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Three Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day for Free

So. It’s the big day – you know, Valentine’s Day, and you’ve got nothing.

Believe it or not, not everyone wants flowers and chocolates and jewelry. I’m not saying I’d ever turn those away should the occasion arise where they’re given to me. 😉 I’m just saying that for me, what really matters on Valentine’s day is that my loved ones thought of me. They appreciate me. They want me to know how much they care about me.


Three different ways you can celebrate Valentine's Day for Free!


Here are three ways to do that for FREE!

1. Write love notes. Got little ones? Cut out some hearts in pink or white paper and let them write “love notes” to you and their siblings or cousins or friends. Let them deliver tehm, and their hearts will burst with joy and love. And that’s what the big V-day is all about, right?! Is it just you and your man? Sit down together and write down what’s in your heart. Trade, and read them together.

2. Slow Dance. A few years ago, money was tight, the kids were little, and I didn’t want anything. I told my husband that the only thing I wanted for Valentine’s Day was to slow dance. He hates dancing, so I knew this would be a sacrifice on his part. When the kids went to bed, we turned down the lights, turned up some slow music (thanks Pandora!), and just swayed back and forth. He held me and I let myself be held and I loved it, every second of it.

3. Make Dinner Special. Know what we’re having for Valentine’s day dinner? Spaghetti. Hey, I don’t want to be in the kitchen all day, and since it’s a Sunday we can’t go out. I’m going to make an easy, delicious meal, and my family will eat it. But I’ll set out the nice plates, put down a table cloth, maybe some candles (even if we don’t light them!). We’ll get the fancy glasses from downstairs and drink grape juice. And I guarantee everyone will love it.

Three easy ways to make your Valentine’s Day more memorable. And they are all free! Get creative. Valentine’s Day is about love. Appreciating the people you love and doing something special so they know they’re important to you.

What are you doing to celebrate? And have you seen our Valentine’s Day Star Wars Printables?! (You’d better Pin them for next year!)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.