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Walking Shoes that Fit Your Life

This post was sponsored by Reebok as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

You all know by now that I’m a runner. I love to run. I passed this love onto my son, who is seven and will be running circles around me any day now. Literally.

One of the reasons I love to run is because I love the sense of accomplishment it gives me. I kicked those miles’ butts! Another reason I love to run is because it improves my overall health, both mentally AND physically. We want to be around to play with our grandkids. Yes, I’m thinking about grandkids even though I’m in my early thirties.

That love and need for physical health transfers to our kids in a positive way. We talk about exercising being good for our bodies (we NEVER talk about needing to lose weight) and how we enjoy being outdoors. Now, my kids love to play and run and climb and hike and bike and explore!

Because I’m a runner, my feet take quite a beating. When I have a plantar fasciitis flare up, my feet get sore, tired, and tingly. Wearing every day shoes just to walk around town is downright uncomfortable. How am I supposed to enjoy walking and bike riding with my kids when I have tired feet?

Before winter hit, we wanted to take one last family trip to Yellowstone.


We love Yellowstone. But my first thought was how much walking I’d have to do. I just knew my feet would be tired.

It was the perfect time to try my CloudRide DMX walking shoes by Reebok.


You can find them at Famous Footwear – online and in select stores.

I had only had them a few days and had worn them to the grocery store and to check the mail. They felt pretty darn good on those two occasions.

The thing about the Reebok CloudRide DMX shoes is that they’re cushioned and padded for ultimate comfort, they’re supportive, and yet they’re flexible and lightweight.


Those are all essential components of a good walking shoe. And the interesting thing about the sole is that it’s padded with air, not foam. I gotta say, I could tell a difference, especially in the heel. It’s not a feeling I can quite describe, but I think the best way would be to say I felt a little springy as I walked.

Ok, so the shoes have a great resume. They could hypothetically talk the talk, but could they walk the walk?

The big day came. I laced up and we hit the road. Before dawn, I might add.


We were a little short on time, so we only spent six hours in the park. 🙂 We walked around old Faithful, Biscuit Basin, Fountain Paint Pots, and even hiked up to Mystic Falls.

Family hike to Mystic Falls. #Yellowstone #Andreasenadventures

A photo posted by Deborah Andreasen (@deborahandreasen) on

I say hike, but remember, I have two little kids. They walked the whole way themselves.


And at the end of the day…my feet felt great! I seriously love these shoes.


I know you will too. But if you don’t, you can return your CloudRide DMX walking shoes at within 30 days for a FULL refund! The Reebok CloudRide DMX come in black or white, and they run true-to-size. That’s always a concern when ordering shoes online. Will they fit? These fit like a glove. I ordered my regular shoe size (NOT my running shoe size) and it was a dream. (Get it…Cloud…dream…)

Anyway. Don’t take my word for it. Check them out in select stores or go online at Famous Footwear to snag your own pair.

And if you need more motivation to get out there, read here to learn more about the benefits of walking together as a family.

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Angela Saver

Thursday 3rd of November 2016

I need to get me some new walking shoes, so I need to check Famous Footwear out!


Thursday 3rd of November 2016

Cute shoes! I love it when I find a pair that is comfortable for walking :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.