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Zombie Dice Review, Top Dice game from Steve Jackson Games

The world is in desperate need of really great, unique games. Something that everyone can enjoy, something that everyone can play, something that doesn’t require a screen. In walks Steve Jackson Games. My wife picked this little number (Zombie Dice) up on a whim and we love it.

Zombie Dice Review, Top Dice game from Steve Jackson Games

Zombie Dice Game for the Family

As a disclaimer, I was not solicited to review this product, I was not sent a free sample, and I have not been paid to advertise for Steve Jackson Games, though I wouldn’t turn it down if I was given the option. Seriously. Steve Jackson Games, I’m looking in your direction.

The principle behind the game is simple: Each player is a zombie trying to eat as many brains as possible before someone blasts you with a shot gun. When it is your turn, you place all of the dice in the dice box and shake liberally. You extract three dice at random and roll them. If a brain shows, you got a victim in your clutches. Footsteps means they ran away, and an explosion means they fought back and shot you with a shot gun. You hold onto your brains and shot gun blasts (replacing these with new dice to add up to three) and re-roll any run away dice. If you collect three shot gun blasts, you lose all of your brains and your turn is over. If you choose to end your turn voluntarily before you collect three shot gun blasts, you keep the score, and return all of the dice back to the dice box. The first person to thirteen brains wins.

Zombie Dice Review, Top Dice game from Steve Jackson Games

The game play is fast, exciting and easy to learn. Even younger players can pick it up quickly.

The best part is making up the stories as you go (not necessary for game play). I had one round where I would get one brain and two people running away three rolls consecutively, so I decided that I had invaded a high-school track meet. Then, on another turn, I rolled two shot-gun blasts and on the next roll I rolled three shot-gun blasts, culminating in five shot-gun blasts to my zombie. That was my fault, I said, for trying to attack an NRA conference.

Zombie Dice Review, Top Dice game from Steve Jackson Games

For a fun pick-up game, and a low twelve dollar sticker price, Zombie Dice Game is a great game for the family craving brains.

Also, there’s a Call of Cthulhu version, for the extreme geek in your family.

Who in your family would love Zombie Dice?

What is your favorite non-tech game?


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