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The Perfect Baby Shower Gift – *Plus Free Printable!*

I get invited to a lot of baby showers. Most of my friends and sisters are in the child bearing age. We have passed that stage and are now just enjoying our time with our two kiddos.

It’s a wonderful time of life and for years I struggled with the perfect gift. I’m not particularly crafty, so I can’t really make presents. I didn’t want to just buy a blanket or an outfit. New moms get plenty of those. I wanted to bring something they needed.

This basket of essentials makes the perfect baby shower gift

When my son was little and we were stuck in Utah while I was doing in vitro, he got his first and only ear infection. When we took him to the urgent care doctor, they gave me a chart that had medicine dosages for children on it.

The Pediatric Dosage Chart is perfect for new moms!

That was it. That was my ticket to the perfect gift!

There’s nothing worse than being a new mom and not knowing how to make your sick baby feel better. With the dosage chart, you can know you’re giving your little one the right amount of medicine for his or her weight.

This chart does not replace professional medical attention, but it sure helps when you’re stressing out, thinking you’re going to over medicate your baby. Always go by the baby’s weight, not age.

Essentials that every new mom needs

I grab essentials for new moms: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, diaper rash ointment, saline nasal spray, boogie wipes, and a bath toy. I put this chart in a sheet protector and slide it in with the meds.

Basket for a baby shower gift

I get a plastic bin from the dollar store and make a little basket out of it. I loved when we got this same bin because we stored bath toys in it for years. Until my (then) four year old thought it would be funny to sit in it while in the bath.

Baby shower basket

We weren’t laughing when it cracked open.


This medicine chart has become somewhat legendary among my friends. Whenever we go to a baby shower and the new mom opens my gift, I hear rounds of, “Oh! The chart!” It makes me smile. I even had a nurse one time say, “Can you please circulate this chart everywhere you go.” So that’s what I’ve done.

Click here for the free ===> Pediatric Dosage Chart

When my tots were tiny, I taped this chart right inside my medicine cabinet door so that I could refer to it easily and quickly whenever I went for medicine.

Perfect baby shower gift

The next time you go to baby shower, make a necessities basket for your new mom. It will afford her some comfort and peace of mind as she cares for her new little one.

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