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Tips to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

This post was sponsored by Carson-Dellosa as part of an Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Summer is literally calling our names. For us, our kids have mere days left. My son comes home from school humming Pomp and Circumstance. (He’s graduating Kindergarten.) We’re already planning the camping trips and hot dog roasts and trips to the pool.

And all that is great! But what about their little brains? Yes, they need a break. They have worked hard all year, they deserve a rest! But not hibernation. Back to school will be here before we know it, and what kind of advantage will we give our kids if we don’t foster learning over the summer?

Great tips for preventing summer learning loss

Here are 4 ways to prevent Summer Learning Loss:

Be Sneaky with Math: While you’re shopping or cooking, ask questions. “If I have 8 apples, and I want 16, how many more do I need?” “If I want to buy this pair of shoes, how much will I owe, including tax?” “What is ¾ of a cup plus ¾ of a cup?”

Play adding games, like Yahtzee, Pass the Pigs, or Dominoes, and put your kids in charge of keeping score.

Use Your Imagination: Storytelling is a great way to keep their minds sharp. My two kids and I love to sit in a circle and start a story like this:

Me: Once upon a time…
Daughter: There was a frog named Eddy…
Son: And he loved to eat…
Me: Pickles!
(Insert laughter)

This is a great and fun game to play to keep their wheels turning. Play it around the campfire or in a tent or make a fort out of blankets. Or you can even play it while you’re sitting around folding laundry.

A Carson-Dellosa bridge activity workbook is a great tool to prevent summer learning loss


To keep those writing and storytelling skills on point for your older kids, play a similar game, only use a notebook. You write a line of a story then pass it on to your older kid. They write the next part of the story (on their own time) and give it back to you in a few days when they’ve added to it. Then it’s your turn.

Get Messy: There is a fine line between science and mud pies. Sometimes, it disappears, and that’s ok. My kids love to do science experiments, so we get out the science kit and make baking soda volcanoes. They love to dig in the dirt and jump in puddles. And that’s ok. (I’m saying this because I need to lighten up about messes.) Let them knead dough. Let them help paint the fence.

Follow these tips to prevent Summer Learning Loss

Let them make a mud pit and roll in it or chisel bark off a log. Let them get in a water fight while they wash the car. Cause and effect. Testing out theories. Discovering new things. That’s what messes do.

Get a Grade-Specific Workbook: My son has a brainy book that he just loves. It’s full of puzzles and maps and games. He loves to hide under his bed with a flashlight and get lost in that book. He has ADHD. One of the things he struggles with is focus. Either he has no focus, or he’s hyper focused.

A Carson-Dellosa workbook is the perfect tool to prevent Summer Learning Loss

Now that summer is almost here, I have to keep hiding his Carson-Dellosa workbook from him so he doesn’t finish it all too soon! (What a problem to have, huh?!)

He loves the clear writing and the fun activities. He loves having a book filled with activities that are catered just to him. It boosts his confidence when he understands the concepts in the book, and the problem solving is just enough to keep his brain working without wearing him out or beating him down.

It’s perfect for him!

With Carson-Dellosa, each workbook is grade-specific.

Summer Bridge Activities Workbook by Carson-Dellosa

They help students review important information they’ve already learned and prepare them for the upcoming grade – they “bridge” the two academic years. It’s estimated that students lose about 2 months worth of learning after a summer vacation. About 88% of teachers spend 2 weeks re-teaching their students concepts they already learned. With Carson-Dellosa’s award winning Summer Bridge Activities, it takes only 15 minutes a day to prevent Summer Learning Loss!

Summer Learning Loss is real, but it’s preventable.

Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Carson-Dellosa Publishing is the leading provider of supplemental education products. Check out their website and see all the great resources they have to offer. You can also catch them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. They have great ideas for some awesome summer fun! (Mixed with learning!)

To order your own Carson-Dellosa workbook, use this code to get 25% off!


Even without the coupon code, their workbooks are very affordable! Your child’s education and preparation is definitely worth the investment!

Need some science experiments to try this summer? Check out this color changing milk science experiment. Or need a craft? This sensory art project is great, and these DIY Baymax shirts fit the bill!

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Friday 13th of May 2016

We used that same workbook last summer and I'm going to get it again for this summer. We also do art projects and play outside every day for p.e. Thanks for the great ideas in this post.


Friday 13th of May 2016

LOVE the story line by line idea. I will def do that one and thanks for the code. I''m totally going to get a book or two. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.