when the kids get home from school. They have made for lots of fun activities with the kids and keep them entertained. But they also give us quality time, and fun Thanksgiving decorations. It’s been really hard to find Thanksgiving decorations for our house; so doing Thanksgiving crafts with the kids has been a fun way to decorate our house for the Holiday.

The edible Thanksgiving crafts have been a favorite of the kids because they look cute and are fun to eat afterwards. Do you love to make Thanksgiving Crafts with your kids?

What are your favorite Thanksgiving Crafts you create with your kids? 

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Fee (Phyllis) Roberts

Thursday 13th of December 2012

I love cranberry and the Pumpkin Cranberry Rice Crispy Treats sound tasty. I think I'll try that for Christmas =D


Monday 3rd of December 2012

Going to have to save a few of these ideas for next year. Very cute


Thursday 29th of November 2012

The chocolate turkey fondue sounds fabulous...I'll have to try it next year!!! :-)

Susan S., TN

Wednesday 28th of November 2012

Thanks for all the great craft ideas for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Always looking for new and creative things to do & decorate for the holidays. Thanks and keep them coming..


Sunday 18th of November 2012

they all look so fun can't wait to try!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.