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Walmart Family Mobile Plan Follow up. What I discovered after 1 month on Walmart's Unlimited Plans| #FamilyMobileSaves #Shop

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Remember me talking about trying out the new Walmart Family Mobile plan? Well, it has been about a month of playing around on the new unlimited plans. And I have some fun things to share with you on the ins, the outs, and how it works! Some features I absolutely love! And also what I didn’t like so much.

Walmart Family Mobile Plan Follow up. What I discovered after 1 month of service | #FamilyMobileSaves #Shop

Reviewing a Month of Service on the Walmart Family Mobile plan.

So last time I told you all about why I wanted to try a new mobile plan. Seriously you just need to go read the article. There are so many reasons why I wanted a new family mobile plan. And I loved all that the Walmart Family Mobile plan could offer. I love the unlimited minutes, unlimited text and web. Let me tell you I have really used the unlimited texting to its limits. I love unlimited texting. After I got my phone all set up then I took some time to create and set up my Online account information for management. It was pretty easy. Except that I had missed typed my password the first time. So I couldn’t figure it out and ended up locking myself out of my account within the very first day. Good Grief!

I just gave customer service a call and they had it unlocked and a new password reset ready for me within 10 minutes. They were super nice. And very helpful! Seeing as Customer service as of lately has not been a high priority for a lot of companies, it was really nice having such good customer service with the Walmart Family Mobile company.

With the starter kit you get an automatic 1GB boost of data speed. Once you use that up, you are dropped down to the slower speed. But you still have unlimited access to minutes, texting and talking. I don’t mind a little slower speed as long as it is unlimited and I don’t get charged extra for using more.

I used up that 1 GB rather fast because I was downloading a lot of apps to set my phone up how I liked it. Once the speed dropped it was noticeable. But not too bad. And it is still faster than what I currently have on my old phone.

But if you really like the faster speed, you can buy Boost packages. They are quite affordable too at only $10 or $25 options. Not $50 or $100 for overage charges. And all of that can be done right from your online account.

Now that I’m in a new month, I’m back to the 1GB speed boost. And I have only used a portion of it this time around. I think it will last me longer this month.

Family Mobile plan has easy billing!

This week, I just got my first bill. They sent me a super easy text to let me know it was ready. I love that! It’s paperless so it is eco-friendly. But much more user friendly than an email that I may or may not see.

Walmart Family Mobile Plan Follow up. What I discovered after 1 month of service | #FamilyMobileSaves #Shop

And I am in love with the price! This first bill will only cover the first two weeks of service plus tax. And then all remaining bills will cover the full month. No overage charges. No additional charges for texting or data usage. Just a flat rate and taxes no matter how much I use my phone. And believe me, I used my phone a lot this last month! Then I will get a bill at the end of the month for each month I keep the service. I can cancel any time. Now that is pretty nice for my peace of mind.

Paying your bill is also super easy! Just log into your account and you can pay it instantly online! I love how easy they make the entire process! I can even save my payment information to make it go even faster next month!

New Features I’m loving on the Walmart Family mobile plan

In your account management you can set limits for each phone. You can say how much usage you want for each phone. So that your teenagers can’t use up all the speed boost before you even get a chance to turn on your phone for the day. You can also block numbers from being allowed to call or text any of the phones on your plan. And block any phones from calling certain numbers.

This number blocking came in really handy! About two weeks into using my phone, I started getting a lot of spam phone calls. It was really annoying. Apparently it takes 2 weeks for new phone numbers to become listed. And then the spammers had a hay day! This was easily solved.

I simply listed my new number on the National Do Not Call registry. And almost all of them stopped within a day! There have been three phone numbers the last two weeks that managed to slip by the do not call blocking. And those numbers, I just simply went into my phone and clicked the “Add to reject list”. Once their number is rejected, they can’t call me anymore! I can’t do that on my old phone. And I absolutely LOVE this feature! It is such a lifesaver from annoying phone calls and telemarketers!

Walmart Family Mobile Plan Follow up. What I discovered after 1 month on Walmart's Unlimited Plans| #FamilyMobileSaves #Shop

Likewise you can also set up “Always Call” numbers. These are numbers that even if your kid’s cell phone has reached the maximum number of minutes allowed on parental control, they can still call these numbers. I would totally put “Mom and Dad Cell phones” on this list. And 911 is automatically on this list as well. That way even when they use up all their allotted minutes they can still contact you or get help in an emergency!

Another amazing feature is that you can also limit the usage at certain times of day. When it comes to a family mobile plan, that is essential! Seriously! When my kids are old enough for cell phones, I don’t want them up at 1am texting and talking. Nor do I want them texting their friends during class at school. I just don’t see that as appropriate. I will definitely use that feature for them. And with the Family Controls you can actually control that!

I seriously love the online account. And instant access to my data usage. I hate waiting until the end of the month and have a surprise of “oh my goodness! How did I use that much?” But with the Walmart Family Mobile plan, you can track it daily. So you can see how much you use versus the other members in your family plan. It is pretty sweet. This really is a great family mobile plan.

Using the Walmart Family Mobile plan on vacation

This last month I went on a family trip. We went to Utah to visit family and to celebrate three of my nephews graduating High School. It was such a fun trip. And I loved having a new phone that was capable of 4G speed!

I did notice however that there were quite a few stretches on the drive that I didn’t have good service. I could still use the call system but the connection wasn’t very good. I also could not use any social sharing and the texting was hit and miss. Now, I know social sharing isn’t that important on a trip. But when I’m not driving I do like to text family as to our location and distance to destination. Just a safety thing, in case something happens to us they know where to begin looking. So I wasn’t completely thrilled I didn’t have better coverage during the drive. But you also need to realize, I have the same issue with my old phone. I was just hoping it would be better with the new phone.

Now you do need to understand our travel usually includes lots of stretches through mountain passes and very rural locations. That is just part of our geographical luxuries and curse. So it is something I will just have to deal with. But I was hoping the Family mobile plan would solve this issue for me.

But I seriously loved the 4G speed once we got back into civilization. And the service was great again! I also loved having the ability to snap pictures of our vacation and post them instantly to Instagram or Facebook or even text them to family! All without having to find a computer. And the posting went a lot faster! I ended up taking a lot of pictures with my phone because I forgot my Samsung Wifi camera. I can’t believe I forgot it! So my phone was a total lifesaver!

Walmart Family Mobile Plan Follow up. What I discovered after 1 month on Walmart's Unlimited Plans| #FamilyMobileSaves #Shop

This last month has been such a fun experience trying out the new Walmart Family mobile plan! I am in love with all the new features it offers me that my old service didn’t. And I’m still in love with the Samsung Galaxy III cell phone I got to go with it! It is still a huge price saving over other local phone plans in our area. Plus I am so in love with the zero contract feature! It really is the best wireless plan!

Really the only issue I have is that stretch of travel where I didn’t have very good reception. I would love to see them offer a larger coverage area in my geographical location. But other than that, I am in love with my new family mobile plan!

You can learn more about the pricing and such from the Walmart Family Mobile. Also check out my Google+ Album from my shopping trip to see all you can choose.

Are you happy with your current wireless plan?

What feature do you like most about the Family Mobile Plan?

How can the Family Mobile plan help your family?



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Wednesday 7th of November 2018

Can u block person on walmat Walmart phone then can u be able to see what the person have text li


Thursday 29th of November 2018

I am not sure about this. You would probably have better luck contacting Walmart Family mobile Plan customer Service.

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Saturday 8th of June 2013

What great photos you were able to capture! My family seems to always be in a rush one place or another and we always seem to forget something on our way out. One thing we don't forget is our phones! I love the idea of unlimited everything, even with the speed drop. Even for heavy data months, we'd still be saving a ton by boosting the speed with the extra data packs, as compared to our ridiculous contract! Thanks so much for sharing about your experience :)

Kristi Hurst

Tuesday 4th of June 2013

Now I’ll stop right there and say that I wasn’t totally sure I wanted a “smart” phone as our kids’ shared family phone. I’m not a huge fan of kids with unrestricted internet access, even though we’ve talked to ours repeatedly about what’s good and right and honorable and we trust them. It’s not necessarily that I’m worried about them intentionally looking up things they shouldn’t. I’m more worried about mistypes and such that lead down roads we just don’t want our kids to travel on. As it is, I do like this phone and I particularly love the unlimited text part of it – there are so many situations in which our kids need to get a hold of us quickly, but a phone call wouldn’t be appropriate (ie: I wouldn’t be able to answer the phone and respond) but a quick text conversation would. So I’m a huge fan of that piece of this phone puzzle.

Carol P

Tuesday 4th of June 2013

I've been a customer of Walmart Family Mobile for about a year now and use it with my iPhone and honestly love it. Sure at times I only get Edge data opposed to the 3G but for the savings we get for our 2 lines over other companies it is SOO worth it to me.

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