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3 Reasons You’ll Love Walmart Grocery Pickup

There are all kinds of shopping disasters when you shop with kids! Why deal with that? Instead, order fresh groceries online with same-day pickup using Walmart Grocery Pickup. You can save time, sanity, energy and even money! Plus get a free Grocery list printable and meal planner!

3 Reasons Parents Love Walmart Grocery Pickup + Grocery List Printable

As parents, we all know the struggle of grocery shopping with kids. There are several types of kid disasters when you are out shopping.

  • “Mommy! I gotta go potty!” (usually 3-5 times at the most inopportune times.)
  • “Can I have this? Can I? Can I? I want this! And I want this, And I want that too! Why can’t I have it? It’s not fair!”
  • “I’m tired! Can we go home yet?” (usually right as you are entering the store or still have at least half of your shopping list left to pick up)
  • “Mom! He’s touching me!”

Or maybe you have that child with the ear-splitting scream that lasts the entire time you are in the store.

3 Reasons Parents Love Walmart Grocery Pickup + Grocery List Printable

Or you have the child that escapes from the cart and runs off knocking everything off the shelves as you go. All you have to do to find them is follow the path of destruction.

3 Reasons Parents Love Walmart Grocery Pickup + Grocery List Printable

Y’all I totally get it! I feel your pain! I really do!

You see, between all four of my kids, I’ve experienced ALL of these shopping disasters. Most of them several times over with each kid.

3 Reasons Parents Love Walmart Grocery Pickup + Grocery List Printable

For years, I’ve lamented the desire for online grocery shopping where all I have to do is drive up and pick up the groceries. I’m talking 13 years now I have dreamed of this option to solve all my shopping kid disasters.

Well, guess what? With Walmart Grocery Pickup I no longer have to dream! It’s a reality and I can’t tell you how much it saves my sanity!

3 Reasons Parents Love Walmart Grocery Pickup + Grocery List Printable

Walmart Grocery Pickup first arrived at my local Walmart stores about 2 years ago when I was expecting Miss Rose. As a pregnant mom who was violently ill with morning sickness all 9 months, this was a lifesaver!

Once I discovered Walmart Grocery Pickup, I would pick out the groceries I needed on my computer at home, with the puke bucket right next to me. Then take 10 minutes to drive over and pick up the groceries and come back home. This kept my family with food, even when I could barely function.

After Miss Rose was born, it again was a lifesaver! I didn’t want to take Miss Rose out into public to be exposed to all those germs so early. But our family still needed groceries.

Again, just a few minutes ordering groceries on my computer at home, then drive over and pick them up. I didn’t even have to take Miss Rose out of the van.

Why Parents Love Walmart Grocery Pickup

Now as my kids grow up, I find I still rely on Walmart Grocery Pickup to help our family save on time, effort, energy, sanity, and even money!

Save Time: We all know the feeling of not having enough time in the day to get everything done. Walmart Grocery Pickup helps us take back time we’d normally spend shopping and let us spend it with our family instead.

I usually take 5-10 minutes shopping for groceries online throughout the week. As I see something we need in the pantry, I’ll pull up my cart and add it. Then come the weekend, when it’s time for shopping, all those items are still in my grocery cart.

Or if you prefer, you can make your shopping list with our Free Grocery Shopping List Printable. When it comes time to “shop” just use your already filled out list, to quickly go through each department online and add each item to your list. It takes about 10-15 minutes to load my grocery list to the cart and checkout.

3 Reasons Parents Love Walmart Grocery Pickup + Grocery List Printable

Reserve a pick up time and then go pick it up. No need to go inside the store. No need to haul all the kids screaming through the store.

Just drive up to the pickup parking spot. Let them know you are there and then they bring out the groceries to your car!

You don’t even have to get out of the car! They load it all up for you!

3 Reasons Parents Love Walmart Grocery Pickup + Grocery List Printable

Talk about a time saver!

Grab our Free Grocery Shopping List with meal planner below!! 

Save Energy and Sanity:  When you use Walmart grocery pickup, you also save yourself a lot of effort and sanity. Just think, you no longer have to

  • deal with crowds of people
  • stand in long lines waiting to checkout
  • deal with those people we all get annoyed with. You know, that person who stands in the middle of the aisle blocking everyone while being completely oblivious to anyone else around them. You no longer have to deal with them!
  • fight with the kids
  • suffer through with screaming kids
  • deal with kids begging for everything they see in the store
  • endure kids getting bored and then causing trouble, fighting, or being destructive.
  • wander the store looking for everything on your list
  • no need to load everything into your cart, unload at the checkout line, load it all up in the cart, unload into your van. Yep, you skip ALL of that.
  • You can still get everything you need in one stop! You can still add your bath, beauty, household cleaners and diapers to your grocery shopping cart online!

Yes, say goodbye to all that wasted energy and lost sanity!

3 Reasons Parents Love Walmart Grocery Pickup + Grocery List Printable

Not to mention, since you aren’t even getting out of the car, you don’t even need to get dressed up! You can even skip wearing a bra if you really wanted!

An added bonus, Walmart Grocery Pickup especially saves our family when Mom is sick! I’ve been sick the last month with pleurisy. Basically, I’m bedridden until this heals up. So I do all the “shopping” online and then the husband simply stops and picks it up on his way home from work.

Best teamwork ever! We both save time, energy, effort, and our family still gets the groceries we need, even though Mom is bedridden!

3 Reasons Parents Love Walmart Grocery Pickup + Grocery List Printable

Save Money:  There are more ways to save money on groceries than clipping your life away with coupons.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good coupon. Even better if it’s a digital coupon. But I just don’t have time to search all the papers and internet gathering, clipping, and organizing coupons.

So if you are like me and don’t want to spend your hours’ clipping coupons, there is still a great way to save on groceries!

When you use Walmart Grocery Pickup you can save money by:

  • No more impulse shopping
  • Buying ONLY what is on the list
  • No shopping when you are hungry and buying double what you intended
  • No kids begging for something they see on the shelf (cause they won’t see it)
  • Still, take advantage of Walmart’s Every Day low prices
  • You can still use your coupons for Walmart Grocery Pickup.

As an added bonus, first-time users can use promo code WOWFRESH for $10 off their grocery bill!

You can also get $10 credit to your shopping account when you refer your friends to shop with Walmart Grocery Pickup!

3 Reasons Parents Love Walmart Grocery Pickup + Grocery List Printable

Why wouldn’t you want to share this awesome service with your friends? Help your friends and family save time, effort, sanity and money! And get a referral gift back!

Start Using Walmart Grocery Pickup HERE!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

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