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How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

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How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

We had a joke growing up about what being a mom entailed. Since no one was home, we didn’t really know what my mom did all day. So the joke came about that Mom only sat on the couch all day watching TV and eating “Bon Bons“.

We didn’t even know what Bon Bons were. They just sounded fancy and that’s the exquisite treat Moms ate when the kids weren’t around right?


How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

But all it took was one “sick day” to realize just how far off that joke was! My mom was the hardest working woman I’ve ever known. Going all day she would cook, clean, organize, pay bills, prep food, mend our clothes, sew us new clothes or blankets when needed, wash laundry, etc. The list goes on and on.

But even MY mom needed a moment in the afternoon to recharge.

Recharge with a Timeout for Mom

Usually, between 2-3pm my mom would take a moment to actually sit down. She’d turn on an old episode of her favorite Matlock, Dick Van Dyke, Murder she Wrote, or Star Trek show and enjoy a small snack while she had a Timeout for Mom.

After her 30 minute timeout for mom, she would get back up and go right back to work just as hard as before.

That 30 minutes in the afternoon was a time for her to regain the mental strength to finish the day just as strong as the beginning.

As a mom myself, I realize just how important that 30-minute “Timeout for Mom” moment is to our mental and emotional state.


How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

Because I tried to go many years without it. Trying to become as amazing as my Mom. Trying to do all the things she did. But, I never had enough time in the day. So, I skipped the Timeout for Mom moment. And I burned out BIG TIME.

My Mom told me, every Mom needs a Timeout.

How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

I can tell the days when I don’t get in a Timeout for Mom. I am more irritable, less patient, more stressed out and get even less accomplished.

So, I’m going to help you all know the crucial items needed for a Timeout for Mom, so you can take the time you need to recharge. Thus you can finish the day strong as well. Just like my Mom!

Timeout for Mom Essentials

TimeYou need to block out 20-30 minutes for YOU time. I usually prefer my ME time during the mid-afternoon, after lunch but before the kids get home from school.

How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

It’s a great opportunity to get time for me, get recharged and ready to face the chaos that will happen when the kids walk through that door.

You want to select a time period in the day when your body and mind most need it.

Also, pick a time, if possible, you can be kid-free. This means NAP time for me. The older kids are still at school and little Rose is napping. The perfect time to take a few moments for myself.

Activity – While enjoying your time out, you need an activity. Something just for you. Something you don’t normally get to do with everyone vying for your attention.

How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

Remember, this is NOT the time to go pay bills, or make doctor appointment calls, or check work-related messages/emails. NO, this is YOU time.

Pick an activity that is just for you and something you enjoy!

Some ideas include:

  • Taking a bubble bath
  • Giving yourself a mani/pedicure
  • Watching your favorite TV show (you know…that one TV show no one else in the family wants to watch except you…yeah, THIS is the time to indulge in your show!)
  • Reading a great book. I read A LOT. If you are looking for book recommendations, try our Best Dystopian Novels list or our favorite Regency Romance Authors list.
  • Draw or Color
  • Dance
  • Write in a journal, or write poetry, or just write your feelings, just write.
  • Listen to music
  • PLAY music. For me playing the piano or singing is very relaxing, so sometimes I opt to play the piano during my timeout for Mom time.
  • Go for a run – Some people LOVE to run. I’m not a big fan, but for some, this is the best way to feel recharged and relaxed. So go for it!

How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

Treat – The point of a Timeout for Mom is to recharge and be able to face the rest of the day with gusto. You can’t do that if your energy levels are lagging. So you definitely need something to eat.

But more importantly, this is a special moment just for you. A chance to treat yourself. You know, without the little fingers grabbing at you and a tiny voice begging “I want some too, mommy!”

How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

So the last piece to the perfect Timeout for Mom is to ensure you get a treat. Something special. Something you can really enjoy. Something that will make you feel spoiled!

I personally love cheesecake! But I rarely make it because it is my weakness and I find myself unable to resist the allure of the entire cheesecake taunting me for “just one more slice”!

That is why I really love the new Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups! They offer all the rich and creamy delicacy of my favorite dessert, but in a convenient portioned cheesecake cup!

It’s truly a snack you can feel luxurious enjoying, as the Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups are made with simple, real ingredients, including fresh milk, real cream and real fruit, chocolate or caramel topping and contain no artificial flavors or dyes.

How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

Since they include real ingredients, you will need to refrigerate before eating. I like to hide mine in the bottom of the Vegetable Drawer. You know the kids will never find them there right? HA!

How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

You have the choice of four delicious flavors to choose from:

  • Cheesecake with Strawberries
  • Cheesecake with Milk Chocolate Sauce
  • Cheesecake with Cherries
  • Cheesecake with Salted Caramel Sauce

How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

Or get all four flavors and mix it up through the week!

If you want to get fancy, you can put them in a glass dessert cup to enjoy. Or go easy and casual and eat them right out of the portion cups!

How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

You can also mix in toppings and stir, or enjoy the flavor combinations bite-by-bite!

With the perfect single portion cups, it makes the Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups the perfect snack for a Mom who wants a little indulgence but still keep it within reason!

How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

And since they are in perfect portion cups, they are easy to enjoy no matter what your chosen Timeout for Mom activity is that you choose!


You can pick up your own Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups for your Timeout for Mom, in your local stores in the refrigerated dessert section. CLICK HERE to find even more great Treats for your Timeout for Mom.

You can also see more amazing Philadelphia Cream Cheese ideas, visit or follow Philadelphia on social media:

How to Take Time for Timeout for Mom

How do you create a Timeout for Mom?



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Tuesday 11th of April 2017

These look delicious! I would love to try one. What a great little indulgence. I also believe that every mom needs to take a little time out each relax or pamper herself.

Carrie @ourpotluckfamily

Tuesday 11th of April 2017

These are all such good ideas! I get so caught up in the day's tasks, time passes, and I realize I haven't given myself a break at all. I need to do a better job scheduling in a little "me" time. #client

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