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A Women's Ultimate Career

Article first published as A Women’s Ultimate Career on Technorati.

Have you; as women, beenasked: “What do you do?”
This is a loaded question for many women as homemaking is no longer the “popular” or proper place for a woman in our society. When a woman is asked “what do you do?” and she responds with “I’m a Mom” or “I’m a Homemaker,” she is usually met with a condescending “That’s it?” or a ridiculed “Oh, so you don’t work?” or a belittling “Oh, you are just being lazy, why don’t you get a real job and actually help your husband out?”

Instead homemaker has become only something a “lazy” person does when they don’t want to fulfill a career. But have you ever wondered what a Homemaker does in a given day/week? A Homemaker fills her days with Cooking, cleaning, budgeting, laundry, sewing, decorating, educating herself to better her homemaking skills, gardening, Preserving food such as canning, dehydrating and more. Not to mention also caring for the children. Not just cleaning them and feeding them, but also nurturing the children, teaching them and loving them. A homemaker’s duties fill an entire day and never end. There are always meals to fix, a house to clean, children to tend, laundry to mend, and all on top of being a WIFE to the man who is providing for her and the children. There are no sick days, no paid vacation, and no designated “me” time. There is no 9-5 shift with a lunch break. A homemaker works 24/7 for her family.
Somehow; the recognition and honor that used to accompany being a Homemaker has been lost. Homemaker is no longer evenconsidered an appropriate Career. When did being a homemaker/Mother change fromsomething every Woman did; to now it is something only “Lazy” people do? Andyet in our society now not only do Homemaking Mothers fulfill and accomplishall the tasks from the past; but also include an IN HOME job; a small businessof the likes that they run in addition to everything other aspect of the home!And yet; unless the “business” is successful they are still considered lessthan.

Why can a Woman not be praisedfor choosing to be a Mother and homemaker? Is this not what Women were born todo? Were Women not meant to be Mothers? If it were not so; why then are womenthe only ones that can bear children? Why then are women’s mental functionsgeared more towards Nurturing and loving than the husband’s if this is not whata woman is meant to do? Why is being a Homemaker no longer considered enough?And why must a woman “not be meeting her potential” if that is whatshe CHOOSES to do? If she is truly happy with her calling as a Homemaker; whymust she be made to feel bad about it, or treated as though she is “wasting herpotential”?

Former New York TimesReporter and Pulitzer Prize Nominee Ann Crittenden wrote: 

“Any Woman who hasdevoted herself to raising Children has experienced the hollow praise that onlythinly conceals smug dismissal. In a Culture that measures worth andachievement almost solely in terms of money, the intensive work of rearing responsibleadults counts for little. One of the most intriguing questions in economichistory is how this came to be; how mothers came to be excluded from the ranksof productive citizens. How did the demanding job of rearing a modern childcome to be trivialized as baby-sitting? When did caring for children become a ‘laborof love,’ smothered under a blanket of sentimentality that hides its economicimportance?”

In reality; Homemaker is oneof the noblest Careers a women can choose; especially in this day and age. Whenthe entire world is against a woman staying with her children and raising themherself; with love and kindness, She is the one standing Brave in the Face ofadversity. Women must Change the way we think; for ourselves and for otherwomen. First Lady Maria Shriver said on the Oprah Winfrey Show, April 29, 2004“How do we get women, to stop saying ‘I’m JUST a mother’ or ‘I USED to besuch and such, but now I’m JUST a mother?’ we need to market motherhood.”What a concept! Marketing Motherhood! One of the Most natural and beautifulthings needs to be marketed! How far has our society fallen?

Even Oprah Winfrey herselfsaid, “I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become oneof the greatest Spiritual teachers there is. To Create an e
nvironment that’sstimulating and nurturing, to pass on a sense of responsibility to anotherhuman being; to raise a child who understands that he or she is created fromgood and is capable of anything–I know for sure that few callings are morehonorable.”
So why does society as a whole look down on Motherhood andHomemaking with such disdain?

Think for one moment; of aWoman that attains an “admirable” Career; with high pay and great benefits. Sheis successful in this job; yet her family falls apart because she was busy pursuingher career. Her children become nuisances to society due to lack of attentionand love…Is the success truly worth it? Can her success in her careercompensate for her Failure in the home? Is her salary more important than herchild’s wellbeing? No Disrespect meant to those women who do work outside oftheir homes… sometimes there isn’t much choice; but we are pointing out that a woman who CHOOSES to stayin her home and raise her children is not less important than the woman who choosesto leave her children with someone else so she can attain a successful businesscareer. Merely the priorities and Valuesare different; not that one pursuit of goals is better than the other. OurSociety needs to “Market Motherhood” and you can help make the difference.
C.S. Lewis wrote:
“Homemaker is theultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose, and that is tosupport the ultimate career.”

Take a moment to think: Is mycareer supporting the Ultimate Career? A husband who works hard to ensure thathis family has enough income to support their needs (Emphasis on NEEDSnot wants) then he is supporting the Ultimate Career by then allowing his wife tostay home with the children and nurture them and the home. If you are studyingin college, take a moment to think “Will this benefit my future or current familyin any way outside of monetary value?” If you are working outside your home; isit out of necessity or want?

Howdo you view Mothers and Homemakers? Are you passing on judgmental and condescendingviews onto others, including your own children? Or will you help us Change theway we think? When you hear of a woman being a Homemaker and a Mother; Praisethem! Thank them! Let them know it is admirable that they have chosen tonurture their family! No longer allow condescending thoughts “oh you are just being lazy” or the like to pass through your mind or your lips. 

If YOU are a Motherand a Homemaker; when asked what you do; No longer say “I’m just a mom”. But rather say “I am a Mother” or “I ama Homemaker” with PRIDE! What you do isNoble! What you accomplish is wondrous! There are few who are brave enough topursue this Ultimate Career.

My Name is Amber; and I AM A MOTHER and Homemaker, and I’m Proud of it!

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