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Where Are you Christmas?

One of the things I have really enjoyed about NOT having cable are the commercials. Especially during the Holidays it seems the commercials get more and more extensive, pushy and down right preposterous. Maybe I have just been away from the constant bombardment of the commercials for so long that when I started watching hulu this weekend so I could catch up on my new favorite Reality tv show -The Sing off; I got a taste of some of the commercials that are on the air now and one in particular just irked me.

Maybe you’ve seen it, the theme behind it is “Game On Santa”. The entire idea is that now we have to compete with Santa and if we shop from this one store, then we can top anything Santa will bring. Now wait just a minute! Did you just hear that? We now have to “compete” with SANTA!!! Can you believe that? Compete with a mythical person who doesn’t even exist; whom WE play the role; so essentially we are competing with ourselves, trying to “top” ourselves with more and more elaborate and expensive gifts. What happened to the True Meaning of Christmas?

It is one thing too accept Santa as an icon of Christmas. When we remember the spirit behind Saint Nicolas, where the Jolly ol’ man originated, it is quite fitting to include Santa in our Holiday traditions, but when we turn it into a competition as to who can get the biggest and best gift it seems to be as an attempt to return to the original Pagan festival that originally was celebrated during the Winter Solstice. What are we worshiping on Christmas day? Our Savior or a new LG TV? I’m not saying we can’t HAVE that new TV, or that we can’t have nice gifts on Christmas, but merely we need to enjoy our gifts in a spirit of thanksgiving not one of Pride that we “topped” someone/thing. We need to remember that it is through Him and our Heavenly Father that we have the blessings and gifts and money to buy those gifts in the first place. Would they be pleased to see us gloating or boasting that we got a bigger gift than someone else? Or should we be humble and thankful that He has blessed us so abundantly?

I find myself extra homesick for Germany around Christmas time as I miss the feeling the holiday exudes in that culture. You will find amazing Christmas ornaments everywhere you turn, and most of them centered on Christ, the nativity and  the entire reason for the season. Yes they have more entertaining decor, Santa, reindeer, and such, but what you will find most prevalent is the nativity in ornaments, blown glass, large scale nativities, the popular Christmas Pyramids and even their exquisite Music boxes. Sure, I never watched the German TV because let’s face it, my German was weak at best; so I don’t know how their media approaches the holiday, but I do know the feeling on the street and in all the markets. There was a much happier and friendlier feel than what I get each time I have to watch the commercial I commented about earlier.

So, what will you do this Holiday season? I have had the luxury to get to know some of you, my readers, in a more personal nature and it gives me such joy to know that you do not accept the holiday as the media would have us portray and experience this sacred event. I’m so grateful to have found amazing friends in you that share the opinion of holding to traditional values and not following the mainstream. I’m grateful for each of YOU!

What is your take on the commercial? Am I just a little too sensitive from having very minimal exposure to mainstream media? Or is my irritation with some of the ways commercials are approaching this season justified?

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Amber @JadeLouise Designs

Wednesday 21st of December 2011

Thank you all for visiting and joining in my rant about the commercialization of Christmas. Yes, The commercial did it's job was entertaining and makes you WANT to go buy a TV..but it still bugs me. lol

My husband has boycotted black Friday due to the way it turns ordinary nice people into crazed lunatics. 2 years ago we slipped into the store around 11am because we had ran out of what we needed to make dinner. Thankfully by then the crowds had died down some and I was still able to find my kid's their super nice PJ's for Christmas (which is a NEED every year) on sale. So that was nice, but really we don't put emphasis on trying to make it to the store and fight the crowds. It's not worth it.

Another day we try to avoid stores...Christmas EVE! It's Terrible around here on that day too. Way too many people worrying about getting that "perfect Gift" and instead of remembering what the real reason for Christmas is.

Miriam Thompson

Wednesday 21st of December 2011

You are being real and I share the same thoughts as you. Look at the stampedes around Black Friday! It just goes to show that having things has eclipsed the true meaning behind the season. Sad but the reality.


Tuesday 20th of December 2011

as parents if we teach our children that there is a Santa Claus we have been competing with him anyway. He is the cool gift giver we are the disciplinarian. I don't know about you but I could not afford to get Santa gifts and parent gifts so we never gave Christmas presents until they were old enough to know it wasn't really Santa then we got a tad cooler. They have used Santa in this way since the first person decided to sell crap at Christmas


Tuesday 13th of December 2011

Entertainment wise the commercial lives up to its purpose. However, we really should know WHY we celebrate Christmas- and it surely isn't for the presents.

This is the best time to teach children about the essence of the season, instead of allowing them to get caught up in Christmas's commercialism.


Tuesday 13th of December 2011

I totally agree. Luckily, the only ones we shop for are the kids. Everyone else just gets family pictures of us. Germany sounds wonderful! I wish it could go back to that. One step and one family at a time, I guess. :) We can make it there!

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