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The Perfect Gift For Any Loved One #GiftingAMemory

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Oh, the holidays. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, true. But it’s also a little hectic, and can sometimes be a bit melancholy.

I have a dear friend who works very hard. I won’t go into her personal details. Suffice it to say she’s juggling three while her husband takes care of the kids during the day and works on his startup company at night.

Does this sweet friend get a lot of down time? No. Does she get pampered? Not often. Does she get to spend time with her girlfriends unwinding? Nope. She barely even has time for her husband and kids, let alone herself. Yes, this is a short term situation, but even knowing that, it can be quite exhausting.

I miss my friend and I think about her all the time. I send her texts every now and then, so she knows she hasn’t fallen in the rabbit hole where none dare enter. I walk down and knock on her door every once in a while, but usually she’s not around. At least she knows I cared enough to try.

The holidays are upon us and I just kept thinking, that woman needs some pampering! I closed my eyes and thought real hard and imagined, what would I want if I needed a breather?

So I drove to Walgreen’s and picked out a few things to let my friend know how loved and important she is.

A pampering package for a dear friend

Everyone needs some lotion. That’s a must. Itchy dry skin makes me agitated. If I need to focus or relax, I need soft skin. Same with my lips. So I made sure there was a cute, uplifting lip balm in there. And everyone loves chocolate, right? Right! So chocolate definitely made it in the bag. I also threw in some Epsom salt, to soak her little toesies in the tub. And every girl needs a good book. Books are one of my favorite things to gift. It’s like you’re giving someone the world. Literally.

Katy Perry Fragrance

My friend and I have a history of getting together and talking make up and perfume. I have a few fragrances that remind me of her every time I wear them. And you know how strong an emotion can be when tied to a scent.

Gift a Memory with Katy Perry

So, of course, a delicious fragrance had to be included.

Luckily, the Katy Perry Fragrance Gift Set, I get the perfume, shower gel AND lotion for one great price.

Katy Perry Fragrance Set

And I don’t have to go searching around the store, wondering what to get. I walk right in to Walgreen’s, and there are the gift sets, just waiting for me! My time is definitely worth something, so I’m really digging this grab and go kind of gift-shopping.

Find your perfect gift at Walgreen's

Seriously, you walk right into Walgreen’s and it’s the first thing you see. Man, they make it so easy on me.

Katy Perry Fragrance makes the perfect gift

So, yeah, I know I’m not giving her this “I love you” basket at Christmas. I’m gifting it to her beforehand. But these Fragrance Gift Sets seriously make the perfect gift.

Whether for Christmas or just because, this Katy Perry fragrance gift set is the perfect choice!

I know the holidays can be hectic not only trying to finish up work so we have time to enjoy with our loved ones. It’s also stressful trying to find the perfect gift for everyone. Gift sets are some of my favorite things that come up around Christmastime. They just call to me. 🙂

Make your list and check it twice. Who do you know that will be getting a Fragrance Gift Set for Christmas this year? (Or just because you want to give them something special!) And don’t forget to grab this AWESOME coupon!

Find more ways to gift a memory this holiday season.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.