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    Welcome to Busy Creating Memories Formerly JadeLouise Designs Skip to Content

    Welcome to Busy Creating Memories Formerly JadeLouise Designs

    Welcome to Busy Creating Memories!

    If you are one of our many regular readers you may be wondering if you are in the right place. But worry not! You are! JadeLouise Designs just had a makeover!

    Welcome to Busy Creating Memories formerly known as JadeLouise Designs!

    Welcome to Busy Creating Memories!!

    With many changes that have happened in our families in the last year, I felt that the name JadeLouise Designs no longer represented the purpose of our family, recipe and craft site. So we have undergone a much needed transformation. We are now even more family focused than ever, and are excited to share great ideas for creating memories with your family.

    We hope you enjoy the new look. Over the next few days there will be a few tweeks to the design as we get used to the new site and work on making the reading experience easy and enjoyable on the technical side. But what you don’t have to worry about is that we will still be offering the same great family focused content!

    So take a look around and enjoy the new site. If you happen to find any errors or have any issues with the new site, please let me know in the comments below so we can get them fixed!

    If you find something you really like, also let us know so we know what not to change!

    We are so excited to be here and have you here with us on this journey!

    Welcome to Busy Creating Memories!!

    On Busy Creating Memories you will find crafts, recipes, diy projects, parenting topics and many great resources for creating memories with your family!

    So let us know what you think!

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