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What Men Want,Top 5 Gift Ideas for Him, Get him what he really wants this #Valentinesday

It’s that time of year when we begin thinking about our Special Valentine love! With love in the air so thick you can smother in it, comes the ever dreaded question “What do I get him?” Women are fairly easy to please, but Men are a completely different species! In order to get him a gift he will truly cherish you first must know what men want!

What men want; Top Gift ideas for Men!

The answer to what men want is actually rather surprising. As you research you find out a majority of men aren’t that different than women. They want to be cherished and acknowledged. And this Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give him what men want most! Check out our top rated gift ideas for men for this Valentine’s Day!

What Men Want Top 5 Gift Ideas for Men

1. Time! Believe it or not, it doesn’t take much to please a man. A lot of the time, what men want is merely your undivided attention. The activity isn’t as important as it is to spend time with him. He needs to feel important. So take time to do something fun with him. Let him pick at least one of the activities of the day. Even if that activity is his favorite video game. Try playing with him. But be a good sport and don’t ruin it. This will truly endear you to him if you take time to do an activity he loves to do, and remain a good sport about it.

2. A Love Letter. Men don’t want traditional love letters that woman swoon over. No “How do I love thee…let me count the ways” for men! They want practical words of affirmation! Let your man know he is cherished! Men thrive on knowing they are important in a woman’s life. Especially the woman they love the most. So take time to let him know how much you appreciate his hard word. All he does for you and your family. Write it down! This way he will be able to always reference to it on hard days.

What Men Want, Get him a Valentines Gift He will really enjoy this year. #Valentinesday

Another great idea is this amazing “I love you because” craft from How Does She. I have talked with many friends and they all say the same thing when they create one of these in their homes. They write down a new idea every day or every other day. And their husbands say it is truly one of the most cherished gifts they’ve recieved. Especially if you keep up with writing in different reasons that you love him.

3. Service Book. It’s a fun homemade book that doesn’t cost much but it means the world to a guy. A simple coupon book with little acts of service. Maybe ideas like

“Good for one free foot rub.”

“Good for a back massage”

“Good for dinner of your choice”

“Good for a week of doing a chore you hate”

What Men Want, Get him a Valentines Gift He will really enjoy this year. #Valentinesday

Money Saving Michelle, has a great printout template for these coupon books! And then the most important part of this gift; actually follow through! When he redeems a coupon; DO IT! It will really make him smile and know that he is cherished.

4. What men want is Intimate Time. What can I say; men are men. From a purely biological stand point, physical contact is rated higher on their want/need list than most women. It’s not that they are chauvinistic pigs; it’s in their chemical make up! And really why shouldn’t they want to be close and intimate with the woman they love? It’s a great way to build a strong loving relationship between man and woman.

So set time aside this Valentine’s Day or weekend to spend some intimate time with him. This should be in addition to the special undivided attention time I mentioned in gift #1! Cuddle together while watching a movie you both can enjoy. Hold hands. Kiss him! Extra special “quiet time in bed”! He will love the additional intimate attention!

5. Unique gifts for him! Most men I know truly enjoy a unique gift! What men want is something out of the ordinary and not something every other guy has! They love unique gifts that can make them and others laugh. Sometimes guys are geeks. And that is OK. In fact it makes them full of fun to be around. To embellish on this, get them something unique to fit their personality. Think Geek is a great place to look for ideas.

A popular trend lately is themed knit or crochet hats for adults. You may laugh, but truly it is quite popular; especially among men! They have all kinds of themed knit or crochet hats for men and women. The most well known is the Mountain Man, but my personal favorite is the Dwarven Beard Hat!

What Men Want, Get him a Valentines Gift He will really enjoy this year. #Valentinesday


I’ve seen a few different Dwarven Bearded hats around the internet. They are also called Bearded Viking helmets or hats. But my favorite one comes from the Totally Stitching Etsy store. I love supporting handmade whenever possible and I was thrilled to find Melissa’s Etsy store! Her Dwarven bearded hats are absolutely unique. The Dwarven beard hat is customizable in three different beard colors. Plus she creates them in adult sizes and also the hat in toddler sizes, if you want a cute Viking helmet for your little guy! She also crafts stunning scarves and cozy throws.

What Men Want, Get him a Valentines Gift He will really enjoy this year. #Valentinesday


The Dwarven beard hat is made from very soft yarn. It is rich in color and most importantly it’s not scratchy! The helmet is two tone with decorative pom pom style balls across the brow and stuffed Horns to give a 3-D effect. They aren’t limp at all! And even better, the beard buttons on and off! That’s right; don’t feel like wearing a beard one day? You can take it off! And there are two different button options for different sized faces!

What Men Want, Get him a Valentines Gift He will really enjoy this year. #Valentinesday


The beard is very sturdy and well crafted. After wearing it daily for multiple weeks not a single strand of yarn has come out or come untied. The braids are very smooth and perfect for the Dwarven or Viking theme.

The standard adult size fits all, as it is yarn and has a bit of a stretch. When it arrived, the Husband was beyond thrilled. He has wanted one of these for a very long time. I was going to save it for Valentine’s day, but I wanted to show you all how cool it was before hand. So he got an early Valentine’s Day present and he couldn’t be happier. He wears it to his college classes daily! It not only is handy at keeping his head and face protected from the freezing cold and Idaho wind; but it is just fun!

What Men Want, Get him a Valentines Gift He will really enjoy this year. #Valentinesday


The husband says it needs to come with a warning though. He says it needs to say, “Warning: may cause jealousy, envy, staring, deeper voice, and a rise in testosterone.” And he’s not joking. He is constantly getting  comments on this hat from both men and girls alike! People literally stop and watch him as he passes on campus. And then he overhears them talking about how cool his hat is. He is getting extra attention from the girls at Campus (not sure how I feel about that part). Every guy is envious and tells him so. He even overheard a girl say, “I want that hat!”. A GIRL!

What Men Want, Get him a Valentines Gift He will really enjoy this year. #Valentinesday

Yes, the Dwarven Beard hat is a great unique gift for almost any guy this year! Even my Father-in-law and Brother-in-laws want one now! They are fun, unique and Totally Stitching has such a great quality in her stitching! And her crafting speed is fantastic! She had mine made, shipped and arrived in about one week! Now that is amazing. This is not a project that is a fast creation! Melissa is just amazing. Of course turn around times can vary based on her order load at the time of purchase and the distance it has to ship. But She is really great at getting orders out in a speedy time frame.

Even better is she is offering JadeLouise Designs’ readers a 15% off Coupon code! Simply use the code JLD15 at Totally Stitching Etsy store. The coupon is valid until 04/30/2013 and it’s good for anything in her store!

Also be sure to follow Totally Stitching on Facebook and Pinterest for more great gift ideas for men and women!



I hope you have found our tips for what men want to be helpful in picking out the perfect gift for your man this year!

Do you have any tips for What men want?


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Tammilee T

Wednesday 12th of February 2014

oh my gosh this hat is perfect! My Husband would love this hat. So much fun.


Wednesday 12th of February 2014

We are both frugal by nature so we tend to "stay in" a lot - we rarely go to dinner or a movie, etc. So we use valentines day, anniversaries, etc as "excuses" to forget the budget and just go out and enjoy spending time together and I think he enjoys going to a movie or something like that more than he would enjoy any gift that I could get him for the same amount.

Crystal @ Simply Being

Wednesday 12th of February 2014

I've made my husband a little coupon book before! It went over well ;)

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