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Zoobies Blanket Pets make Great gifts for Kids #Holidaygiftguide

No matter if you have a girl or boy, young or old; kids of all ages love Zoobies! Zoobies are high-end plush animals that bring cuddly comfort in a super soft plush toy. Zoobies are three kid friendly products in one; pet friend, pillow and blanket!

Zoobies Blanket Pets in the National Spotlight

Zoobies Blanket Pets make Great gifts for Kids #Holidaygiftguide

Amazingly; you may not have seen Zoobies in stores like many other brands of pet pillows and blankets; but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve the spotlight! Zoobies are adorable plush animal pet toys that are convertible from an animal pet, to a pillow and then also a comfortable blanket!

They have recently been featured on The View, The Today show, The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, Meredith today and more! They have also been featured in Parents magazine as well as Parenting, American Baby, Kidsocial, and many many more! They are definitely turning heads due  to the high quality and attention to detail they put into these amazing Zoobies blanket pets!

Zoobies Blanket Pets make Great gifts for Kids #Holidaygiftguide

Zoobies were invented by two brothers with an aim to make something that was fun, innovative and would make a mom’s life easier. They have a focus for their products to be convertible, comfort and convenience! And Zoobies blanket pets definitely fit the bill!

A Close up look at Zoobies Blanket Pets

Zoobies produces a large variety of different products that kids of all ages would love. They feature

  • Blanket pets
  • Blankie babies
  • Book Buddies
  • Storytime Pals
  • Duffle Dogs
  • Slumber Pets

All products are brilliantly designed to solve the problem of hauling multiple products around when on the go. The blanket pets solve our problem of having to carry and manage a pillow, blanket and toy. The blanket pets are all of those things all in one!

Zoobies Blanket Pets make Great gifts for Kids #Holidaygiftguide


The blanket pets are large and super soft. They feature a microbead stuffed head for ultimate squishability. The blanket inside is removable for easy machine washing. The pet itself can be washed with a spot wash. Although if more intense cleaning is needed it can be washed in a machine in a laundry bag designed for delicates.

The blanket pet features two velcro straps on the bottom which keeps it in Pet form. Undo the straps and you have a pillow. Unzip the back and the pet opens to discover the plush blanket! The blanket also features an additional zipper that keeps it attached to the Zoobie. Or it can be unzipped to use on its own. The Blanket pet definitely wins the award for being multi-purpose!

So let’s see these adorable blanket pets up close! Like I said kids absolutely love these Zoobie Blanket pets. My boys have been begging for a blanket pet for months and months! T loves Draco the Dragon and J loves Wyatt the Wolf. But really there are lots of different animals to pick from. They make amazing Pet friends for the boys to play with. But that’s not all.

Zoobies Blanket Pets make Great gifts for Kids


Both boys also love using them as a pillow…

Zoobies Blanket Pets make Great gifts for Kids

And as a blanket!


I have to say I was super jealous when I felt those blankets! They are very soft and I wanted to cuddle up with one myself! I think they definitely need to be making some Zoobies in adult sizes! Haha!

So I asked my boys what they loved most about the Zoobies Blanket Pets. Both of them unanimously said, “Everything!”

I then asked them what they didn’t like about them or would like to change. They both again said, “Nothing!”

So there you have it! Zoobies just passed the kid test in this house! As for Mommy; I have my own list of likes and dislikes. I Love

  • They are super soft in all 3 modes.
  • Adorable
  • Cuddly
  • Friendly
  • Large variety of animals to choose from (perfect fit for each child)
  • Versatile
  • Convenient
  • Recommended for ages 3 and up, but safely tested for all ages
  • Love factor will last. My boys won’t be getting sick of these any time soon. They will definitely be a favorite for years to come.
  • Gender Neutral (boys and girls will love them!)

What I dislike is a very short list. The price. They average about $30 per Zoobie blanket pet. Of course the other products have their own price list; but the blanket pets average around $30. Now this is quite competitive with other similar products on the market. It’s not like they are high jacking the prices. I just have a unique mind frame of shopping for three kids. If I get one, I have to get 3. So three at $30 adds up fast. I probably wouldn’t even blink twice at the price if I only had one kid. Yet when you think that you are getting a toy, blanket and pillow; that equals out to about $10 per item and it is a lot easier to foot the bill. Especially since soft blankets like these usually are a lot more than just $10.

The other thing I dislike about Zoobies is the retired blanket pets. They have some of the cutest animals; but have been retired and it is hard to get them in those animals any longer. I can definitely see the point; why make them if they aren’t hot sellers. But they truly are adorable, and I hope one day they will bring some of the retired blanket pets back.

The final thing I don’t like about Zoobies is that I can’t find them in my stores! Why not? They are brilliant and well loved by kids. I think I’m more upset at the retail stores than at Zoobies about this one. They deserve to be carried in large retail stores just like their competitors. They are well made, adorable, and definitely a hot ticket for gifts for kids of any age this year! Goodness knows, I know of a few Preteens and even some teenagers that would loves a few of these even!

Connect with Zoobies

You can learn more about Zoobies and the vast array of plush products fromZoobies online. Also be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for product updates, sales, giveaways and more.

Zoobies is also offering all JadeLouise Designs readers 20% off any Zoobie product on with the coupon code “Parenthood“. Be sure to get your discount when you complete your holiday shopping!

Also be sure to visit our Zoobies Giveaway from 12/13/12  until 12/27/12  to win your own Zoobies Blanket Pet! The giveaway will be open to US residents! And a quick hint; the first entry is to comment on this post, so be sure to leave a comment before heading over there so you don’t have to return. (Saying, “thanks for the giveaway is not a valid comment entry for the giveaway)

What do you love most about Zoobies?

Which Zoobies Plush Animal is your favorite?


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Sunday 27th of January 2013

I have never heard of or seen Zoobies. So, first off, I am glad you did this review as I loved learning about them. They are so cute, and I love functional items like this that are also fun. Love the wolf that your son got and also love the bear and dog. Id love to have one of these even though I'm an adult as who doesn't love a soft blanket and pillow and in such a cute design. Thanks again for the review. I'll have to look around and see where I can find them!

Lily Kwan

Thursday 27th of December 2012

Zoobie Blanket pets look very cute! I especially like Uriel the Unicorn.


Thursday 27th of December 2012

Wyatt the wolf would be prefect for my niece!

jessica witt

Thursday 27th of December 2012

I love the design of these. I actually want one for myself lol

Adrien Beatty

Thursday 27th of December 2012

I love that it is multi-functional. It is perfect for on the go or at home. Something cuddly warm and to play with. Lets not forget to mention how cute they are!

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